Black Diesel CBD Marijuana Seeds


Black Diesel is a strain perfect for recreational growers. It is very easy to cultivate as it can grow indoors or outdoors, in almost all growing mediums. Get ready to harvest good yields with its lovely dense buds covered with rich THC. You will also admire its potent high, something that you’ll love to feel over and over again. It’s buds are rich resin and has smells that will get you hooked.

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Black Diesel CBD Marijuana Seeds

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More About CBD Black Diesel

A legend of its own privilege, the CBD Black Diesel is an award-winning strain with world-class genetic makeup from the lineage of NYC Diesel, with a cross of strain rich in CBD. With gloriously appealing structure when grown, the strain can generate beautiful buds in purple hue with high resin content full of sativa potency. Having low levels of THC, the strain is unable to give recreational users highly psychoactive influences yet generate delight among medicinal users.

Boasting its high CBD level of around 8%, it has a powerful capacity to battle out pain, nausea, vomiting, and improving immunity. Truly, a remarkable strain that stands out by extending its efforts into sustaining the reduction of seizure occurrence—strengthening its characteristics with an interesting experience of skunky, pungent, and earthy terpene composition.

With a short vegetative phase, this strain grows both indoor and outdoor locations favorably, utilizing Sea of Green or Screen of Green techniques in cultivation. Open for beginners; this strain has high potential in growing very tall within a short period of flowering. Particularly when an extended period of seed vegetation pertained, it can triple its actual height, generating an estimate of 500 to 800 grams of average harvest.


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