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Tangerine Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Tangerine Autoflower cannabis strain is the perfect blend of flavors with amazing effects. It has low THC and high CBD making it a potent medicinal strain. It stretches higher and wider and thus needs regular trimming and pruning. When all its growing needs are provided, you can expect high yields from this productive strain.

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More About Tangerine Autoflower

A true Champion!

Originally made in Amsterdam, the Tangerine Auto-flowering strain took the Cannabis world by storm as it won the Cannabis Cup 2010. It made its way to the smoker’s heart by its uniquely interesting blends of flavors and effects. Although it has a low THC content, it makes up for it by having a high amount of CBD content. So, for people looking for auto-flowering strains that grow easily and have short flowering time, Tangerine Auto is a recommended choice for you!

This sweetly rich flavored strain is a Sativa dominant one, except that it stretches quite more than usual and needs time for trimming and pruning to achieve desirable outcomes. You don’t have to worry when growing this strain, as it has great resistance to most common cannabis plant disease and thrives well with high daylight exposure.

Expect this strain to be a household name for the years to come!

1 review for Tangerine Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. C. Reynold

    Bought and bagged, suprisingly fast, and the delivery too. Was looking for through anything that has quite the flavor. Seeing this, we laid it out and a few months later, harvested it. This is sooo good. Rich flavored, and the high’s aight. Would buy again in the near future.

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