5 Best Sativa in Los Angeles

5 Best Sativa in Los Angeles

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If you reside in Los Angeles, you probably enjoy all the good stuff, including the nice weather, unlimited access to the beach, random celebrity spectacle, and of course, marijuana. It is not hard to find the best sativa in Los Angeles because cannabis is legal in the state. However, the number of legal dispensaries are still not enough to meet the consumer demand.

For those who are still new to the cannabis industry, the latest marijuana forms can be a bit of a blur. This is because it comes in concentrates, edibles, shatters, waxes, cartridges, tinctures, and many more – and this doesn’t even include the flowers. So typically, marijuana products are incredibly broad.f

Breeders have highly-customized strains and hybrids that have different qualities in terms of appearance, taste, aroma, and effect. For instance, cannabis sativa plants have scanty and thin leaves, as well as a longer flowering period compared to the cannabis indica. Apart from that, sativas are much taller growing up to 25 ft compared to indicas that are usually less than 10 feet high. 

Why You Would Use Sativa

When talking about cannabis sativa, they are usually referred to as the plants that are tall with thin leaves and a lengthy flowering cycle. They also flourish in places with warm climates and they have a long harvesting season. Moreover, cannabis sativa is a variety of cannabis that is frequently associated with a cerebral high, invigorating effect, and munchies. 

Typically, people smoke sativa during the day since it provides them enough energy to get through the day and avoid “couch-lock” compared to indica that does the opposite. Sativas have a higher amount of THC than CBD, which contributes to its psychoactive properties. It is also the primary reason why this strain was widely used as a social strain – it is uplifting, elevating, and energizing. On top of that, this strain increases creativity and mental sharpness.

Furthermore, you have to know that most cannabis plants are not purely indica or sativa variety. The majority of the plants that are cultivated and utilized are hybrid and a cross between the two. This produces a different strain, with all new smell, taste, and effect. In this case, how will you identify which strain offers specific effects? The answer is purely dependent on cannabinoids.

Every cannabis plant is composed of hundreds of different chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These compounds are responsible for giving the plant its unique characteristics. The most common form of cannabinoids is CBD and THC. Varying amounts of CBD and THC give the plants its customized recreational and medicinal effect. 

  • THC Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – when a cannabis plant has this cannabinoid, it usually gives a feeling of elation and high to the user. It will also trigger hunger pangs that usually leads to munchie town.
  • CBD Cannabidiol (CBD) – once a cannabis plant is high in this cannabinoid, it will give the body a soothing and relaxing effect. This compound is non-psychoactive and it won’t get you stoned. It balances the potency of THC strains which makes it an ideal medicinal treatment.

Cannabis use in Los Angeles

The recreational and medical use of marijuana is legal in the state. Recently, huge efforts were undertaken to legalize cannabis use in the state, whether it may be for medicinal or recreational purposes. Even if the legalization attempt under Proposition 19 failed, they were able to turn things around when the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 was passed. Now, California enjoys the freedom of having laws legalizing marijuana.

Furthermore, on January 1, 2018, Los Angeles became the biggest legal marijuana trading place in the entire world. However, there are only 135 legitimate dispensaries and pot shops in LA. 

Situated in the Pacific Ocean up to the San Gabriel Mountains, with the Santa Monica Mountains surrounding the city, Los Angeles is a truly geographic treasure that boasts amazing food, architecture, culture, and art. LA is a paradise for tourists and stoners alike.

What are the Marijuana Laws in Los Angeles?

  • Marijuana is legal in California for those that are 21 years old and above. To purchase from retail shops, you need to present a valid ID as proof for your age.
  • It’s legal to possess at least one ounce of marijuana flower and approximately 8 grams of cannabis extract.
  • It’s legal to cultivate up to 6 marijuana plants.
  • It’s legal to transport marijuana using a personal vehicle, as long as it is sealed. You can place the marijuana in the trunk of your car and lock it for safekeeping.
  • Half-smoked joints and open containers are illegal.
  • Driving or boating while you are stoned is illegal.
  • Smoking pot in public has penalties. If you smoke in hotel rooms, you will be charged with “room cleaning fees” which are more expensive than the penalty fees from the authorities.

5 Best Sativa in Los Angeles

1. Green Dream

Green Dream is a cross between the Blue Dream and Green Crack. This is a sativa dominant hybrid that has high levels of THC that could reach up to 24%. It has low levels of CBD and its effects include happy, euphoric, energetic, and focus. It has an earthy and musty scent with traces of citrus and fruits. Its buds are usually enveloped in crystalline trichomes with a dark green hue and vibrant colored hairs. Green Dream is best to smoke during an imaginative and creative afternoon because it brings a strong intellectual high.

2. AK-47

AK-47 is the strain with a tough name yet carefully balanced cerebral high. Featuring 18% of THC levels and 1.1% of CBD levels, this strain delivers mellow and soothing effects, perfect for midday smoking session. Smokers also complement the balanced ration of cannabinoids in AK-47. This strain is a suitable variety for those who wanted to reduce their stress or anxiety, without the feeling of being sedated.

3. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant strain that has been a crowd-pleaser ever since the beginning. It is one of the greatest strain available in Los Angeles. Its name was derived from the well-known author and marijuana activist Jack Herer. It is popular for its euphoric effect and creative influence that are perfectly balanced to provide the user with an exceptional cannabis experience. 

It is hailed as the hybrid of Skunk and Northern Lights. It sports a frosty appearance with bright red, orange, and green hairs. Jack Herer is the ideal strain for daytime pot activity because it contains high levels of THC. Its aroma and taste give you a happy and clear-headed vibe.

4. Wet Dream

Wet Dream is an original and authentic Southern Californian strain. Your weed experience in the Golden State won’t be complete if you haven’t tried this premier strain. It is a sativa dominant hybrid that is a combination of OB Haze and Blue Dream, and it was bred in San Diego. 

This is the ideal wake and bakes strain since it is composed of 20% of THC. It delivers energizing euphoric bliss, blended with laidback effects. If you want to start your day right, how about a puff of this extra relaxing strain? It also helps drive away headaches, anxiety, and stress. 

5. Green Crack

Green Crack is your double shot of espresso, in a cannabis form. It increases energy levels in a way that will motivate you to get everything in your to-do list done or beat that multiple reps at the gym. It contains 20% of THC and 0.1% for CBD. This is the ultimate strain for those who need help to get through the work, gym session, and another social setting. However, you might want to watch out your consumption when using this strain since too much can cause anxiety. But if you are searching for a high energy strain, Green Crack is the way.


There are only 135 legal cannabis stores in Los Angeles, and these cannot keep up with the demand for cannabis products. This is why it is no longer surprising why Los Angeles is packed with unlicensed pot shops. But as a consumer, you need to watch out for these dealers since they distribute unauthorized products that are usually contaminated with mold, pesticides, mildew, or parasites. Edibles might also have the wrong dosage which is a threat to your health. With this, find a reputable dispensary to get your supply of the best sativa in Los Angeles.

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