CBD Oil and Glaucoma: Is it Effective?


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A change, an updated change, ruling out the real context will be achieved once you find out if CBD Oil can really ease Glaucoma. Over some time, it was said it is, proven medically, but there’s a change of situation. Thus, you can never always conclude on things, especially in the medical fields, where one conclusion cannot always be right as the elements are too dynamic. Now, let’s find out is CBD Oil and Glaucoma do really match in giving you the therapy you are looking for.

The Effective Relationship between CBD Oil and Glaucoma: Twist of Fate or Consistency? 

Long before you will know the effectiveness of CBD Oil in solving Glaucoma, let us first define the two major terms which will be discussed in today’s article. 

Back in the old age, the year 1940, this is the time when cannabidiol or CBD is known by the people. The CBD is one of the 113 cannabinoids you can find in cannabis. It takes up with an average of 40 percent when you want to find how much cannabinoids are there in cannabis. One beautiful thing you can create using the CBD seeds in cannabis is the CBD Oil. An alternative when you want to use cannabis but not in the sense of smoking it. 

Glaucoma is a problem in the eye that can harm your optic nerves. The pressure within the inside of your eye will weight up and gives you a hard time looking at things. “Intraocular pressure” is what we called when the pressure in your eye is intensified. Over some time, when you are not treating it, it deteriorates faster that one day you can just never escape on the worst effect of it. The worst thing you can get from having glaucoma is when you totally lose your ability to view things or what we called “lasting vision loss.” But, the best thing to thank for is when no family member of yours has glaucoma as this can’t be driven by just the natural environment but throughout in the genetic lineage. Henceforth, you need to trace your family to find out if any of them is diagnosed with glaucoma.

There are many causes in which it can lead to visual impairment or blindness and glaucoma as of it. After doing such research and experiment, one leads to an end that CBD Oil can help in lowering glaucoma. It was proven by the study in the year 1979, and the evidence can be found in the International Journal of Pharmacology and Biopharmacology, published. The researchers find out the fact after testing 16 patients that the Cannabidiol from the CBD Oil can be a medication for glaucoma. However, there’s a bit of bitter hint as it only hits the “open-angle glaucoma.”

The 16 patients toke some CBD Oil, and they notice that the levels of eye pressure are declining or the IOP (Intraocular Pressure) started to deteriorate. A subsequent impact also occurs that it targets the blood pressure by also lowering on it, but there’ this instance that expansion within the pulse had happened. If you are diagnosed with hypertension, the effectiveness of CBD can be seen with no trouble. After knowing that the CBD Oil can cure glaucoma, many are starting to use it, and when they don’t like CBD Oil, they used it as smoke. 

In the year 2006, Tomida and her company reported that there’s a lack of an explanation between the cure given by CBD Oil to glaucoma. It does not rebut the whole idea, but it points to the levels of dosage which you need to use to use it effectively. It can also mean that there will be no side effects that can cause you to feel unsafe while using it. If the measurement excess at 40 milligrams, then this is the time where glaucoma can’t be lowered than, rather it will be heightened. If the measurement being utilized falls under 10 to 20 milligrams, then this can curb glaucoma without triggering new ill effects. In spite of the given dosage, this is still not the best or valid clinical level to use. You should also bear the action of being careful in the first place. 

In addition, this still stays as an imperfect remedy as the need to use CBD Oil will require you the whole day to manage it. The utilization of CBD Oil won’t just heal by a single usage; rather, you need to use it for like 8 to 10 times in 24 hours and day-to-day. Yet again, no such firm statement can prove this a hundred percent correct, but many have made it possible so. 

In this new age, the year 2018, one drops the idea of CBD Oil as an effective remedy for glaucoma as this is a false statement. As seconded by the researches from Indiana, they found an increase in weight in the pressures of the eye, 18 percent every four hours when the CBD oil is being imparted. The researches tried to use another element of cannabis, which is the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, and they have found out that inside the 8 hours, there’s a chance of up to 30 percent that glaucoma can be lowered down. Moreover, it resulted in various cases depending on your sexuality. However, I will not expand on the THC part as this is a new topic, and we are focusing on CBD Oil and Glaucoma. 


A range of different medications can be used when you want to reduce glaucoma, and using CBD Oil is one of them. Do not be so sure about using CBD Oil as it can rear new types of effects that you may not like, or it will raise a bothering feeling on you. One researcher concludes that CBD Oil can ease glaucoma, but another researcher differently concludes that it can’t cure glaucoma. This sounds confusing, right? Well, as of today, no one can ever tell the real effectiveness relationship of CBD Oil and glaucoma as this topic undergoes change, under the dynamic ruling where no one can easily put an end of its real context. Therefore, if you do not want to dwell on this part, but you wanted to end your glaucoma, it’s best to ask your doctor for the best prescription.

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