Lemon Kush Feminized

Lemon Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Lemon Kush feminized strain is a hybrid that has a high THC and capable of producing top yields. This strain is a grower’s dream as it can thrive on any kind of climate and growing style. Lemon Kush plants are small at only 100 cm tall but don’t worry as it can still produce up to 550 grams per plant.

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Frequently bought together

Lemon Kush Feminized
Lemon Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Strain Specification

Strain Specification
Afghan x Lemon G
THC Level
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Growing Level
Flowering Time
8-10 weeks
Strain Specification
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Harvest Time
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Taste and Smell
Citrus, Earthy, Kush, Lemon, Spicy, Sweet
Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Phellandrene, Pinene, Valencene


More About Lemon Kush (fem)

Lemon Kush (fem) is an indica-dominant Hybrid feminized cannabis strain that has high THC and can produce heavy yields. Lemon Kush is the product of a four-way cross of a classic Afghani, a potent Master Kush, a yummy Lemon G, and a legendary South American. This hybrid is also a feminized strain and will only grow female plants.

Lemon Kush is an easy strain and will thrive in the sunny Mediterranean or temperate Continental climates. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and will bloom in 8 to 10 weeks. This is a small plant growing only 100 cm tall, but don’t despair because this strain can produce 400 to 550 grams of yield per plant.

Lemon Kush buds will have 23% THC and 0.8% CBD. These buds will be ready for harvest in October, and you’ll know that the buds are ready when you smell that lemon, earthy, and sweet flavors in your growing area.


1 review for Lemon Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. C. Opal

    Keeping it real? This is easy to grow. This is like the training wheels of growing. You do need the usual necessities like good soil, sunny climate and ventilation to keep your plants happy. Now onto the good part. Its literally like opening a jar of lemons. The musk and earthy smell swarms over you unlike other strains. Flavor wise, spicy, sweet, lemony. Surprisingly the lack of a diesel aftertaste. Watch out for that harsh smoke but yeah you’ll get used to it. I’d recommend this as a daytime strain, its potency to reduce fatigue, arthritis and migraines.

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