King's Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds


The Kings Kush Feminized comes from cross-breeding the OG Kush and Grape strains. This genetic combination resulted in an Indica-dominant strain that offers both tranquility and euphoria that makes the overall mood brighter. This strain also helps in alleviating some medical conditions. The flavor and aroma profiles also add to the overall experience that the Kings Kush offers.

When it comes to cultivating, growers can expect a high yield without exerting a lot of effort. The feminized version of the Kings Kush helps in increasing the amount of buds harvested due to having about 99.99% of female seeds.

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More About King Kush Feminized Strain

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: OG Kush X Grape
Flowering Period: 9 to 10 Weeks
Climate: Warm and Dry
Yield: 750 to 800 g/m2 (indoors) ; 1000 g/plant (outdoors)
Flavors: Sweet, Fruity, Pine, Grape
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: 0% to 1%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: Early October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Kings Kush Feminized?

Once the Kings Kush is lit, smokers taste a mixture of sweet, pine, fruity, and grape flavors, all of which clearly come from its genetic parents.

While the mouth is busy with the explosion of flavors, a boost of mood-enhancing properties fills the mind and body. This makes smokers feel more motivated and productive. As the Kings Kush leans heavily on the Indica side, a relaxing feeling crashes in after some time that often leads to drowsiness and eventually sleeps due to the high potency level.

What are the Medical Benefits of Kings Kush Feminized?

Just like any marijuana strain, the Kings Kush offers a lot of great benefits that does not only encompass recreation but also medical aspects. The uplifting effect that this strain offers helps clear out any negative thoughts that often come with patients suffering from anxiety and depression. Smokers who are having an ample amount of stress can also take advantage of the calming and worry-free state that the Kings Kush strain provides.

Aside from easing the mental health of smokers, the Kings Kush can also reduce chronic pains that come from migraines, arthritis, and even menstrual cramps. Those who have a difficult time sleeping due to sleeping disorders such as insomnia can benefit from the sedative properties.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Kings Kush Feminized

Despite the many advantages of smoking marijuana, there are still side effects that arise and the Kings Kush strain is no exception to these. The THC level of this cannabis can lead to dizziness, headaches, and nausea when taken in high amounts of doses. Thus, it is important to control and keep it low throughout the smoking session.

On the other hand, even with moderate amounts, the Kings Kush still results in common conditions like dry eyes and dry mouth. Fortunately, this can be prevented by drinking lots of fluids and keeping the body hydrated before smoking. However, it may be best to have an eye lubricant ready just in case the itchiness persists.

How to Grow Kings Kush Feminized

Novice growers will enjoy growing the Kings Kush Feminized as it is very straightforward and can easily be cultivated. What makes this plant very attractive is its black leaves that clearly stand out against other marijuana plants. Adding to the physique of this plant are the enormous lime-colored buds covered in an abundant amount of glistening trichomes with the orange-colored stigmas. The Kings Kush is indeed a delight to look at.

In a controlled setting, the Screen of Green (SCRoG) method and other Low-stress Training (LST) can help the Kings Kush plant flourish better. Within 63 to 70 days, growers can harvest about 26 to 28 ounces per square meter.

On the other hand, in an outdoor environment, the Kings Kush should be grown in a warm and dry climate. Doing so can lead to a harvest of up to 35 ounces per plant. This plant can be reaped during the first few weeks of October right before the chilly season kicks in.



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