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Being high is extremely great by itself. But sometimes by just sitting there feeling your psychoactive juices is not enough. You want more, something interesting or exciting. That is the time who start seeking for fun things to do while high. 

Thus, in this article, we will share fun activities that make being stoned even better than it already is.

40 Fun Things To Do While High with Weed

1. Dance

Gravity and being a couch-lock is not easy, but you will love your euphoria more if you stand up and dance from time to time. Choose your favorite music to get your foot beating, increase the sound, and have your body dance to the music.

 2. Yoga

This is a stretching exercise, so you will do your whole body well and feel better. There is no real promise like when you’re trying to finish a good book or find a way to the circus.

 3. Perform a Little Cardio

Exercising releases endorphins. This hormone makes you feel better.

 4. Come to The Circus

You probably enjoyed the circus when you’re a kid, and now it’s no special. However, carnival can be extremely psychedelic again if you smoke your joints.

Are there circuses around your area? Anything with many movements and bright colors will work (like Cirque du Soleil, Stomp). If you don’t have any options, The Greatest Showman would still be an incredible choice.

 5. Meditate

While sober, meditating might be a challenging and uninteresting activity. But this can be one of the fun things to do while high. Hit some ganja, relax, and have your thoughts wandering through your knowledge like watching a movie.

 6. Tai Chi

Bank on your increased awareness by understanding and doing some Tai Chi. You will be more in the know of your respiration, heart rate, and energy flow from head to foot and vice versa. That will make Tai Chi, and being intoxicated, more exciting.

7. Pen A Masterpiece

Although you don’t create a novel, just saving your thoughts on the paper can be a worthwhile experience when you’re intoxicated if you can do it when you’re sober, then cool! If you’re not, then there’s next time.

 8. Clean

Cleaning is undoubtedly unpleasant when you’re not drunk. But interject a tad of canna- excellence, and you have got a beautiful, Zen-like sensation that can’t be topped.

As the saying goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” Get your spirituality on and clean your room. You will be pleased that you did.

 9. Review or Read A Good Book

This may sound like a terrible idea, but studying or reading a good book is excellent after smoking your favorite sweet Mary. These things you will know will expand your awareness.

10. Hula Hoop

We don’t do or could never hula hoop when calm. But after smoking marijuana and buying more products at, we become professional. It is satisfying and enjoyable to find the tempo in your hips that makes the hula hoop keep spinning. Add your favorite beat, and the fun experience will be unequaled.

11. Surf the Web

Unlike when you’re sober, there are numerous things that you can see, hear, and discover on the web when you’re feeling stoned. You become a great explorer and maybe a hacker. You learn new learnings, laugh hard, cry a bucket, and relax within just a few clicks or taps. You will assure yourself that this is one of the fun things to do while high.

12. Have Sex

Which is better – having sex or feeling high? This is a tie game. But what about the idea of being high while doing sex? They make each other so much better.

To complete the best experience of a lifetime, try a cannabis lube to know how beautiful marijuana and sex can be.

13. Create Lists

When we’re stoned, we create great lists. So, how do you think this list was made?

14. Tour an Art Museum

This is simple: get high, visit an art museum, and have fun. The buzz increases the beauty and puts you in another dimension. Put your headphones on and enjoy some Jolly Ranchers candy, and three of your five senses will journey the light fanciful.

15. Visit a Playground and Enjoy Swinging

Do you still remember how wonderful it was to swing when you were a child? Now you can have that feeling once more. Light a weed, go to a nearby play area, ride on a swing, and push your limbs as robust as possible.

Never worry, you cannot turn a full circle despite how hard you attempt.

16. Go for a Walk

The scenery. The fresh air. The sounds. These all made best when you’re stoned. You will look at your neighborhood as a different place.

If you choose a cardio way as one of your fun things to do while high, then pick a routine that’s easy for you to perform. Biking in the traffic or going dancing with the Viennese Waltz must be done for another time. 

17. Hang out with your Buddies.

Hanging out with your friends often leads to deep conversations like (“I knew about this cool guy who designed a car that is fuel by water. It has a fiberglass, air-cooled motor and operates on the water!”).

18. Watch A Movie

We all love watching movies, and it will be more compelling and exciting to put in a DVD or Blu Ray disc when we’re high on our favorite weed.

19. Binge-Watch Your Favorite Show

Like sex, binge-watching your favorite tv series or show is phenomenal by itself. While stoned, it’s utterly perfect.

Browse through your Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, choose a show, any tv series, press play, and start enjoying right beside you are your popcorn and drinks. Your No-fail choices (check local programs for convenience): Breaking Bad, GOT, Black Mirror, Prison Break, Stranger Things.

20. Create New Food Combinations

This is one of the fun things to do while high because you will discover some truly unique combinations.

Some will be extremely mouthwatering (e.g., Nilla Wafers and peanut butter), while others are pretty weird (ice cream and ranch dressing).

