December’s Cannabis Strain Northern Berry

December’s Cannabis Strain Northern Berry

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December: to some, a winter wonderland. To others, the endless snow and rain produces nothing but winter blues. Not to worry, if you find yourself in the second category, we have the strain for you.

Northern Berry is a cross between two famous strains: Northern Lights #5 and Blueberry, both of which are known for producing relaxing and pain reducing results. Northern Berry has inherited and enhanced those effects, along with Blueberry’s distinctive fruity flavour and Northern Lights’ dreamy euphoria. Here’s a list of why Northern Berry is the perfect strain for winter:

Wipe Out
Sore from hitting the slopes? Stuck inside nursing your injuries? When lightly consumed, Northern Berries will make you feel relaxed and pain-free, perfect for après-winter-activity coziness.

Cabin Fever
If you’re stuck in the house due to cold and starting to go stir crazy, smoke a little of this strain and suddenly a day of Netflix won’t seem like wasted time.

Munchie Time
Want to show your appreciation for a special someone’s cooking? Northern Berries will definitely get your appetite going, just make sure you hide the cookies for Santa before you start to smoke!

Where Has the Day Gone?
If you’ve been having trouble sleeping (since it’s basically night from 4:00pm on), when consumed more heavily this strain is an insomnia crushing machine.

Bro, it’s Cold Outside
No need to open the windows to let your house air out; these plants smell like blueberry and pine. Light a vanilla candle and you’ve got yourself a Christmas pie.

Easy to Grow!
Northern Berry is an autoflowering marijuana strain, can be grown both indoors and out (though if you’re growing it in December, best to grow indoors!) and has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks.

Looking for something similar without the sleepy effects? Check out SunWest Genetics’ Blue Dream strain! Sharing Blueberry as a parent with our featured strain, Blue Dream is the daytime version of Northern Berry. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Blue Dream balances the full-body relaxation and peaceful euphoria it inherits from Blueberry with a burst of energy from its sativa parent. Also capable of being grown indoors or out, this one takes a little longer to flower at 9-11 weeks.

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