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With Bubblegum Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds, you can take your cannabis adventure to the next level. This strain is great for both novice and seasoned growers. This balanced hybrid, with a mild 0.30% CBD and a moderate 18% THC content, provides a pleasant and all-encompassing sensation. Bubblegum Strain requires only 8 to 10 weeks of culture, making it a simple plant to produce. For extra convenience, an autoflowering variant is also available. So, if you’re ready to get started with your cultivation journey, consider Sonoma Seeds as one of the best cannabis seed banks for acquiring these seeds and more.

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Frequently bought together

sonoma bubblegum seeds
Bubblegum Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Strain Specification

Strain Specification
Indiana Bubblegum
THC Level
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Balanced Hybrid
Growing Level
Flowering Time
8-10 weeks
Strain Specification
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Harvest Time
Indoor Yields
12 - 19 oz/m2
Outdoor Yields
21 oz/plant
Taste and Smell
Berry, BubbleGum, Earthy, Floral, Sweet, Tropical
Delta 3 Carene, Eucalyptol, Ocimene, Phellandrene, Terpinolene


Bubblegum Strain Description

The delicious hybrid that’s blowing up the cannabis market is called Bubblegum Strain. This wonderful strain honors its illustrious parent, the Indiana Bubblegum, which is well-known throughout the world for its amazing flavor and well-balanced effects.

Bubblegum Strain, being a Balanced Hybrid, provides the ideal balance of energy and relaxation. It’s the best option for anyone looking for a calm but stimulating experience because of its 18% THC content and 0.30% CBD. Without the strong pleasure that certain strains might provide, you should anticipate feeling creative, happy, and at ease.

Flavor and Appearance of Bubblegum Strain

Savor Bubblegum Strain’s enticing look and entrancing scents! This strain offers a unique sensory experience along with a well-rounded collection of effects. The terpene profile of Bubblegum includes Delta 3 Carene, Ocimene, Eucalyptol, Terpinolene, and Phellandrene, which combine to provide an incredibly captivating flavor profile.

Think back to that first sniff, when you are welcomed by a wonderful sweetness akin to a tropical paradise. Floral notes provide a hint of refinement, while earthy undertones offer a strong base. A harmonic symphony of flavors is presented to your taste receptors, with faint undertones of berry and the distinct scent of bubblegum.

A visual treat is also provided by Bubblegum Strain. It has an amazing visual appeal. Picture soft, amiable, light green buds with eye-catching, bright orange pistils. The shimmering crystal trichomes, which promise a strong and pleasurable experience with every puff, are the true show-stoppers, though.

Bubblegum Strain Growing Information

With Bubblegum Strain, cultivating your source of happiness is quite simple! This cultivar is a real jewel that grows well in a variety of climates, including temperate, continental, sunny, and Mediterranean environments, regardless of your level of experience. Bubblegum Strain looks great in any setting, whether it’s an outdoor garden or an indoor one.

In about 8 to 10 weeks, your patience will pay off with an abundant harvest. Bubblegum Strain is a great option for small places due to its relatively small size. It can normally attain a height of 0 to 4 feet both indoors and outdoors. Now let’s talk yields: indoor gardeners could anticipate between 12 and 19 oz/m2, whereas outdoor plants can generate up to 21 oz per plant. It’s crucial to remember that bubblegum is susceptible to infections. Thus, keeping the growing environment tidy and clean is essential to ensuring a good crop.

Bubblegum Strain Effects

Your pass to a wonderful voyage through the universe of cannabis effects is the Bubblegum Strain. With its harmonious combination of feelings, this well-balanced combo will make you feel like the happiest person alive. Think about a peaceful, contented mental state where concerns seem to vanish. That’s the contribution that Bubblegum Strain makes. You can unwind and rest carefree with it as if it were a comforting balm for your spirit.

Not only that, but Bubblegum Strain also energizes you and fosters creativity. It’s the kind of high that can inject inspiration and joy into an otherwise routine day. You’ll experience an inexplicable inner glow and find it difficult to contain your smile. You can anticipate a well-rounded experience with Bubblegum Strain, one that blends joy, creativity, and relaxation in equal measure. For people who want to embrace a sense of well-being and improve their mood, it’s the ideal companion.


11 reviews for Bubblegum Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Valerie Spencer

    Bubblegum Hybrid Feminized Marijuana strain may have not high productivity but when it comes to bud and resin quality it compensates. It grows very dense and compact . And it grows in most of all seasons. It has a mild taste of bubblegum and strawberry. It boosts my appetite and relaxes my body.

  2. Mitchell Vitale

    Cultivating Sonoma seeds for the first time. The plant was growing vigorously, good high and nice smell, will expand this again deff. Had me an excellent yield this year! Great Job!

  3. John Pinard

    wow! I really love this strain because of this delicious flavor and aroma! I just can’t get enough of this one. The bubble gum taste is so sweet that also relaxes me! huhuhuh i really can’t wait to get more of this one!

  4. Cole Cooley

    A friend gave me seeds of these strains and I loved it. So I decided to get my own pack and ordered 10 packs here. I am so ecstatic knowing that I could have my dose of happiness at the convenience of my own backyard. Here in Canada work may be a bit of a pain in the ass and this bud makes me relax and happy. The best bud for me!

  5. Mark Worley

    A customer of mine (I do IT stuff) had a small tent and showed me her setup. She gave me one your Bubblegum Seeds as a tip. I had never grown before, but here in Canada we can have 4 plants now. I planted it at the same time as some bag seeds I had (Blueberry Kush). This plant grew a lot shorter and bushier, but with lots of big buds on it. Very sticky. Just chopper her down today. Grown outside, seems to be about 500g wet, so I expect about 5oz dried and cured.

  6. Rafael Peters

    The grow wasn’t easy, it was hard work but it pays off. Not really successful in terms of my expected yield but the buds are nice and fat dripping with resin and trichomes. The smoke was lovely. I smoked too much and it killed my motivation and glued me to the couch. My bad, I wasn’t careful. Thank you Sonoma Seeds!

  7. Nathaniel Austin

    Bubblegum grew really good. I topped and trained just a little bit, and fed her regularly. The plants produced big buds, look amazing and they smell like fruity, pungent bubblegum. The high is very well balanced, and relaxing. The body buzz is decent. It’s great for night and hangout strain to smoke. I love this strain!

  8. Angel Sims

    I have no experience in growing weed but I am eager to try and have this kind of experience. Fat buds, nice colors and really productive. Flavors and smell are sweet and fruitylicious. The weed is strong, but manageable. Grow your own weed to make your stash jars full and save money. Buy seeds from Sonoma Seeds!

  9. Brett Chavez

    I ran into a problem earlier in the growing stage but it bounced back nicely after I fixed my mistake. She’s big yielding buds covered in trichomes. Smell and taste are amazing, like a real bubblegum. I didn’t get sleepy because I think I just smoke a few. I absolutely will recommend Bubblegum hybrid strain to my family and friends.

  10. Ruben Lawrence

    The plant wasn’t completely resistant so I need to take more care of her. She needed some maintenance to make her healthy. The buds are dense and the smell is amazing. It’s loaded with fruity treats. The head high is cerebral, creative, and very long lasting and I like it! A really good genetics. Your seeds deserve a 5 star rating!

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