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If you want to get started or looking for techniques to upgrade your existing cannabis nursery, then you study different varieties and strains you can plant. For those that are living in states where cannabis is legal, growing new strains or classics indicas, sativas or hybrids are much easier. From the simple addition to their nursery plot to the more complex indoor plantation, there are many ways that novice and aspiring growers can get to know the cannabis from seedlings to smoke. We have listed the 5 best Sativa strains in Colorado and share tips on how effectively grow them, so keep on reading!

How to Grow Sativa

New growers must understand that not all strains are produced equal. Cannabis Sativa appearance and growth qualities are different from Cannabis indica. Cannabis sativa plants have lengthier slimmer subtler colored leaves, grow in a vertical direction and have wide gaps between the buds while indicas have more branches

It is easier to identify indicas because of the visible characteristics – dark green and fat. During maturity, the distinctions between sativas and indicas are more obvious. Also, sativas continues to grow taller in their blooming period.

Sativa varieties have been crossbred with indicas to decrease the blossoming cycles and thicken up the flower production. Genuine Sativa varieties are low producing and manufacture loose sprouts that are unattractive to modern-day cannabis consumers. Nowadays, the thick indica plants are the preferred cannabis plant.

Stay Dry

Too much moisture in an environment or room can affect cannabis. If it’s too humid, it can constrain the growth and leave plants prone to mildew and mold and insects like caterpillars. Strains like Kaboom are more resilient to moisture, faster-growing and withstand pests and prosper in different kinds of environments, these are the elements that a grower must keep tabs on.

Growers always try to provide their cannabis adequate ventilation and observe moisture levels to assure they’re in a safe range of about 50-80%. In the outdoors, you may need sheltering the plants with plastic at night and make sure you remove it during the day and avoid condensation from forming.

Make Room at the Rooftop

Sativa grows taller whether they’re planted in a pot or directly in the soil. Thus, it’s important to allocate a room at the top. Or instead, you can plant your cannabis outdoor so that you can always check how high you want it to be. The planters in the Northern Hemisphere can cultivate cannabis until mid-May, for a plant that can grow around 6 feet tall.

Sweeten the Plant

Different kinds of plants need different kinds of nutrients and cannabis is no exception. This plant is known to have a sweet tooth and so, adding natural molasses can multiply the microbes that help your plants grow and produce quality yields. This method also makes the taste of cannabis fruitier.

Aside from adding a little sweetener to produce a citrusy strain, one more important thing to do to bring the full potential of cannabis is to closely monitor the plant surroundings. Growers must ensure the temperature stays 64-82 degrees Fahrenheit or about 18-28 degrees Celsius.

Trimming is Important

If the cannabis is grown as is, the plant matures weaker and thinner. With methodical trimming and carving, though, growers can have heavier growth and better harvests. Pruning earlier is very important, no matter what you’re planting because it boosts maximum growth.

Defoliation is the process of traditional trimming and this can be done as soon as the plant starts becoming thick. You need to remove leaves that don’t get enough sunlight or dying off. Continue this method two to three weeks so that your cannabis will have long-term harvest later.

Pruning all cannabis strains the right way can increase yields, but some varieties respond well to a small training—even sativas, which are less leaf-heavy than indicas.

5 Best Sativa Strains in Colorado

The cannabis strain availability differs from one region to another. What might be available in your state, is impossible to buy or get in another region. Here, we look at the 5 best Sativa strains in Colorado and hope you can get them!

  1. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is no stranger among Colorado growers, dispensaries and shops. It is widely productive Sativa, the pleasing cerebral energy of this strain is best for staying vigorous and playing in the outdoors. It makes perfect sense why Sour Diesel is one of the most popular Sativa strains in Colorado because the state offers so much outdoor leisure to enjoy.

  1. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is an almost heirloom sativa strain which is popular in many parts of the world. Originally from South Africa, this sativa strain has large resin glands, perfect for extracting concentrates. It is energetic, creative, frenetic and creates a happy feel which is best described as “uplifting”. Users and growers swear by this pure sativa strain.

  1. Citrus Sap

This Sativa dominant strain is heavy on the orange and citrusy notes, which carries to the taste buds. Very aromatic, it also produces a lot of resin. Another favorite of growers. It has a high THC content which older users like but this may not be for those who are just starting out. Moving forward, this is a good light for creatives.

  1. Mob Boss

Mob Boss is relatively new to the Cannabis sativa scene, but it quickly stole the hearts of people because of its strength and flowery citrus taste. Mob Boss is the Sativa strain that you need if you are suffering from stress, pain, and appetite loss. A small amount of this mixture of resin-storm can provide you blissful euphoria.

  1. Maui Wowie

Another long-time favorite is Maui Wowie. It is floral and citrusy at the same time. Originally from Hawaii, it has migrated to a lot of places and is quite common in Colorado. This high quality weed delivers a creative high and is quite motivational. Very energetic, it is also high yielding and can grow in any climate.

Auto Flowering for The Individuals

Whether the cannabis strain is Sativa, indica, auto-flowering varieties are crisscrossed with Cannabis ruderalis—a species apart from the Sativa and indica – offering them the capability to blossom on their own after a quick vegetative cycle.

While auto-flowering varieties can be a perfect fit for some cultivators, they cannot be just like the regular cannabis plants. Cultivators should avoid transplanting the auto flower cannabis species. When nurturing and pollinating these cannabis varieties, make sure to only use products that are for auto-flowering otherwise it may result in the cannabis plant the size of a bonsai.


The effects of best Sativa strains in Colorado are cerebral and energizing. For some, the high that they can experience with Sativa is too much and indica is a better alternative because they’re more calming. As for the mainstream recreational consumers, Sativa is considered as champion cannabis.

In other words, Sativa is daytime marijuana and indica is perfect in the night. Landrace Sativa varieties and some Sativa crossbreeds contain zero CBD. Sativas are brain candy while indica calms the body and gets you couch-lock.

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