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Cafe Racer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


The Cafe Racer Autoflower is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, and it is the combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple strain. This strain has an intense THC content that could reach 25%. The buds were chilly and had a strong earthy flavor with a fiery undertone. This marijuana strain induces a sense of peace and relaxation, which can help to relieve mental stress. If you smoke this strain, you’ll instantly feel the mind buzz that could make you feel dizzy at first, but then euphoria and pleasure. The scents of spice and diesel amplify its pungent skunkiness of this crop.

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More About Cafe Racer Autoflower Strain

Type: Sativa-dominant
Genetics Parents: Girl Scout Cookies x Granddaddy Purple strain
Flowering Period: 10-11 Weeks
Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield: 350-450g/m2 Indoor / 400-500 gr/plant Outdoor
Flavors: Sweet, Tangy, Citrus, Berries, Grapes
THC Level: 25%
CBD Level: 0.3%
Height: Moderate
Harvest Period: End-September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cafe Racer Autoflower?

This strain has a heavy sweet and tangy flavor from berries and grapes and a distinct skunk flavor. GSC’s intensified tastes also have the sweet of citrus-like lemons combined with an acidic flavor.

The Cafe Racer Autoflowering strain effect is powerful due to its high THC level of 25%. It begins with an uplifting cognitive high with a delirious daze. When the buzz starts to sink in, there’ll be a tingly feeling that starts in the head and spreads to the entire body. The high THC content and indica content of this weed may cause a person to become couch-locked and drowsy. This marijuana strain’s mind buzz is responsible for enhancing imagination and inducing a sense of positive sensations.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cafe Racer Autoflower?

The Cafe Racer Autoflowering is an effective medical marijuana strain. It helps in the reduction of fear and the alleviation of stress, with its antidepressant that works wonders. It is an excellent remedy for people who have PTSD as well as other mental health issues. This marijuana is indeed a pain reliever that works quickly to ease body aches and muscle aches. These have anti-inflammatory effects that can use on arthritis and inflammation. It stimulates the appetite and can help with nausea. It is an excellent mild stimulant and anxiety medication.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cafe Racer Autoflower

Using this strain moderately can cause dry mouth and scratchy, dry eyes, which are the common side effects of consuming a marijuana strain. Still, you can quickly alleviate them by staying hydrated and using eye drops. You must be careful of the high THC levels in this Cafe Racer Autoflowering strain, as it can trigger nausea and panic attacks when consumed in large doses.

How to Grow Cafe Racer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

This marijuana plant is satisfying and very easy to grow because it produces enormous buds. The stems were lengthy and can offer help to support the pungent nugs. When grown indoors, this plant could bloom in 10-11 weeks, and when grown outdoors, it will flower between mid-September and late October. Indoor yields of up to 350-450g/m2 and 400-500 gr/plant when growing outdoor. Trimming and other preparation methods can help this plant thrive. Cultivation techniques like the SOG will also help ensure a large harvest.

1 review for Cafe Racer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Garrett L.

    This sweet, tangy weed is incredibly satisfying! It has a citrus and berry flavor that never lets me down. I’ve had a craving for this since the first time I tried it. That is why I ordered a new batch of these seeds and am now ensuring that I have sufficient supplies. It really is the best way to treat migraines that hit me so badly almost every day. The best pain reliever I ever had! I used some bamboo cane to support its thin stem upright because it grows with a heavy huge bud so that I could protect its branches from sagging. After ten weeks, it successfully produced 520g per plant in my tiny outdoor space. Fantastic!

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