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You will love to grow Blueberry Marijuana. It is known for being easy to cultivate and ready to grow indoors or outdoors. It’s a strain for beginners and experienced growers, those growing weed for recreation and also for medicinal needs. You can use this strain to treat countless medical conditions including stress, anxiety, depression and all kinds of pain.

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More About CBD Blueberry

Highly potent in medicinal attributes, CBD Blueberry is a unique strain that delivers high quality of therapeutic potential but with minimal to no psychoactive influences. From the legendary lineage of Blueberry strain, comes an offspring with over 16% of CBD component.

Dominant in indica makeup, this strain is sought after by many users due to is very attractive and pleasing terpenoids that guarantee fruity and blueberry tones of scent and aroma. Surprisingly, with only 1% of THC level, it can still potentially deliver smooth tranquility, helping medical users to experience serene sleep, perfect for high time usage.

A wide growing space requires the plant to thrive, for it can create a potential problem in height with only limited space cultivation. Very easy to grow, cultivating the strain indoor and outdoor should do no harm and expects to generate a large amount of production within an average flowering time of nine weeks. It is even more promising when outdoor, which can promote more harvest around October.

3 reviews for Blueberry CBD Marijuana Seeds

  1. Dine

    What epic hemp! Really easy to grow in an open space cuz it really grows tall, didn’t encounter many issues while growing this, it also gives yields moderately. It has very colorful leaves and a purplish bud. Good for relieving pain and calmness. Blueberry fives off a sweet and fruity scent and flavor that is very noticeable in the first puff. The initial effects of this strain were very relaxing and somewhat mood-boosting. It really payoffs all of my efforts and investments. What a great strain to have! Very effective and now I’m literally hooked with it! Loving everything about it!!!

  2. Rose

    It was a bit of a challenge to grow since I am new to this hobby but it was so worth it plus I got to learn so much. I’m glad I grew them outdoors, I was surprised by how tall and wide they got although I was a bit hesitant at first because I thought it would need extra effort when grown outdoors, to my delight this was very resistant to diseases, pests and molds! They were a joy to watch too as they produce beautiful hues of red, purple and eventually blue like blueberries! The effect is quite subtle but perfect still to indulge in after a long tiring day. It was like stress and tension left my body and I was floating in a fluff of clouds. There was just happiness, peace, and relaxation within me. The flavor is just as wonderful with fresh berries and vanilla in every hit and a pine, earthy, berry aroma. IT IS A NEED IN THE PANTRY!! Will definitely purchase again soon.

  3. Angel M.

    Blueberry Regular is a very special strain because of how refined and relaxing this strain can give. It is also easy to grow and expect a bountiful harvest. Blueberry is effective in terms of treating patients with anxiety, stress, depression, and physical pain, the reason why it is loved by many. Blueberry is like a legend in the cannabis industry because of its aroma, appearance, and flavor. It provides a fruity and fresh sweet blueberry scent and flavor. In terms of appearance, Blueberry Regular is such a beautiful sight to look at due to its colorful leaves and purple buds.

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