10 of the Heaviest Indica Strains that Users are Dying to Know

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Indica is a short, rich plant originates from India, Pakistan and the surrounding regions, this contains sleep-inducing elements, potent pain relief, sleep and a killer high. Indica is sought after due to its high levels of THC. It has also produced some of the heaviest indica strains on the market today.  What Are Indica Strains? […]

May’s Strain of the Month: Bruce Banner

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Bruce Banner Cannabis: One Hulk of a High With the just released Avengers, Endgame and its box-office blowout of 1.2 billion dollars opening weekend, now is the perfect time to give Bruce Banner a shot. This potent plant will quickly transform from a small unassuming sprout into an unstoppable bud-producing green machine. Taking first place […]