How Long Does Sativa Stay in your System

How Long Does Sativa Stay in your System

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How long does sativa stay in your system? A question that most sativa users have in mind and even those who have not tried but are curious about how it could affect the body system. Sativa is one of the two major strains of Cannabis species, the other one is called Indica. These two give different effects to the users. Cannabis indica strains’ effects make users relax and can relieve any kind of body pains due to its active agent called CBD or cannabidiol. 

On the other hand, cannabis sativa strains are widely consumed due to the high feeling or euphoric effects that its active agent called THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol brings to users.

The metabolites of THC can stay much longer in the body than the length of its effects. There are some instances that prove cannabis sativa use can be discovered for weeks, and even years, determined on the examinations being utilized. Let’s explore more how long sativa can stay in your body and be diagnosed by drug tests.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is an active agent found in cannabis sativa which can be used for both recreational and medical purposes. The psychoactive element of THC is the reason for the ‘high’ feeling or euphoria effects that a user experience when consuming cannabis sativa. THC is perceptible for only a comparatively short period of time, but how long does sativa stay in your system and how THC really affects your system? 

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How long does sativa stay in your system and its effects?

Blood Test: Your body will quickly metabolize the THC compound and stay only discoverable for a few hours up to one or two days in your blood after using it once. For those users who use cannabis sativa strains more than once per day, the THC compound can stay for up to one week in your bloodstream.

Hair Test: The metabolites of THC remain in your hair much longer than any other body systems. Most of the hair examines the search for proof of cannabis usage over the last ninety days, however, there are some examinations of the hair follicles that show cannabis usage moving back for years.

Saliva and Urine Test: THC can be detected in your saliva after one hour of using cannabis sativa strains and stay detectable for more than one day. All THC byproducts stay in your urine for about five to eight days when used only once, eleven to eighteen days when used for two to four days each week, thirty-three to forty-eight day when used for five to six days each week, and around fifty to sixty-five days when used every day.

THC can be detected in your body system so long after usage, this is due to how the body takes and process cannabinoids such as THC. When you use cannabis sativa strains, the THC which is its active compound, are soaked up into your bloodstream which causes THC level in your bloodstream to rise for the time being. The blood then carries the THC compound to your brain and other body organs, this is where THC link with cannabinoid receptors to produce its effects which includes a temporary euphoria on your body.

The neuron in your brain is stimulated by THC releasing dopamine and bringing out the high feeling connected in cannabis sativa strains. When cannabis sativa strains are vaped or smoked, these effects that last for a short period of time shows in seconds and turn fully noticeable in a few minutes. This still depends on your metabolism and potency of the cannabis consumed, these effects usually last for one to three hours.

THC can only be discoverable in your bloodstream for a short time, then after a few hours, it will quickly break down and modify into eighty distinctive metabolic byproducts. While the levels of THC in cannabis sativa strains drop particularly after a few days, the usage of cannabis sativa strains consumption can be discoverable in your body system for some period of time afterward.

The THC compound of cannabis sativa strains are called metabolites, these are lipid-soluble that accumulate in reserving fat all over your body then released them slowly over time. In the end, the metabolites are removed from your body through urine and feces. Consequently, the length of sativa stays in your system is determined by how much calories you intake, and how much cannabis you can consume.

Methods to Detoxify your Body

Those who become addicted to cannabis develop dependence, meaning a person’s body relies on cannabis to work normally. When a person who is dependent on cannabis suddenly stop consuming it, the person usually develops symptoms of withdrawal.

The cannabis symptoms of withdrawal usually start within a day or two after the last usage, the intensity peak throughout the first week, and could last one to two weeks. Here are some of the cannabis withdrawal symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Sweating
  • Sleeping Disorder
  • Appetite Loss
  • Fever
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Abdominal Aches
  • Chills
  • Irritability

There are still no latest FDA-approved medications that particularly treat cannabis withdrawal, but participating in a program for addiction treatment with a supervised period of medical detox that can aid the process with ease. Healthcare experts will give supportive medications and care to ease the symptoms of withdrawal like headaches and nausea. The recent scientific research suggests that incorporating medications with behavioral therapy may be efficient in treating cannabis use disorder, specifically in those individuals who struggle with mental health issues.

There are some methods that may aid in flushing all the THC out of your body systems, not all but some parts in your system. Examples of these are reducing the intake of calories, drinking more than eight glasses per day, and exercising every day can help decrease the THC metabolites concentration in your urine.

If you want to make sure that you will 100% pass any drug examination, then there is one method that is 100% effective, and this is to abstain yourself from any cannabis consumption whether it is for medical or recreational use to ensure that THC is not in your body system.

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