What are Fast Version Cannabis Plants?


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Growing marijuana strains require a lot of patience and hard work. However, some experienced growers just don’t have the patience to wait due to a lot of factors. Novice growers may also find it hard to cope up in terms of growing a regular weed due to lack of experience. Hence, most of them turn to fast version cannabis plants as a resort.

So what are fast version cannabis plants? At first, a fast version seems like just another nickname for ruderalis or automatic flowering strains. It is a common misconception that confuses novices, but the two are actually completely different. Regardless of the light, ruderalis strains produce flowers on its own even without much interference from the grower, while fast version strains are conditioned with light switching to produce flowers rapidly. 

How Do You Differentiate the Fast Version from Ruderalis and Regular Strains?

Both share a huge similarity of being able to produce flowers quicker than regular strains, but ruderalis strains are more independent. It usually buds 25 days from the last day of germination. Unlike fast version strains, the light cycle for ruderalis should be consistent. It should not be left in the vegetation phase for long, as its flowering is conditioned to start right away around the 30th day. Thus, it develops a smaller structure and slightly smaller buds. Fast version strains, while dependent on light switching by the grower, produce more yield, more powerful effects, and have a higher resistance to elements.

Fast version cannabis plants did not just pop out of nowhere. It is the result of years of experimentation and development. They are developed by crossing a slightly dependent strain with a ruderalis strain. As with other crosses, the process takes longer, as deciding on the compatible strains to cross months and even years. This cross results in a strain tagged as F1, which flowers fast but has an entirely unique DNA composition, so it is not categorized under automatic flowering strains.

As for regular or standard cannabis strains, it usually takes around eight weeks to 7 months before results are seen. With the development of fast version strains, around 1 to 2 weeks are shaved off from the standard wait time. It is truly a revolution in the world of cannabis. Aside from beating regular strains in the rapid flowering aspect, these strains are also faster than ruderalis. Growers were happy with the introduction of ruderalis strains, but most are put off by the amount of yield, an aspect fast version cannabis can fill in.

Are Fast Version Cannabis Feminized?

This cannabis type is feminized as well. It rapidly produces flowers instead of pollen, since they possess the girl power in their DNA. It stays longer in the vegetative phase than ruderalis strains, taking the opportunity to spread its roots and become taller and wider as it grows branches. The duration of light every day plus the sudden exposure to dark triggers its female hormones to produce huge, dense, and resinous buds. 

Ruderalis strains are usually chosen for its rapid flowering; however, the grower will be a bit disadvantaged with the yield. On the other hand, regular strains deliver better products, but it has a longer wait time. Fast version cannabis strains are actually ruderalis’ fast flowering capacity, and regular strains’ potency and production rolled into one. It is a great choice for your garden if you want the best of both worlds. This win-win attribute makes it a sought-after strain choice for both novice and expert growers. A well-loved strain, it delivers speed without sacrificing bud quality. 

What are the Advantages of Growing Fast Version Cannabis?

Fast version cannabis has many advantages. Its rapid flowering attribute gets even stronger as it gets passed down to the next cross, making it a great parent strain as well. This is unlike other crosses when some great attributes dwindle down as it gets overpowered by the other parent strain. Since the flowering phase is triggered right away, it means less exposure to fungi caused by wet and rainy climate, aside from its great resistance from other elements. 

Its photoperiod attribute is also a great advantage for growers. Clippings may be obtained as mother plants, shaving off production time because the seed stage is no longer in the picture. This gives the grower full control over how tall or how high the production will be. The plant height may be controlled by planting it right away, just in time before seasons change with an appropriate light switching schedule until the preferred height is reached. Longer light exposure means more buds, too, increasing production.

Most growers have issues growing ruderalis and regular strains since they live in areas with a cold and wet climate. Even growers from areas with warm climates have seen excellent results. This is because fast version strains’ vigor enables them to thrive well no matter what climate it is subjected to. It is also suitable whether it is grown indoors or in an outdoor setting. 

Pros and Cons of Growing Fast Version Indoors

Growing fast version cannabis indoors gives you the freedom to have full control over everything. You can control the grow room’s ventilation, humidity, water, feeding, and the plant’s height. You have full authority to achieve the yield production that will meet your needs, be it for commercial production or personal use.

Most fast version cannabis gives off a strong aroma. Growing it indoors keeps your cultivation under wraps. It is also easy to monitor the progress of your plants since it is just within your vicinity. If there are any issues like molds or yellow leaves, you can adjust the growing conditions right away. This setting also gives you the freedom to enhance your cultivation ability. You’ll be able to take notes of what should and shouldn’t be done next time, and develop better plants along the way.

However, your best-growing lights might not be parallel to the warmth of sunshine. The plants may also be susceptible to black flies and spider mites. The growing success completely lies upon your shoulders.

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Pros and Cons of Growing Fast Version Outdoors

Growing outdoors is more affordable than indoor growing. You just have to surrender it to the natural climate of your area and sunshine, and since plants are exposed to UV rays, it develops more resins as a defense mechanism, increasing the yield.  It requires minimal monitoring on your end as well.

On the downside, you might be living in a country that prohibits cannabis growing.  You also have no control over the growing conditions, like the heat of the sun, making the plants susceptible to molds and bud rot. Rains, snow, cyclones, and hurricanes will also destroy your hard work.

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