Super Hash Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Super Hash Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Super Hash Auto ganja strain, an Indica hybrid that is crossed of Ruderalis and Super Hash strain. This Indica hybrid is a superb relaxing strain that users would indulge. Its resinous trichomes are good to make extracts. It has a fast flowering period of 8 – 9 weeks is excellent for eager growers. It has a flavor of pungent hash with a mix of earthy and spicy tones. Its THC of 17%, a powerful strain gives that euphoric high that lasts long with full-body calming that will render you to the couch when consumed excessively.

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More About Super Hash Autoflower Strain

Type: Indica Dominant, Ruderalis, Sativa
Genetics Parents: Ruderalis x Super Hash
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: Sunny, Temperate, Continental Mediterranean
Yield: 550 grams/square meter indoors/ 500 grams/plant outdoors
Flavors: Spicy, Earthy
THC Level: 17%
CBD Level: 1.6%
Height: 70cm – 140cm
Harvest Period: End of July to Mid August
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects and Flavor of Super Hash Autoflower?

Super Hash auto marijuana strain carries the flavor and aroma of hash and spicy tones. It has a dense, resinous strain with thick buds with orange hairs that surrounds its crystal white trichomes. It grows well outdoors and indoors.

Super Hash auto cannabis strain has THC of 17% that gives both body and mind high. It is nostalgic 1970s of afghani hash. It has a strongly uplifting, cerebral high that gives a full-body relaxing sensation. As the high settles, it eventually spreads throughout the body with a soothing relaxing sensation. It gives you calming vibes that are pleasant, soothing, with spacey chills. If taken in the excess dose, It will steer you to a sedative sleep. It is perfect for that long day, evening, and late afternoon use for that calming spacey vibe.

What are the Medical Benefits of Super Hash Autoflower?

Sugar Hash cannabis strain helps treat physical and mental illnesses. It provides that psychoactive uplifting high and gradually spreads throughout the body that eventually calms and relaxes the body and mind with the sedative sensation. This strain has mood-enhancing effects that can treat bipolar, depression, stress, anxiety, and mood swings. It helps revoke the negative thoughts cycle and calms the mind. Its powerful relaxing properties can be used for pain management. Its natural analgesic properties can relieve chronic body pain, muscle spasms, back pain, inflammatory muscles, fatigue, and migraines. It can treat insomnia and sleeping disorders. Its soothing relaxing sensation calms the mind that gives a lethargic effect when taken in excess dose.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Super Hash Autoflower

It has two common negative effects of dry mouth and dry eyes. It is advised to drink plenty of water for hydration. It is recommended to use eye drops to moisturize the eyes to alleviate dryness. Some have experienced cases of dizziness, anxiety, paranoia, and headaches. This is due to overindulgence on the Super Hash ganja strain. It is ideal to start with a low dosage until you felt you have reached your THC threshold.

How to Grow Super Hash Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Super Hash autoflowering cannabis strains are a joy to cultivate both for seasoned and novice cultivators. When it matures, this strain grows tall in height with dense and chunky buds with orange pistils encircling its crystal frosty trichomes. It has a short flowering plant of 8-9 weeks excellent for eager growers. it is recommended to use the sea of grass technique to optimize its yield for indoor cultivation. When done properly with all the propagation requirements are met. It will yield 550 grams/square meter. This herb would need pruning and topping to optimize airflow and light penetration. It grows well in a dry and hot climate with plenty of light. It would produce 500 grams/ plant. Harvesting would be from the end-July to mid-August.

1 review for Super Hash Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Hallett

    I put it outside and everything is OK. i watered and exposed them to the sunlight. i did topping and pruning to improve the flow of air and the amount of light that gets in. Grow to a height of 120+ cm as they mature and reward me. i had a good number of buds during harvest. Any level of gardener can grow it well. nugz looks fantastic in a container! i finished up curing my Super Hash and burnt it with some friends. guarantees a relaxing time!! ooze good energy at all times, as this is an effective remedy for stress and anxiety. i’m a big fan of its spicy-flavored smoke. Go go go! grab yours too.

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