Devil XXL 450

Devil XXL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Devil XXL has very high THC content and generous yields. It is easy to grow thanks to its automatic lineage. Expect a very potent strain ideal for recreational and medicinal growers. You can use this strain for the relief of pain including chronic pain, migraines, headaches and muscle pains. You may also find relief from stress and anxiety using this potent strain.

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More About Devil XXL Autoflower 

Devil XXL Autoflower is a sativa dominant hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain known for its high THC amounts and for the fact that it is very easy to grow. Devil XXL Autoflower is a beginner strain that any first-time grower can cultivate. It is from two powerful strains: a potent Big Devil #2 and a strong Jack Herer. It can thrive in warm and sunny environments and even in temperate conditions.

Devil XXL Autoflower is an indoor or outdoor plant that will be ready to bloom in just 65 days after germination without the need for a special lighting schedule. This strain will grow to a medium height and will have THC as high as 20% and CBD at 0.5%.

Despite its height and being an autoflowering strain, Devil XXL Autoflower will give you very powerful yields of 425 to 650 grams per plant. Harvest time happens all year round.


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