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Fruit is a strain for the relief of all kinds of ailments. It may be used to deal with pain, anxiety, stress and depression. It’s for the treatment of insomnia due to its very relaxing effects. You’ll be impressed as toi how easy this powerful and flavorful strain is to grow. It’ will be the best strain to cultivate in your garden.

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More About CBD Fruit (1:25)

CBD Fruit potentially has promising characteristics from its lineage that all connoisseurs of cannabis will surely be fascinated. Boasting its capacity to uphold a very tropical and fruity blend of terpenoids, the strain is highly appreciated for its capacity to provide a very low psychoactive impact while giving an insanely high level of CBD.

Despite having extremely low THC, some users may still be eligible to experience relaxing and uplifting effects but in an extremely modest way. Dominating up to 25%, certainly, the strain has filled the gap by proudly deemed to be one of the highest of all CBD strains in the market, allowing medicinal users to feel alleviated from major and minor health problems.

It is a fast germinating strain that is generous in giving harvest to growers. Under an adequate growing condition, undoubtedly, it will produce an estimated production between 500 to 600 grams in both indoor and outdoor locations. With the genetics of well-preserved components, this strain has a sure chance of producing female seedlings.


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  1. Charles B.

    A very straightforward plant when it comes to cultivating, it grows best in warm and dry climates but not so picky when it comes to the medium. In fact I was able to test both soil-baes and soilless mediums and they turned out just fine with minimal differences. It exudes a citrusy and tangy scent which I love especially since it has a hint of berry and pineapple, the flavor as well doesn’t disappoint as it is congruent to the smell with a sweet and sour aftertaste. It doesn’t kick you a thrilling high but it still provides an uplifting and calm sensation both in the mind and body that soothes mental and physical tensions. Would definitely buy this again for afternoon chills.

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