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Mandarine autoflower is a strain with a delightful flavor and taste. It is a potent strain that’s capable of relaxing and calming you down. You’ll get up to 20% THC with buds that smell like Mandarin orange and tones of citrus. It’s a recreational as well as medicinal strain that’s a delight for all growers.

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More About Mandarine Autoflower 

Your Small but Terrible Strain

If you like Lemon Strains, one of the strains you might want to consider is the Mandarine Autoflower strain seeds. It is just similar to the Lemon Haze and the Tangie Strains when it comes to having a punch of delicious flavor. All of these were because of the potency of Cream Mandarine and an unknown Ruderalis with the help from the Exclusion Seed Banks. It is combining these strains resulted in a successful Indica variety of Mandarine Strain.

Since the Mandarine Autoflower is an Indica-dominant strain, it only means that in just a few puffs, you will automatically fall into a deep slumber and dream like you are floating in the clouds. Also, it comes with moderate-high levels of THC of about 20.00%, which is said to be a big help for stimulating appetite. This is instant pain relief that even medical practitioners would recommend it to the patients, especially that it has an extreme mandarine flavor with touches of citrus.

Known for its being a fast flowering, it grows for about 9-11 weeks with medium to high yields. However, short plants are expected to glow when it has already matured, but still, it is considered to be mighty because it is consistent with being an effective strain to users.

1 review for Mandarine Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Marcelo Horn

    Pure delight to the taste buds. I never heard of this strain until a few months back and I’m glad I did! Easy and simple to care for, very little maintenance needed. The effects were super tantalizing! Smoked a few joints with my guys, we had one hell of a chill night. Smooth and creamy, nothing too harsh on the lungs. I’m definitely including this one to my list. Thank you Sonoma Seeds! One my most trusted sources of weed seeds. I’ve never had any problems with the shipping and deliveries. Your seeds always arrive earlier than expected too! Recommending these to my boys. Do you guys have any local shops around town?

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