Super Silver Haze CBD Marijuana Seeds


One of the most prominent sativa strains from the 90’s, Super Silver Haze has been re-imagined with as a medical strain. It has a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC both at 5% which is ideal for easing stress, depression, pain and anxiety. It has a unique blend of a long lasting body high and a happy, focused high.

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Super Silver Haze CBD Marijuana Seeds

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Just like the Auto Critical strain, Super Silver Haze has a perfect balance of THC:CBD at 5% each. The added benefit to this medicinal strain is that its mostly sativa making it ideal for use during the day. The flowering time may be somewhat longer but its worth the wait for up to 400 grams of this creative strain per plant.

  • Type: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Growing: Easy
  • Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
  • Indica/Sativa: 25% Indica / 75% Sativa
  • Effect: Creative
  • THC: Low 5%
  • CBD: 5%
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Yield: Up to 400 grams indoor
  • Genetics: Original Super Silver Haze

This strain is often considered as one of the best quality sativas in the cannabis world, which makes the Super Silver Haze variety an award winner. In fact, it won First Prize at the 1997, 1998, and 1999 High Time Cannabis Cup. 

Super Silver Haze Seeds Effects & Features

The Super Silver Haze strain is one that will leave you feeling focused, euphoric, uplifted, and energetic. With a 25% Indica and 75% Sativa combination, a THC content level of 5% and CBD at 5%, this strain is known to leave you feeling creative. It also gives an outstanding balance. Its Indica lineage gives it the energetic features, without unnecessarily promoting anxiety or stress. 

Super Silver Haze Seeds Flavors & Uses

This strain comes with an aroma that is pleasant but unexpected. It does not really feature candy-like or sweet notes, but rather, appeals to the more dynamic sense, combining together notes of being skunky, spicy, sage-like and diesel. In terms of flavor, this strain possesses notes of citrus but is all-in-all spicy, herbal, earthy and sour.

Super Silver Haze Seeds Grow Info

In terms of growing, the Super Silver Haze variety can grow quite tall, which means that it is recommended to grow the plants in an environment with ample space. In general, growing this strain is of medium difficulty, especially when you want to grow really huge nugs. Still, there is a greater chance of success when grown in an indoor environment, using hydroponics setup. 

When grown outdoors, this strain needs a sunny, hot, balmy and equatorial climate. If you do not live in these locations, a controlled environment indoors is a better option to consider. The flowering time is usually at 9 to 10 weeks, with up to 400 grams in an indoor setup.

5 reviews for Super Silver Haze CBD Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar

    Calvin Ellis

    I’m glad I got some of these seeds before they ran out! Better than any other type of strain that I use for getting up. This one’ll hit you with a really soft and enjoyable mind buzz that will wake you and keep you active! I personally use mine for early mornings, don’t wanna get too high at work! It’s got a cool spicy flavor that really make it unique, also has strong notes of herbs and hash! One of the easiest growers in my garden, didn’t really take much to get them to grow. Very basic, just gotta know your fundamentals. Greatly appreciate these seeds!

  2. Avatar

    Todd Grant

    Super Silver Haze CBD is a great pot for me. Her strong mood-boosting and create enhancing effects are out of this world! It could also reduce pain and depression! I grew this strain outdoors cuz based on my research she’s very tall. Growing this strain is quite a challenge due to the need for the time needed and the flowering stage is quite long. However, it is worth growing because of the big golden nugs it produces and it is also a high yielding strain! This strain is also fun to use because of its spicy, sour, and hint of citrus and earthy flavor.

  3. Avatar

    Willow Smitch

    This strain is perfect! It is very easy to grow. However, it took me almost 10 weeks to mature, although its fine because I had approx. 350 grams of yield. It can yield well when using SOG. It grew quite tall considering it was cultivated indoors. I especially love its citrusy yet spicy flavor with notes of skunk and sage. This strain can clearly remove your stress and gives you your much needed energy! I highly recommend!

  4. Avatar

    Wendy W.

    Very good high and very excellent for medical use! I love how simple this was to grow. Although, it had some molds from time to time, nothing problematic. Besides, this is a life saver for me since It made my dark days bright again. Thanks for this! Happy customer here!

  5. Avatar

    Darla Smith

    It is one of a kind strain. Among the CBD cannabis, this is one of the best. It was a blast impact to me. And super love the unique scent of it. I just felt so good all the time. Growing this was so easy. Good yield and lots of buds. Excellent!

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