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Super Silver Haze CBD Marijuana Seeds


This cannabis strain is known for its divine all-day high, Super Silver Haze (CBD Sativa). It is a dependable way to remain sedated while managing to accomplish day-time responsibilities. It is also one of the best weed strains for calming major and minor anxieties without any couch-lock, producing a cerebral feeling of ease. By mixing the superpowers of the mellow energy of Haze, Northern Lights, and the legendary Skunk #1, this Super Silver Haze was developed. In the late 1990s, this super-strain had won prizes in the High Times Cannabis Cup. In the heavy tropics, it prefers an average temperature to survive. For many of its medical and recreational advantages, Super Silver Haze (CBD Sativa) is renowned. While bringing an energy boost to its impacts, it would be stimulating and healing, making it the go-to for so many regular and casual smokers.


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More About Super Silver Haze (CBD Sativa) Strain

Type: Sativa-dominant (75% Sativa 25% Indica)
Genetics Parents: Haze, Northern Lights, Skunk #1
Flowering Period: 9-10 Weeks
Climate: Hot quatorial
Yield: 400 grams
Flavors: Earthy, Sweet, Citrus, Lemon, Herbal
THC Level: 5%
CBD Level: 5%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: Mid-October
Growing Difficulty: Medium

What are the Flavor and Effects of Super Silver Haze (CBD Sativa)?

The Super Silver Haze (CBD Sativa) strain can have citrus clues in terms of flavor and is generally spicy, herbal, earthy, and sour. Super Silver Haze strain, being the potent, sticky Sativa, can also come on very strong. Named a “one-hitter-quitter” initially to feel its impacts, this weed strain does not demand much of a dose. You can instantly feel the sharp rise of happiness after just a few hits, and you’ll have a difficult time comprising your smile. There is a sure-fire way for Super Silver Haze to create a feeling of being uplifted and enlightened and ready to start your day. Super Silver Haze (CBD Sativa) produces a vibrant sense of joy, leaving you feeling energetic to look deeper into a variety of happy and motivating thoughts. Super Silver Haze would be no decision for everyone who requires a little help to kick-start their creativity without having to feel sluggish and heavy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Super Silver Haze (CBD Sativa)?

You might feel a little paranoid in some rare instances, particularly after using a more significant amount of this sticky weed strain. Super Silver Haze (CBD Strain) can cause a slight headache and sometimes cause some slight dizziness. For some reason, patients love this potent weed strain. Many mental health problems are treated by this strain, making it a significant game breaker in the medication of cases like anxiety and depression. Super Silver Haze strain effectively treats illnesses of fatigue and stress since it stimulates a clear-headed mental euphoria blended with a strong body high.
PTSD and ADHD/ADD symptoms have also been recognized to relieve if this strain is handled with regular use. An assortment of pain conditions is other illnesses that have been effectively combated with Super Silver Haze strain. More doctors have also prescribed this Sativa for chronic back pain, PMS, and muscle spasms. And some reason why the Super Silver Haze strain is increasing in terms of popularity in the medical cannabis community is its capacity to relieve symptoms also and help stimulate a great appetite in cancer patients who are suffering from nausea because of the radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Super Silver Haze (CBD Sativa)

A feeling of dehydration is among the more common adverse effects in Sativas with this potency. Mixed with dry eyes, Super Silver Haze strain can leave you feeling like you’ve had a terrible case of cottonmouth.

How to Grow Super Silver Haze (CBD Sativa) Marijuana Seeds?

Super Silver Haze (CBD Sativa) needs somebody to develop a little more expertise. It promotes a healthy indoor environment, most notably flourishing in a hydroponic setting. However, this does not mean that only indoor cultivation could be carried out. For balmy and warm equatorial climates, this strain is ideal and needs quite a bit of sun. Nevertheless, Super Silver Haze strain is said to have the propensity to yield somewhat less if grown outdoors than grown in a regulated indoor space.

5 reviews for Super Silver Haze CBD Marijuana Seeds

  1. Calvin Ellis

    I’m glad I got some of these seeds before they ran out! Better than any other type of strain that I use for getting up. This one’ll hit you with a really soft and enjoyable mind buzz that will wake you and keep you active! I personally use mine for early mornings, don’t wanna get too high at work! It’s got a cool spicy flavor that really make it unique, also has strong notes of herbs and hash! One of the easiest growers in my garden, didn’t really take much to get them to grow. Very basic, just gotta know your fundamentals. Greatly appreciate these seeds!

  2. Todd Grant

    Super Silver Haze CBD is a great pot for me. Her strong mood-boosting and create enhancing effects are out of this world! It could also reduce pain and depression! I grew this strain outdoors cuz based on my research she’s very tall. Growing this strain is quite a challenge due to the need for the time needed and the flowering stage is quite long. However, it is worth growing because of the big golden nugs it produces and it is also a high yielding strain! This strain is also fun to use because of its spicy, sour, and hint of citrus and earthy flavor.

  3. Willow Smitch

    This strain is perfect! It is very easy to grow. However, it took me almost 10 weeks to mature, although its fine because I had approx. 350 grams of yield. It can yield well when using SOG. It grew quite tall considering it was cultivated indoors. I especially love its citrusy yet spicy flavor with notes of skunk and sage. This strain can clearly remove your stress and gives you your much needed energy! I highly recommend!

  4. Wendy W.

    Very good high and very excellent for medical use! I love how simple this was to grow. Although, it had some molds from time to time, nothing problematic. Besides, this is a life saver for me since It made my dark days bright again. Thanks for this! Happy customer here!

  5. Darla Smith

    It is one of a kind strain. Among the CBD cannabis, this is one of the best. It was a blast impact to me. And super love the unique scent of it. I just felt so good all the time. Growing this was so easy. Good yield and lots of buds. Excellent!

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