Dutch Crunch Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Dutch Crunch Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Dutch Crunch Feminized is an Indica dominant and a hybrid of Dutch Treat and Jack Herer. This citrus and pine-flavored strain induce a blissful mental state and body sedation, making it ideal for nighttime smoke. The Dutch Crunch Feminized is a low-maintenance cultivar that is simple to cultivate for new growers. Within 8 to 9 weeks, this plant can be grown outdoors and indoors After that time, this short crop has lime-green leaves with orange pistils coated in thick resin should produce a yield from about 200-300g.

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More About Dutch Crunch Feminized Strain

Type: Indica Dominant
Genetics Parents: Dutch Treat X Jack Herer
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: Sunny /Mediterranean
Yield: 300g/sq meter indoors / 200g/plant outdoors
Flavors: Spicy, Pine, Citrus
THC Level: 24%
CBD Level: 0.8%
Height: Small
Harvest Period: Around October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Dutch Crunch Feminized?

With delectable citrus and pine flavor with spicy exhale, the Dutch Crunch Fem strain is a must-try. This Indica dominant strain encourages a numbing body stone and a clear-headed euphoria, resulting in a profoundly calming body and mind paradise. This plant is best consumed at nighttime to help you unwind after a long day.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dutch Crunch Feminized?

The Dutch Crunch Feminized marijuana strain’s soothing effect will help people with sleep problems fall asleep faster. Patients suffering from chronic pains such as fatigue, arthritis, muscle spasms, joint aches may benefit from this strain. Furthermore, this strain has been shown to increase appetite and minimize nausea among cancer patients receiving medical care.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Dutch Crunch Feminized

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are common side effects of smoking the Dutch Crunch Fem strain. When smoking in large quantities, consumers can experience paranoia and hallucinations. Users can avoid these side effects by using this variant in moderation and drinking plenty of water.

How to Grow Dutch Crunch Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Due to the low maintenance of the Dutch Crunch Fem marijuana strain is, it is indeed a pleasure to cultivate it. It is an excellent choice for new growers because it can be grown outdoors and indoors. It can develop into a small plant containing orange hairs and thick buds covered in icy trichomes within 8 to 9 weeks. When done correctly, growers can assume crop yields for about 200-300g. It can be grown indoors using the Sea of Green method. Growers may notice that this plant grows more buds as a result of this process. To ensure that the plants survive, give sufficient light and maintain it in a warm environment. Within nine weeks of development, the yield should be about 300g/sq meter. When grown outdoors in a dry and warm setting outside your home, it can produce up to 200g of yield. If you give them direct sunlight, they will thrive.


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