21. Eat New Food

You will be hungry, so why not take this chance to try new kinds of foods? Who knows, you might love it, and it’ll become your new favorite.

22. Design Some Art

Do you want your creativity to flow freely? Design some while you’re stoned. All you need is paper and a pencil. If you have colored pencils, crayons, or paints, start creating and let your inner artistry shine.

23. Have A New Talent

Having new talent keeps your mind and body energized. 

  • Learning a new language
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Origami
  • Calligraphy or writing cursive
  • Touch-typing
  • Juggling
  • Shuffle dancing

There are countless fun things to do while high. Hence, find something that interests you and try.

24. Enjoy Cannabis Games

Do you want to have fun and maintain your high rolling? Enjoy weed games. There are numerous best cannabis games out there that you can choose to play, so don’t overthink.

Some of the list’s actions are listening to music and watching movies, which can be gamified so you can have the best of both worlds.

25. Play Video Games

You have not entirely enjoyed your gaming experience if you haven’t played Paperboy while high.

26. Take A Shower

After smoking cannabis, your nerve ending will be high, and your senses will be intense. Maximize this new cognizance to take a good hot shower. You can thank yourself later.

27. Get A Massage

You’re now fresh, all cleaned up, continue your bliss by having a great massage. But this only works if someone else is with you.

28. Type on a Classic Keyboard

Do you still remember those clicky keyboards from the 1990s? They are an exciting activity to do while high. Close your eyes, touch the keyboard, and feel its sound and record your thoughts as they keep flowing.

29. Listen to Music

Blasting your favorite music while stoned has been an essential of the marijuana experience since the early people banged two sticks to have fun playing Wipe Out.

Discovering new songs is always fun, so let your Mary Jan and crank up your Spotify playlist, find your new favorite new artist, and lounge in your nirvana with your audio bliss.

30. Get a Temporary Tattoo Art

A lot of people swear that they get tattooed during their nirvana moment. Sketching using washable pens (be sure it’s washable) can be a fun, enjoyable time with friends.

It’s an exciting and easy way of cuddling if you’re into that kind of thing.

31. Fly A Kite

Mary Poppins had a line in her song, “Let’s go fly a kite!”. It’s a straightforward activity that anyone can do (even if you are intoxicated). It might take you some minutes to recall you have to

It might take you a few minutes to remember you have to get upright with your back to the air, but once you stand, you will be happier than you believed possible.

32. Roll a Joint

Being intoxicated doesn’t mean you spend time. Why not roll a joint, spliffs, or blunts, so you are prepared for your next puffing session.

Even more, roll a stash of joints like an experienced cannabis connoisseur you are and amuse your group of friends.

33.  Learn Smoke Tricks

There are several things more satiating than breathing out smoke in a new shape.

Surfing the internet will provide you with a long list of cool smoke tricks that you can practice in your free time. Choosing one, like a smoke ring, is the most famous smoke trick at parties, so train, train, train, and roll out your new skill when you’re in the mood.

34. Facial Session

You have a lot of time to spend until your intoxication fades, so maximize your downtime to have some skincare sessions.

Whether you’re a male or female, you’ll feel good after doing pore-cleansing, and skin-tightening face masks. For extra entertainment (watching others do the routine is satisfying), and if you can manage the pain, go for a coal face mask.

35. Mani/Pedi

Maintaining self-care is very important, after your facial, visit a nail salon and pamper yourself with a mani/pedi session.

36. Get out Your Favorite Board Games

Going to the classics is always the best! Board games bring you back when things were more relaxed and enjoyed just rolling a die. But today, everything is digital and more convenient.

Re-experience your childhood with several games of Sorry, Aggravation, or Life. Or, if you’re very pushy when you’re high, collect your friends for a fun game of Clue.

37. Battle Dragons with A Fun Game Of D&D

When you’re stoned, your mind soars so high, and what better way to get artistic juices flowing is to play Dungeons & Dragons.

Choose a character class, look for a DM who’s calm (if possible), and begin hunting. Also, vibrant, multi-sided dice are attractive to see.

38. Wash Your Car

During your younger age, washing your family car is a form of punishment. But when you’re stoned, washing the car – parent’s car, friend’s car, or your neighbors is one of the fun things to do while high.

Just don’t be distracted by the image on the sparkly surfaces or spend your whole day washing.

39. Play with Legos

A lot of shapes. A lot of colors and a lot of possibilities.

Dump your Legos in the ground, let your thoughts go crazy, and create something unique and impressive.

But don’t forget to clean the pile once you’re finished playing. These things hurt very much when you step on them with bare feet.

40. Go to A Dance Party

We already include dancing in the list, but there’s something unique and incredibly perfect about engaging a groovy beat with beautiful vibrating lights at your local nightspot.

There are fun things to do while high and various reasons why EDM’s are very popular, and this takes you to a new height of experience. Cannabis paves the way. Fresh beats deliver the punch. A Happy trip, my man!

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