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Yumbolt Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Yumbolt is a strain with an automatic characteristic. It offers a body-centric effect ideal for the relief of pain, tension, stress, anxiety, and many more. It flowers early at around 7 to 9 weeks. It will flower without the need for any special lighting schedule. Its automatic characteristics have made it a very potent recreational and medicinal strain.

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More About Yumbolt Autoflower

Knockout Queen!

A descendant from the Yumboldt lines, the Yumbolt auto flowers have a very powerful and potent high that even the experienced veterans are knocked out by it. It possesses some kinds of sorcery as to where the knockout properties come from. It has caused thousands of users to have a blissful end to their night as it packs a cerebral buzz that often surrounds the whole body with a sensation that is out of this world.

If you are looking for a whole-body relaxation while still treating some of your nagging injuries such as body spasms and tensions, the Yumbolt Auto-flower can do everything for you! This strain is recommended for outdoor plantation as it yields massive amounts whenever it has taken lots of daylight exposure in the process. Yumbolt Auto is best used during night time for its effects with a sweet and fruity twist towards the end!

1 review for Yumbolt Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. J. Nichols

    This plant is easy to manage indoors with a controlled setting. It has a relatively short lifespan which means there’s only a little time to recover from any injury done by nature. Although the lifespan is a bit of a downer what’s great is it bears a humongous cola of pinecone-shaped buds, there’s also a thick layer of resin. The taste was definitely a surprise, I expected an earthy, pine-like, and spicy taste as the scent portrayed but I got what seems to be a mouthful of berries. The high was as remarkable as the taste. It keeps you in a euphoric and light mood that lasts for hours, truly beneficial for those with anxiety. There’s also a physical buzz that intensifies over time. This mood uplifter is truly a strain one should have around especially in unprecedented times like this.

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