Lowryder Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Lowryder is a flexible strain that’s popular among breeders and growers. It is a very small plant but nonetheless potent. It can flower quickly and produce average yields. It is a powerful strain with amazing cerebral effects and therapeutic capabilities as it can deal with muscle pains, stress, tension and chronic pains to name a few.

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Lowryder Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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More About Lowryder Autoflower 

One of the most sought after strains because if its extreme flexibility is called the Lowryder Autoflower strain. The “low” in the name simply means that it grows short in height but remained to be potent and effective. It was derived from some Indica Superior strains like William’s Wonder and the Northern Lights No. 2 Strain, plus an unusual variety called the Mexican Ruderalis. Just so you know, the crossing was created for more than 25 years already.

When seeds are being planted, they automatically grow with few leaves and just flowers on their own. It’s growing is fast, only for about 45 days in a cold climate and up to 75 days from germination. It produces excellent resin and high potency. It yields better, and the wait is worth it.

Effects can be unique, and cerebral effects can be noticeable, especially in dealing with negative thoughts. It may be slow, yet very satisfying, especially when it relieves certain health conditions like stress and even muscle tension while continuously enjoying its earthy and pungent flavors and aroma.


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