Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Get the modern version of the classic OG strain: the Blood Diamond OG. It can give you a high that will instantly melt all your worries away. You’ll feel euphoria, happiness, creativity and an overall lively feeling. This strain grows fast and will soon have large resinous buds oozing with high 27% THC.

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More About Blood Diamond OG (fem)

Shine Bright With Glistening Nuggets

An Indica that is as pure as it can be, the Blood Diamond OG is a modernized version of the classic OG Kush. It provides the body with amazing full relaxation to ease all the troubles and worries away. It provides the mind with amazing euphoria, and it is perfect for the nights when sleep is hard to come by

When the feminized seeds of the Blood Diamond OG are planted, they grow up within 8 to 10 weeks, and they grow up to have resinous buds that fill the room with fuel, pine, and citrus scents. It can be well-producing indoors, but it is still preferred to grow them outdoors. They can provide about 500 grams yield per square meter when taken care of in ideal conditions. These buds have an average of 20 percent THC, but some cases have been measured to have as high as 27 percent.

2 reviews for Blood Diamond OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. D. Magee

    What a buzz! I grew it here in my condo without having to bother about getting male crops. It is quick, easy to grow, and yields up to 520g of nugs for every plant. In the night time, I smoke this cannabis to rid my mind of anxious thoughts. Wow, such a nice time it was to hang out with mates. However, they also truly wanted one after I shared it with them. This lovely lady has stripped away all of my fears and uncertainties. flavor and odor of herbs, citrus, and pine.  I can’t help but be intrigued by this plant.It’s difficult to stop once you’ve been hooked. My goodness! The next time I grow marijuana, I’ll raise more of this strain. Bravo, Sonoma’s blood diamond!

  2. VincentF

    Pretty awesome strain. It grew well. This plant develop a great characteristics like it can produced many buds. Very dense and potent one. I did not see any issues in her growing cycle at all. Excellent!

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