10 of the Heaviest Indica Strains that Users are Dying to Know

10 of the Heaviest Indica Strains

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Indica is a short, rich plant originates from India, Pakistan and the surrounding regions, this contains sleep-inducing elements, potent pain relief, sleep and a killer high. Indica is sought after due to its high levels of THC. It has also produced some of the heaviest indica strains on the market today. 

What Are Indica Strains?

The Cannabis plant is divided into three different species, each of them provides unique benefits depending on the kind of strain. The three major kinds are – Indica, Sativa and the Hybrids.

Indicas have an entirely distinctive effect on the mind and body as compared to the Hybrids and Sativa. Oftentimes, Sativa is compared to a shot of espresso and Indica is like a sleeping pill. Having couch-locking effects and tranquilizing properties, this is a type of strain well-known among individuals who are suffering from a sleeping disorder, anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, chronic pain, anorexia and more.

Unlike the other two strains, Indicas are popular for being a short and shaggy plant with wide leaves. They grow faster and have a higher harvest than Sativas. Indica strains are the preferred cannabis plant of growers who are forced to grow plants indoors because they don’t grow very high (below 6 feet) and only takes 9 weeks to blossom. On the other hand, Sativa can grow taller, about as high as 20 feet, and takes a lot longer to mature.

Moreover, Indica strains are a popular choice for people who seek to use cannabis for its healing properties as they contain higher amounts of CBD, instead of THC, which offers its patients a sedate high.

It is suggested that you take capsules or CBD oil instead of the Indica or Sativa strains if you don’t want to get high. This medication contains no THC elements that give the feel of becoming high. 

10 Heaviest Indica Strains

Cannabis fans are in for a real surprise! Indica strains are high resin manufacturers, which means that you can see a lot of crystal-covered sprouts from these varieties. Dreamy, tranquilizing and relaxing, these psychoactive buds can relieve stress while offering ecstatic highs. Patients may like the potent and downer-like effects these intoxicating herbs provide. Below are the top 10 heaviest indica strains. Expect the best sleep time and euphoria with these strong buds. 

1. God’s Gift

No matter your spiritual views, God’s Gift is a flower from a higher power. This narcotic indica contains about 22% of THC. Even though this variety has been here since the 1990s, this remains as one of the heaviest strains. The cheerful, fast-acting and happy effects of this indica strain are the first things that you can see from the user. Many like the high-spirited and ecstatic mental side of this indica.

Still, don’t let the optimistic nature of this strain fool you as God’s Gift can possess some serious drowsiness. Many find that this indica leaves them stuck on the bed. Prepare something to nibble and get ready for a robust, yet high-spirited indica experience with God’s Gift. 

2. Strawberry Banana

This a very strong indica-dominant mix. This dopy herb creates more ecstatic feeling than the other indicas on this list and it is attributed to the split indica and sativa line. Strawberry Banana is a mix of Bubble Gum and Banana Kush and is a topnotch stain packed with THC.

Strawberry Banana has about 22% to 26% of THC. This is different from the other strains because it’s not completely calming. This potent flower can stimulate deep relief and joyous psychological high. Strawberry Banana is an evening strain. However, some can take this strain during the day. 

3. G-13

G-13 is considered as one of the most epic strains on the market. According to the stories, G-13 is a runaway from a reproduction experiment supported by the U.S authorities. While no one can confirm whether this story is true or not, G-13 is indeed a 5-star indica strain mixture. Since it comprises of THC of 20 to 24%, it’s recognized as one of the heaviest strains available. This is a recommended strain for experienced users as G-13 offers a strong, rolling ecstatic high that can twist moods. With a small amount of G-13, consumers can experience heavy eyelids and deep body relaxation.

4. Sunset Sherbet

An indica-dominant mix, Sunset Sherbet, is the heir to Girl Scout Cookies power. This strain contains about 20% of THC, making it an earthy and aromatic indica. While Sunset Sherbet has less potency, the whole experience is just amazing.

Because Sunset Sherbet is from a hybrid, this variety is more encouraging than the others on this list. The effects kick off in the head, giving a happy and cheerful high to the consumer. But, this indica soon mellows out into a rich indica experience.

Sunset Sherbet is earning recognition as the go-to cross indica. Consumers suffering from chronic pain and mood conditions will love this strain.

5. Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a dominant favorite with its content of 27% of THC. This bud is 100% indica strain, making it one of the heaviest strains in the world. Purple Kush is a cross of Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush and can provide a quality indica experience.

Because of its effectiveness and unique body relaxation effect, this strain is one of the most useful medical cannabis around. But this herb is best used at night. With a small taste, Purple Kush can leave a consumer with drooping eyelids and feeling stuck to the bed. 

6. Critical Kush

A mixture of OG Kush and Critical Mass, Critical Kush boasts 20 to 25% levels of THC. Patients with chronic stress and nervousness can take advantage of the calming effects of this variety. Critical Kush grows faster and produces taller crops which means quick revenue for the grower.

The offspring of Critical Kush has huge, resin-dense flowers that emit a stimulating lemon-pine fragrance. This is a medical strain that offers effective night relief and so, patients with chronic pain love Critical Kush. 

7. Ice Wreck

This initial strain is a cross with seriously lethargic effects. Ice Wreck is a hybrid of Ice and Trainwreck that offers a crazy experience. With a 27.7% amount of THC, Ice Wreck provides a cerebral spur of a sativa with dominant relief of a strain.

Ice Wreck is helpful for patients dealing with pain and sleeplessness. Lethargic and calm, this indica is well-known to boost a stimulated body buzz and bad situation of the nibbles. 

8. Kosher Kush

This is a Californian indica with unknown heritage. This flower possesses a strong herbal scent of lemon-pine. With 20-25% THC levels, consumers are sure to enjoy the drowsy effect of Kosher Kush.

Kosher Kush is best used in the evening and it also has a talkative and chuckles side. Consumers who love killing time watching a movie and some good herb after a long day may fall in love with this crystal-coated bud. 

9. Death Star

Death Star is an indica-dominant mix of the Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. It is considered as one of the heaviest indica tranquilizing hybrid strains with 20-26% amounts of THC. This is a highly ecstatic strain that is popular for promoting an upbeat sense of comfort and some happiness.

However, Death Star is about 80% indica and that means, consumers can experience a feeling of drowsiness, relaxation and maybe a little laziness after some tastes.

10. Mk Ultra

MK ULTRA is a potent indica mix that stimulates euphoric and dreamy state. The name comes from the mind-control program run by the CIA. One of the heaviest indica strains, it features THC levels of 18 and 23%.

The THC, though, is not the best indicator of potency. Instead, there’s something about MK Ultra that stimulates a super heavy body deadness and a dreamy, joyful bliss. This is a hybrid between OG Kush and G-13, a must recommend for serious indica aficionados.


The above are the 10 heaviest indica strains you can avail on the market. If you appreciate the bed-lock effect that only the top-quality Cannabis indica can provide, you won’t be disappointed. Whether you love indica for relief or leisure, these are the influential strains you need to pick out.

Amongst the 10 strains, we have deliberated you can find a variety of advantages from therapeutic to completely beneficial as you find yourself free into a dreamy frenzy state unparalleled by its relative, the Sativa!

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