Cannabiology: Does Weed Go Bad?

Does Weed Go Bad

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Have you ever had the incredible experience of finding a long-lost marijuana nugget hidden in one of your cabinets? It happens, right? In such a situation, a common concern might be whether marijuana is still good to use. It’s important to consider the quality of your stash, especially if you stumbled upon a forgotten piece of weed from a while ago. Proper handling plays a significant role in preserving its freshness. In this article, we will explore why weed goes bad and how to prevent undesirable situations.

Now, let’s imagine an unlikely scenario. Your marijuana has been stored in a warm place with limited ventilation and appears to have seen better days. There are two potential outcomes for marijuana in such conditions. But don’t worry, I have enough knowledge to help you avoid these unfortunate situations. So, let’s dive in and explore further.

So, Does Weed Go Bad?

In simpler terms, leaving your cannabis sitting in a container or even in your bowl for too long can diminish its potency. To understand why this happens, let’s delve into a brief lesson on marijuana chemistry. The enjoyable effects of consuming marijuana are primarily due to the presence of THCA, which can be converted into THC, CBD, and CBC. There are two main ways to achieve this conversion when vaporizing cannabis: by heating or boiling the marijuana.

Unfortunately, certain environmental factors can cause the herb to lose its potency. Oxidation occurs when the cannabis is exposed to intense light and moisture in the air, leading to the breakdown of THCA into CBNA, a different cannabinoid compound. CBNA lacks the psychoactive properties of THC so that you won’t experience the desired cerebral effects or a sense of relaxation. Instead, you may feel dizzy and sleepy, similar to the effects of consuming a high-CBD strain of weed. This can result in feeling tired, lazy, and lacking focus.

The good news is that this diminished potency only lasts for a short period. It typically lasts only a few minutes, and if you’re still feeling unpleasant effects, you can alleviate them by getting a good night’s sleep.

How To Check if Weed Is Bad?

Look closer at the container of aged marijuana you discovered behind your door. How can you tell if it has gone bad? Here are some things to consider:

Texture: If the weed feels soft to the touch and doesn’t make any sound when you handle it, it might be too moist and soggy. On the other hand, if it crumbles into fine dust immediately, it has likely become too dry and is past its prime.

Presence of mold: If your cannabis is stored in a humid environment, it may develop mold. It is important not to consume moldy cannabis, as it can harm your health.

Aroma: Fresh marijuana has a distinct and pleasant scent. If the aged marijuana lacks that fresh, aromatic smell, it may have lost its potency and flavor.

Dryness: When the cannabis appears extremely dry and has lost its moisture, it is a sign that it is too old. The crumbling and brittle texture indicates that it has dried out.

These are some indicators to look out for when determining if weed has gone bad.

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