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Kush is a satisfying strain to grow. It is ready to give you good results if you want to grow recreational weed. You’ll get the most potent yields thanks to its impressive THC content. It’s one of the best strains for the relief of different conditions including stress, anxiety, pain and depression. This is also for first-time growers as it is very easy to cultivate.

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More About CBD Kush (1:1)

CBD Kush is an outstanding strain from the renowned OG Kush mixed with a CBD rich variety strain. It features a ratio of 1:1 CBD and THC levels. This sativa rich strain demonstrates the strong capability of medical treatment that helps people deal with depression, appetite problems, anxiety, and other bodily concerns.

More so, it produces mellow high, which relatively provides relaxation rather than buzzy and spacey head impact, which can also allow users to function as they are. Hence, this strain can be enjoyed both by recreational users with low THC tolerance and medical users who preferably want therapeutic agents without having to deal with psychoactive influences.

She may display primarily intense side of indica in terms of growing capacity, evident by apparent signs of it while germinating. Novice growers may not encounter mold issues with this strain and could adjust to any type of growing medium. With fewer skills in cultivation, the strain may generate an enormous amount of output estimated to range from 500 to 900 grams within at least sixty days flowering period.


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