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Strawberry Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain created from the combination of very powerful, legendary strains. It will give you impressive yields, high quality buds and quick flowering. You’ll love its medicinal qualities as this can help relieve stress, anxiety, pain and sleeplessness. It’s perfect for new growers as it is very easy to grow anywhere and in any climate.

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More About CBD Strawberry Kush

CBD Strawberry Kush is a cross between Strawberry and Kush CBD cannabis strains. This strain appeals to medical users because of its high CBD content that reaches up to 9%. As a Sativa-dominant strain, it induces a mild cerebral high that can induce positive emotions and enhance the mood, which is very beneficial in the treatment of psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression.

This bud has a strong aroma of sweet fruits and captures the flavors of sweet berries that are a sure delight to the taste buds. CBD Strawberry Kush is an easy plant to grow. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. It can be cultivated in warm climates, so growing this strain indoors would require you to recreate a warm climate. CBD Strawberry Kush is a high yielding strain; that is why it is popular with cannabis growers.

1 review for Strawberry Kush CBD Marijuana Seeds

  1. Louis W.

    This was easy to grow and took a relatively short flowering period. It thrives both indoors and outdoors and grows best in a Mediterranean environment. As a beginner, I was happy to know that this is very resistant to molds, pests, and diseases, plus I got a yield of about 500 grams per square meter. So in terms of cultivating and harvesting, this one’s worth all my effort, albeit minimal. In addition to how delightful growing this was, its strawberry aroma invites you to take a hit, and when you taste its earthy, citrusy strawberry flavor with hints of pine, it just makes you crave for more. As for the effects, it brings out a mellow high that really kept me happy, carefree, and a bit aroused for a while. Overall it’s a solid 10/10, a must-have! And I’ll definitely come back for more.

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