Melon Gum Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Melon Gum Feminized Marijuana Seeds


The Melon Gum Fem strain is a well-balanced hybrid between Lavender and Bubblegum. This hard-hitting strain tastes like lavender, bubblegum, strawberry, and lemon all in one delicious bowl. The Melon Gum Fem produces a strong mind and body high that will make you feel happy and energized on the onset before a deep relaxation takes over.

The Melon Gum Fem strain grows into a tall plant with red, blue, and black colors. The plants produce massive, stone-like buds wrapped in thick layers of resin. These plants produce massive yields when grown indoors and outdoors. When cultivated properly, cultivators can harvest as much as 600-1000g of yield after 7-8 weeks.

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More About Melon Gum Feminized Strain

Type: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Genetics Parents: Lavender x Bubblegum
Flowering Period: 7-8 weeks
Climate: Sunny, Continental, Temperature, Mediterranean
Yield: 600-800g/m2 indoors/ 1000g per plant outdoors
Flavors: Melon, Lavender, Strawberry, Bubblegum
THC Level: High
CBD Level: Low
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Melon Gum Feminized?

The Melon Gum Fem strain has a delicious strawberry bubblegum flavor mixed with a lavender and melon aftertaste. This strain produces an equal mind and body buzz that will make you crave for more. The high starts with a sudden boost of happiness, motivation, focus, and creativity. Consumers will start being chatty and hyped up which makes this strain perfect for parties and social gatherings. After a while, a heavy sedating euphoria fills the body, leaving the consumer locked to the couch.

What are the Medical Benefits of Melon Gum Feminized?

The Melon Gum Fem strain offers a lot of medical benefits. For one, this strain can induce hunger while reducing nausea and vomiting. This strain can also help alleviate certain types of pain such as joint aches, arthritis, glaucoma, stress, fatigue, muscle spasms, and the like. It can also improve the mood of patients with depression and PTSD. Moreover, this strain can enhance the focus of those with ADHD. Furthermore, this strain can also help those with insomnia and other sleep disorder to finally fall asleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Melon Gum Feminized

The Melon Gum Fem strain can be quite overpowering for some, especially those with low tolerance. This strain is therefore not recommended for new smokers. When smoked in excess, this strain can lead to hallucinations, paranoia, dizziness, and heightened anxiety. On the other hand, consumers will most likely experience cottonmouth and dry eyes.

How to Grow Melon Gum Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

The Melon Gum Fem strain grows into a high plant with blue, red, and black hues. The plants produce large, stone-shaped nuggets covered in massive layers of trichomes. These plants produce huge yields when cultivated indoors and outdoors. When done properly, cultivators can yield as much as 600-1000g of harvest in just 7-8 weeks.

Growing indoors, these plants can yield as much as 600-800g/m2 of harvest in just 8 weeks. Apply the SCROG method to encourage horizontal growth of the plant especially if you have a limited headspace in your grow room. Keep the temperature and humidity levels in good conditions while giving the plants enough light source.

Growing outdoors, these plants can yield as much as 1000g per plant when placed in a dry, Mediterannean location with good access to sunlight. Prune the hedges when the plants get out of control.


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