How to Store Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds have tough hard shells and are hardy in nature. These are designed to hold up against a wide array of conditions, these seeds may still perish. Extreme changes in temperature and if the humidity is too high, this condition can easily ruin a good batch of marijuana seeds.

Cannabis seeds are basically life pods meaning they are alive and they need to survive in order to produce life. However, before germination occurs, marijuana seeds are on hibernation mode or at-rest state. Marijuana seeds can die like any other living thing.

Storing Cannabis seeds is simple as long as you understand how things affect the seed. It also depends if you intend to do short term or long term storage. Make sure when storing seeds, the best way is to always place your seeds in a cool and dry place. Too much moisture will ruin your marijuana seeds. Avoid fluctuations in temperature and getting exposed to light. Store your seeds in an airtight container, preferably vacuum sealed and keep in a dark and dry place at room temperature.

Any cannabis seeds such as regular seeds, feminized seeds, CBD seeds and autoflowering seeds can be stored the same. It is recommended to store your seeds properly until the time you are ready to germinate. It is always a good idea to read articles and guides about how to store cannabis seeds properly.

Tips on Storing Cannabis Seeds

When storing cannabis seeds, the three (3) main elements that are needed in germinating marijuana seeds is somehow related to the three (3) main enemies we should avoid when storing your seeds. The idea is we should steer away from those conditions to avoid getting the seeds triggered prematurely.

Marijuana Seeds must be kept away from:

  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Sudden temperature changes

The best way to store your cannabis seeds is by placing the seeds in a Vacuum-sealed Ziplock bag then placed inside an airtight mason jar. If you plan to store for longer periods of time, you can put them in the fridge or freeze them, just remember that seeds may lose their viability during the thawing process...

How Humidity affects Cannabis Seeds

One of the basic elements that the seed needs in order to deliver life into this world is water. Well, since we are talking about seeds, we will be talking about something that is also related but not exactly it. Humidity is the amount of moisture suspended in the air. If a place is too humid, it will accumulate moisture which is basically water. Too much or too little may ruin your marijuana seeds. We will try to give you a better picture below

  • Around 40% to 100% humidity levels your seeds can germinate or worst drown in about 12 hours
  • Around 20% to 30% is the optimal humidity levels for storing your marijuana seeds
  • Below 20% temperature may increase and heating may cause the seeds to sweat. Over time this will attract bacteria and fungi and eventually pests.

Where to store Cannabis seeds

The best way or best seed storage to store your cannabis seeds is to use a Vacuum-sealed Ziplock bag then placed inside an airtight container preferably a mason jar. There is no other more practical container that is as effective. This is perfect for seed storage. Some recommend that putting a packet of silica gel in the mason jar can also help control humidity and moisture levels in the bottle.

If you plan to store for longer periods of time, you can put them in the fridge or freeze them, just remember that seeds may lose their viability during the thawing process and may not germinate.

Make sure to keep this in a cool dark cupboard or an empty drawer with stable temperatures is perfect. Make sure to store seeds away from any natural harm or environmental factors. Keep in mind that they are alive and only on rest mode as of the moment.

Also, make sure to purchase only premium high-quality seeds. Ordinary low-quality seeds usually have weak genetics and so do the seeds they produce. Don't waste your time and make sure to only grow the best strains.

Here in Sonoma Seeds, We are proud of our superior genetics that we grow all organically to produce premium high-quality cannabis seeds that have high success rates even of stored for long periods of time. Only get from trusted seed banks that have been in the industry for a long time. Always check with customer service to find out all that you need to know about the seed bank.

Can You Store Cannabis Seeds in the Freezer?

The answer is Yes. Cannabis seeds can be stored in the freezer. You can keep your seeds frozen solid until you are ready to germinate them. Make sure it is in a container where moisture cannot get into as this will ruin the seeds.

