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ACDC is a strain needed for the relief of different kinds of ailments. It’s for the relief of pain, anxiety, stress and depression. It’s for the treatment of insomnia because of its very relaxing effects. You’ll be amazed how easy this powerful and flavorful strain can grow. It’s surely the best strain to cultivate in your garden.

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More About CBD ACDC

This naturally proportional CBD-rich strain named, CBD ACDC can thrive into a medicinal strain with no apparent transmission of psychoactive impacts. A huge thanks to its very low percentage of THC level that only contains less than 1%. Bow down to its insanely high levels of CBD that reaches up to 18%—generally leaving users mildly uplifted and active while in a state of divine relaxation.

It can greatly improve consumers’ mood and vitality while falling into a state of calmness. Unpopular among recreational users, this low in psychoactive influences strain is a promising means for medicinal marijuana users, potentially alleviates all signs of discomforts and depressive behavioral indications. Rich in anti-inflammatory components, the strain has been recognized for its high capacity in dealing with inflammation.

With moderate skills requirements, this strain is not recommended for beginners to grow. Though it does not ask the high quality of supervision, the strain has a good chance of growing success when under the hands of experienced growers. With an estimated 500 to 600 grams of harvest expected both indoor and outdoor cultivation, within a long flowering period of up to ten weeks. However, this strain is worth the wait.

1 review for ACDC CBD Marijuana Seeds

  1. E. Ruffin

    Requires the utmost care you can give but rest assured that you’ll get your effort’s worth. I used hydroponic and organic soil mediums, and it grew well. Feeding has to be followed appropriately to reach its optimal state but be careful because this plant is sensitive to overfeeding! I bought this because my anxiety was taking its toll on my daily activities; I must say that it was of great help to me! It’s a great mood enhancer, and my negative thoughts were at bay. However, the earthy and sweet citrus scent did not match the herbal and woody sandalwood sweetness taste of this strain. Overall, it’s worth adding to your cart!

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