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Shiskaberry Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Shiskaberry Kush is a very potent cannabis strain made from powerful and popular parents. It comes with focused effects ideal for recreational or medicinal growing. It is a plant with medium height growing buds with incredible resin. THC levels are up to 21%, while yields are as high as 450 grams per plant.

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More About Shiskaberry Kush

Shishkaberry Kush (fem) is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that’s known for its focused effects and ease of growing. This hybrid was created out of the union of two very strong strains: a legendary Afghani and a dazzling DJ Short Blueberry.

Shishkaberry Kush is a feminized strain, and thus, you won’t get female plants with these seeds. You’ll have plants that may be grown indoors or outdoors and will work well in soil and in hydro setups. Your plants will grow a medium height and will develop dark green large fan leaves plus lovely olive-green small sugar leaves that adorn the lovely buds. The pistils are colorful and are wrapped in protective resin.

Shishkaberry Kush buds come with 21% THC, and this has swept the feet of many recreational growers. When grown indoors, this can grow to a height of 200cm. When grown outdoors, you’ll get as much as 450 grams per plant of yield.


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