However, it is not really necessary to do this. As long as you follow the tips above, your cannabis seeds should be preserved for up to five years and can still be viable for growing marijuana. As long as you make sure you only buy cannabis seeds that are of the highest quality and with high germination rates, all should be fine.

Plus, they say that every time you thaw your frozen cannabis seeds, this may affect some seeds and cause them to lose their viability in growing into a magnificent plant.

Selecting which Cannabis Seed to Growing after long-term storage...

When you are ready to raise a Marijuana plant and is now ready to germinate, How will you know which ones are ok and which ones aren't? Well, there is no guaranteed method to know what the outcome will be for old seeds, but here we can at least try to judge which ones we think might be the good ones to grow.

The only way to inspect is to inspect the hard outer shell of the seeds. Germinate those that have shell damage first. The hard outer shell was designed to protect what's inside, which is the plant's genetics. These damaged seeds should be at least germinated or if not discarded as this is not good for storing.

Expert Growers try and help Old Marijuana Seeds Germinate by...

  • Pre-soaking in enriched carbonated water
  • Sanding seeds shell lightly
  • Cutaway the ridge of the seed pit
  • Slice seed open very carefully

Remember, these techniques are for the advanced skillset and should not be attempted without fully understanding this method. Make sure to stick to premium high quality marijuana seeds to ensure you will reap out the best when its time for harvest.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Before you buy cannabis seeds, make sure to check the background of the seed company you are dealing with. Growing cannabis is a fun and healthy way to enjoy your past time. Remember not all cannabis seed is built the same, some are far more superior than others and will surely grow into more potent and strong cannabis plants.

Here in Sonoma seeds, we are focused on reproducing our vault of superior genetics into high quality, high germinating marijuana seeds, that are guaranteed to be grown all organically. Our marijuana seeds have satisfied thousands of customers who use our seeds for their growing needs. Check out our wide selection and categorized libraries for autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, CBD seeds.

With our years of professional experience, you will be sure that you are in great hands when you buy marijuana seeds from your trusted west coast based seed bank. Sonoma Seeds. Premium Marijuana Seeds.

How to choose a Viable Cannabis Seed

There is a simple method to test the viability of your cannabis seeds. Before storing them make sure you check each one as including the rotting ones may contaminate your whole batch.

All you need to do is to apply pressure between your index finger and your thumb and place the seed in between. Squeeze as strong as you can and a strong hard seed should mean that it is a good seed to germinate.

Furthermore, darker marijuana seeds mean that they are healthier and more mature. Go for the dark brown ones or sometimes black with the shiny hard outer shell. These things are the telltale signs to know if a seed is still alive or not.

Again, only go for high-quality premium seeds to ensure that you are not wasting your time growing a weak and unfruitful marijuana plant. Check out our seed libraries today and discover the difference with premium high-quality seeds from Sonoma Seeds. You West coast based Organic Cannabis Seed Bank.


1.Steps in Storing Cannabis Seeds Properly?

Step 1: Make sure to pick the right cannabis seeds to store.

Step 2: Place seeds inside a vacuum-sealed ziplock bag and place the bag in an airtight mason jar.

Step 3: Place in a cool, dry and dark place that has stable temperatures like a drawer or in a cupboard.

2.How to Store Cannabis Seeds Long Term?

To store cannabis seeds long term, store the seeds in a Vacuum-sealed Ziplock bag then placed inside an airtight mason jar. If you plan to store for longer periods of time, you can put them in the fridge or freeze them, just remember that seeds may lose their viability during the thawing process. Doing the bag in the mason jar way can preserve your seeds for at least 5 years.

3.Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Only buy cannabis seeds from a reputable and trusted seed bank. Make sure to check the background of the seed bank you are dealing with to ensure legit transactions.

Here at Sonoma Seeds, we are proud of our superior world-class genetics that is all organically grown. All our marijuana seeds are of premium quality and all with high germination rates guaranteed.

We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Please leave your valid email address below.

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