Sweet Tooth 450

Sweet Tooth Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Sweet Tooth Autoflower is a strain developed for beginners. It is resistant to pests and molds and can give you high yields as long as you consider all its growing needs. And because it’s an automatic strain, your plants will flower fast, and you won’t need a special lighting schedule to bloom.

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More About Sweet Tooth Autoflower

If you want a well-balanced strain that provides great yields and good smoke and is easy to grow even for beginners, then the Sweet Tooth Auto might just be for you. This strain has become a staple in the cannabis world for its good resistance to common pests and molds and provides a very promising outcome.

Originally developed by the Barney’s Farm group, the Sweet Tooth Auto was a famous strain for consumers that it made them think that breeding this strain with a ruderalis strain will only shorten the time of waiting people needs. Well, it resulted in a promising strain that was an ultimate upgrade from its Sweet Tooth parent, and the end result is really amazing! Auto-flowering strains have been gaining popularity, and it’s the reason why these strains were made in the first place. Very easy to grow and doesn’t require much time harvesting.

Overall, as the name suggests, you will be delighted with its intense taste and aromas.

1 review for Sweet Tooth Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. R. Jay

    Okay I like this site. Has a million strains to choose and I was kinda antsy for something new. So I picked this. After a quick and fast transaction and delivery, my friends and I took it home to grow in his garden. Few months later , with a good yield mind you, harvested it. My golly this strain is intense with a good scent. I’m down for another set of seeds.

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