White Widow CBD Marijuana Seeds


White Widow cannabis strain was made to impress even the most growers. It was created by combining very potent strains. If you’re into growing an easy strain without the usual worry then White Widow is the strain for you. This can grow in almost all environment and as long as you provide all of your plants’ growing needss.

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White Widow CBD Marijuana Seeds

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More About Auto CBD White Widow

This pheno has a CBD content of 10%, which makes it an ideal medicinal cannabis strain. CBD White Widow is an Indica dominant hybrid that can induce a long-lasting, relaxing body high. This strain can bring about strong sedative effects that can produce numbness, which is ideal in appeasing chronic pains and treat inflammatory problems. CBD White Widow cannabis strain is best consumed late afternoon or in the evening when you want to cap the day with a much-deserved relaxation that can lead to couch-lock or sleep.

Growing CBD White Widow is quite easy as it can be grown indoors and outdoors. It can also grow well on both cool and warm temperatures. This strain can stand changes in the temperature and requires less growing regimens. This plant grows between 18 inches to 36 inches tall. CBD White Widow can produce high-quality yield.


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