Does Bong Water Get You High?

Does Bong Water Get You High

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Does Bong Water Get You High? Forget the rumors – bong water won’t give you a buzz. Dr. Melanie Bone, an OB-GYN and cannabis expert, debunks the myth: “THC and CBD, the active components in cannabis, don’t dissolve in water, so bong water holds no psychoactive properties.” While your high won’t be revived by a bong rip, the leftover liquid isn’t exactly pristine. According to Dr. Bone, bong water harbors a less-than-pleasant cocktail of ash, tar, and potential bacteria from shared use. So, ditch the bong water dreams and prioritize hygiene when enjoying your next hit.

Knowing Bong Water

does bong water get you high

What is Bong water? Bong water, the often murky liquid found in bongs or water pipes, plays a more intricate role than simply filling a chamber. It acts as a filtration system, designed to capture harsh chemicals and particulates released during the smoking process. This water bath cools and conditions the smoke, making it smoother and potentially less irritating to inhale.
However, its filtering function comes at a cost. As smoke bubbles through, bong water accumulates tar, ash, and even bacteria, especially if shared. While it won’t get you high (THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, is not water-soluble), consuming bong water is highly discouraged due to the presence of these potentially harmful byproducts.
Think of it like a car air filter: essential for capturing pollutants, but definitely not something you’d want to ingest. Regularly changing and cleaning bong water is crucial for maintaining hygiene and maximizing the filtration benefits, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Bong Water: A Toxic Cocktail Worth Avoiding

does bong water get you high

Curiosity might pique our interest, but indulging in a swig of bong water is far from a harmless exploration. This murky liquid, teeming with contaminants filtered from the smoke, poses a serious threat to your health.

Instead of a refreshing drink, you’re ingesting a potent cocktail of toxins, tar, and bacteria. This concoction can trigger immediate unpleasantness like nausea and vomiting, but the long-term consequences are far more concerning.

Think of your lungs as delicate filters. Bypassing their natural defense system and chugging down bong water exposes your body directly to these harmful byproducts. The potential consequences are no laughing matter, ranging from bronchitis and respiratory infections to sinus issues, digestive problems, and even strep throat.

The lurking threat doesn’t stop there. Bong water can harbor carcinogens, potentially increasing your risk of cancer down the line.

Does drinking bong water get you high? No, drinking bong water is akin to willingly ingesting a cocktail of toxins. The immediate discomfort pales in comparison to the potential long-term health risks. So, the next time curiosity beckons, remember: bong water is best left untouched, not gulped down.

Preventing Bong Water Blues

Accidental bong water gulps? Not on your watch! Here’s how to keep your water pipe pristine and your stomach content:

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Store your bong in a secure location, ideally in a case and out of reach of curious hands (especially tiny ones!). This simple step can be a lifesaver.

Cleanliness is Key: Ditch the stagnant swamp. Discard the used water and give your bong a thorough cleaning after every session. No more lingering odors or tempting puddles!

Scrub-a-Dub-Bong: Hot soapy water or a dedicated bong cleaner work wonders. For extra sanitation, disinfect regularly with rubbing alcohol. This tackles pesky bacteria and mold, keeping your bong squeaky clean and promoting its longevity.

Remember: Consistent cleaning isn’t just about aesthetics. It minimizes harmful bacteria and mold growth, safeguarding your health and maximizing your bong’s life. So, rinse, repeat, and enjoy safe, smooth hits every time!

Why Bong Cleaning Matters?

Forget stagnant swamp water, clean H2O should be your bong buddy. Drinking bong water is a major no-no, and so is reusing it, especially when a cloudy “biofilm” forms. This murky film harbors nasty pathogens like Strep, E. coli, and even black mildew, turning your bong into a germ haven.

How often should you change Bong Water? Regular cleaning, ideally after each use, is your hygiene hero. While tackling sticky resin can be a test of patience, the earlier you clean, the easier it is. Frequent cleaning prevents residue buildup, saving you time and elbow grease in the long run.

Skip fancy cleaners – household heroes like rubbing alcohol, coarse sea salt, and towels work wonders. Fresh water with each hit and regular cleaning not only boost your bong’s hygiene but also its lifespan. A well-maintained bong can be your loyal companion for years to come, delivering smoother hits and healthier sessions.

Bong Water Blues: Quick Action Guide

Accidental bong water gulp? Don’t panic, but act fast! Here’s what to do:

Hydrate: Flush out the toxins by chugging plenty of clean water. Aim for several glasses to dilute the ingested nastiness.

Nausea Relief: Feeling queasy? Follow safe procedures to induce vomiting, if necessary. Remember, this isn’t always recommended, so consult Poison Control for guidance.

Seek Expert Advice: Dial 1-800-222-1222 immediately and relay the details to Poison Control. Follow their instructions closely for the specific situation.

Monitor Symptoms: Keep an eye on the person who consumed the bong water. If symptoms worsen or persist, don’t hesitate to seek immediate medical attention.

Remember, prompt action is key. By staying calm and following these steps, you can minimize the potential harm and ensure timely support if needed.


While bong water may not offer a second high, it’s far from harmless. This murky concoction harbors a toxic mix of tar, bacteria, and potential carcinogens, posing a significant health threat if ingested. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, prioritize hygiene:

Clean often: After each use, discard the water and give your bong a thorough scrub. Regular cleaning prevents harmful buildup and keeps your hits smooth.
Fresh water, every time: Ditch the stagnant swamp water and refill with clean H2O before each session.
Store safely: Keep your bong out of reach, especially from children, to avoid accidental ingestion.

Remember, knowledge is power when it comes to bong water. By understanding its risks and practicing good hygiene, you can reap the benefits of smooth hits without compromising your health. So, enjoy responsibly, prioritize cleanliness, and let your bong be a tool for relaxation, not a source of harm.


1. Is bong water good for anything?
In essence, bong water serves as the primary filtration mechanism in your bong, effectively removing toxins, ash, debris, and various harmful substances to protect your lungs. However, while this filtration benefits our respiratory health, it poses potential harm to plants; thus, using used bong water on plants is generally ill-advised.

2. Is smoking from a water bong better?
Bongs offer a cleaner smoking experience compared to using papers or regular bowls due to the water filtration system. The water effectively traps ash and cools down the smoke before it reaches your lungs. However, despite this noticeable improvement in lung comfort, inhaling smoke, regardless of the method, can still potentially harm your lungs.

3. Can you recover from bong lung?
As medical professionals specializing in lung health, we frequently observe irreversible damage to lung tissue in individuals who continue to smoke cannabis without cessation.

4. Is A bong better for your lungs than a vape?
In another cross-sectional study, it was discovered that individuals who used vaporizers were 40% less inclined to report respiratory symptoms such as coughing, phlegm, and chest tightness compared to those who smoked cannabis, even after adjusting for cigarette usage and the quantity of cannabis consumed (Earleywine & Barnwell, 2007).

5. Are bongs healthier to smoke?
The researchers concluded that the study indicates bong smoking is not as safe as commonly believed, as it produces concentrations of fine particulate matter four times higher than cigarette or tobacco hookah smoking.

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