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An awful moment will hit you when you are going through long periods of time and work to develop your desired cannabis, and then it is covered in molds. Yet, distinguishing mold from your cannabis is more diligent work than you might suspect. It’s just a normal one. Consequently, it can be like just other trichomes which you can’t notice at first but it is then a mold. For the most part, you can easily spot the mold on cannabis by just carefully looking at it. However, there are various cases on molds that may incite a fake feeling that it is again a trichome. 

Identifying Molds

As you grow cannabis, you may similarly figure out how to distinguish mold from raw cannabis, but if you are a novice grower, then identifying it will not be as quick as possible. Mold on cannabis has a grayish-white color as the covering on it. A confusing feeling on trichomes or molds arises as this has quite the same appearance. The trichomes spark in crystal hue or are likely to be almost white and sticky in structure.

At some point, the mold is also like that. However, the aroma it bestows is so different that you may then find out which of them is the trichome or mold. You may easily notice the mold through smelling more than your eyes can. It hits you with the musty or mildew aroma that has the tone of hay. Sometimes, assistance coming from the lens or black light may hint you on which is the mold. It’s imperative to secure the safety measures surrounding you before consuming cannabis as it may guarantee you the worst effect which you won’t appreciate or can harm you. Let me give you an initial tip on how to identify the mold on your cannabis. 

Important Tips

It has a dark spot like spores, and its color is a grayish-white tone. It has similarly the brown fuzz or yellow undertone, which you may also mistake as one of the hairs. Furthermore, this has a webbing-like structure, and the smell is like urine. You can also associate the smell with the musty undertone or sweat-like fragrance. The roots don’t go well in just the natural or vivid hues, as this displays a discoloration in the roots. 

Mold on cannabis must not be welcomed if you ought to make cannabis as a spice on your food. While a few molds don’t cause you harm, the mold on cannabis is so far on still being a safe mold. Whenever it is left alone, the feasibility of problematic issues will directly hit you. It starts targeting your respiratory systems, and the latter part would be anywhere in your body. It likely won’t take your life away, yet it is not highly recommended to use it. 

The Two Types of Mold on Cannabis and How to Cure it

So here are the means by which to spot, forestall, and treat form. Of the entirety of the kinds of molds and diseases out there that can assault your cannabis plant, it is Botrytis (bud decay) and Powdery Mildew that are the most widely recognized. Therefore, let us spot the two types of common molds and treat them. The Botrytis or commonly known as “bud rot,” is the first one, and the second one is the Powdery Mildew. 

Identifying What Types of Mold on Your Cannabis

Botrytis or Bud Rot

Botrytis or Bud Rot is a mold that happens to reside in the cannabis buds, on the dense cores of it. The contamination begins from the stem within the bud, and afterward, it spreads outwards. Henceforth, once it spreads, it is exceptionally hard to distinguish. Before you can notice it, it may harm all the buds surrounding it. Long before, it can deliver its harmful effects in the other parts of your garden or the plant beside which you have grown. Bud rot appears to be wispy and white as its first onset appearance. Then it transforms into a black and grey undertone that has a slimy and soft format. 

Powdery Mildew

The physical look of powdery mildew is a fine white mold that has a slim layer that penetrates the leaves of your cannabis. This restrains photosynthesis that it gradually lowers down or close to absence the energy of photosynthesis to your cannabis. The leaves will shrink, and the colors transform into yellowish ones. When it fully transforms into brown undertones, then this is the indication that your cannabis is now dead. This is quite difficult to notice, but you need to observe the leaves as this is the part where it resides the most. Botrytis and powdery mildew create minimal black spores on the propelled stage that is conveyed via air movement. 

The Cure for Mold on Cannabis 

The ideal approach to obviate botrytis or bud rot is to know what those forms help in flourishing it well. Botrytis mostly thrives in a growing room with poor ventilation. It heightens to a moment when the humidity is too high. Mild temperatures are not also good, and also a frail immune system of your cannabis. Dense foliage and buds are not always good as this also has high capabilities of being the recipient for bud rot.  

To anticipate preventing bud rots from happening, you must initially select the best strain that suits the elements you’ve had in your garden. It’s best to use the Sativa-dominant plant as this can withstand the molds that may infiltrate. It has the mold resistance ability as this grows best in the warm places of Asia, which the bud rots are a product of high humidity. You can also apply the different types of training.


The best method can also be pruning your cannabis. You will clear the path of the air to flow within your cannabis’ other parts. It may increase the colas to better. A healthy plant, with a strong immune system, will fend off the development of mold.

Organic Nourishment

Applying some organic nourishment will help in heightening the beneficial microbes within the soil. Henceforth, it will fight against bud rot or botrytis. Watering the plant is necessary, but overwatering it is not good. The best time to water is in the morning as the humidity level’s impact will be lowered from the water you have applied. If you are growing this indoors, you can use dehumidifiers to maintain the needed humidity level. 

Use of Fungicides

In curing powdery mildew, you need to take away contaminated leaves and take the plant into a place with low humidity levels but still warm. Spraying it with the correct fungicides will only focus on the mildew. Utilizing the correct or personalized fungicides ought to keep the mildews under control. However, you must not forget that using fungicides may change some of the aroma, flavor, and quality of this cannabis. Therefore, you need to apply it not at high levels but on the correct one. Yet, there are some natural remedies for powdery mildew.

You can choose between water and cider vinegar, and the measurement must be 1 liter and two teaspoons, respectively. Mix it with a concentration of 60 percent for milk and the remaining 40 percent for water. After creating the mixture, you can now spray it in your cannabis. 


When mold on cannabis starts to shape, not utilizing it is the peak point which you need to follow. The idea of disposing of it would be better, but if you still want to save it or still have the time to save it, then you can save it. The typical practice is when you remove the contaminated plant to another area and continue to grow it there. Isolation can be done to not only gain the best of your cannabis but also on the other plants.

Mold on cannabis has two types, which are the botrytis or bud rot and powdery mildew. Both infuse you to feel unsafe and hit you with sickness when you consume it. Thus, the remedies or how to cure it must be followed.

In summary, you can apply training or pruning to botrytis. Additionally, a well-ventilated room is a must. In the case of powdery mildew, your assistance with the specialized mixture of vinegar or water plus milk will do the job. But if I were to ask, I would discard the plant if I have tons of others on it, but when the quantity is not best, well, I should proceed on how to cure it. Nevertheless, your choice is what matters the most, so you have the right hand on which to act out. 

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