How Tall Does Indica Grow: Facts that Indica Growers Need to Know

Facts that Indica Growers Need to Know

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The world of cannabis plant life is alluring, profound, and mysterious. Furthermore, we all have the incredible ability to grow these Indica strains to medicinal plants. The lifestyle enhancement that goes hand in hand with growing our own plants is magical, so the number one question is, how tall does indica grow?

Let’s take it back to the basics to get the proper foundation for our cannabis green thumb!

What Do Indica Plants Need to Grow Tall?

What marijuana plants need to grow is a small list of environmental factors, such as water, sunlight, space, and nutritious soil. These elements will nourish and promote the natural process of growth encoded within the anatomy of virtually all cannabis plants. The richer the environment in these elements, the more empowered the plants will be to grow abundantly and with good health.

The details shape-shift depending on what plant you are dealing with, but the basics remain the same throughout the whole cannabis plant kingdom. You need the appropriate amount of water, sunlight, nutritious soil, space, and temperature. To understand the details that go into the process of plant growth, and evolve your own experience with having a green thumb, you have to look deeper into the beginnings, and why the plant utilizes these resources the ways it does.


Essentially, photosynthesis is the use of energy from sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbohydrates. The main carbohydrate used by plants is glucose, which is a form of sugar. Glucose is going to energize the remaining cells of the plant to function optimally, and it is going to lend itself to the development of flowers, fruits, and seeds. A plant cannot sustain its life, nor reproduce the next generation of plants without the glucose that again comes from the water mixed with the carbon dioxide and sunlight.

For the cannabis plants to get water into their system, they rely on the absorbing powers of their roots. The roots extend deep into the soil to harness as much water as they possibly can, along with as many nutrients as they can. The roots are a huge component to plants, and when you are considering “how tall does indica grow?” you should be especially attentive to catering to their roots. Healthy roots mean a strong plant.

The water that the plant absorbs through its roots also plays a huge role in transporting nutrients throughout the entirety of the plant. The water in a plant works sort of like blood in us humans, or in animals, where it is a sort of delivery service. Our nervous system is like telecommunication, while our circulatory system is like UPS or the Postal Service. We digress, but the point is that water plays a more significant role than just feeding the photosynthesis process. Making sure that a plant is sufficiently watered can make or break its overall health.

Not All Plants Soak Up the Sun Equally

Understanding photosynthesis might cause you to just throw your plants out into the sunlight and expect them to start growing. The harsh reality is that some plants will burn and take on harmful radiation poisoning, which causes severe oxidation and ruins the biochemistry of the plant. In other words, it can kill them.

How tall does indica grow? They need the proper and appropriate amount of sunlight every day. Some species are capable of soaking in all the light you can provide, and they hope you can provide a lot; while other species are intermediate sun soakers, needing a good amount of direct sunlight, but not six hours of direct bathing. And then other species only need small amounts of light shed on them to survive. It’s a miraculous thing to see life try to take shape in all different ways to survive almost every and any condition.

Before you try to upgrade your green thumb and plant away, try to read into some of the necessities, like light exposure, for your specific plants. Life doesn’t come in one size, and plants sure don’t either.

Nutrient-Rich Soils

One of the most critical components to proper and healthy Indica plant growth is having nutrient-rich soils. This is often overlooked because we are taught about photosynthesis and think the most important parts of plant growth revolve around just water and sunlight. But the soil is a huge proponent.

Soils differ around the world, so the vegetation around the world changes a bit. Each plant relies on certain levels of certain nutrients, based on where it is native in the world, for its proper and fullest growth. Some important nutrients include potassium, calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen.


When plants are located in potassium-rich, dense soils, the plants are going to have an overall elevation of vigor and immunity. The disease can strike any plant in a beginner’s garden, out of nowhere. So if you are just starting, and asking yourself, “what do plants need to grow?” then getting soil that is rich in potassium is a smart move. It increases the resistance of the plant to disease and can help move and form sugars, starches, and oil throughout the plant. It can help yield higher-quality fruit too.


Calcium-rich soil is essential for healthy plants. Calcium helps build roots, root hairs, and the leaves of a plant. Remember, a plant needs to undergo photosynthesis to survive, so without healthy roots or healthy leaves, the water and sunshine won’t make it to the chlorophyll, which is responsible for converting those two into fuel for the plant. Calcium helps the plant undergo its most necessary survival techniques.


Magnesium also plays a massive role in a plant’s ability to perform its photosynthesis process. Again, photosynthesis is the process used to convert sunlight and water into fuel for the plant to grow its stems, leaves, fruit, and flowers. Chlorophyll gives plants their green color. And magnesium is found as the central atom of each chloroplast — the part of the cell that makes chlorophyll. So if your plant becomes discolored, it is likely because it has become deficient in magnesium.


Nitrogen is an essential nutrient because it is found in every single cell of the plant. It is within the proteins, the hormones, and in the chlorophyll. When a nutrient is found so abundantly throughout plants, that is a testament to its importance.

Nutritious Conclusion

What do plants need to grow? They need nutrients. Nutrients empower the cells of plants to follow the instructions within their DNA. Without the nutrients, the power of the plants falls short of thriving, which is the essence of growth.

Supply your plants with the most appropriate nutrients through fertile soils. You can find healthy fertilizer in the store, or you can mix up some organic matter like banana peels (full of potassium) and dose your plants up accordingly.

Seed Germination

When contemplating growth, nothing beats having the proper foundation laid down. It’s never too late to start, but if you can start out strong, you’ll be in for a long and prosperous ride. And the same philosophy applies directly to the contemplation of “what do plants need to grow?”

In the beginning, there is a seed, and if the parent plant was healthy enough, that seed is packed with enough food to get it out of the ground and stretching its leaves to start up with its photosynthesis skills, where it will then begin to feed itself. Objectively, like a green thumb grower, you want to help get that seed through its germination and have it sprout in strides. Because what cannabis plants need to grow is a great foundation they can depend upon. This will allow the cannabis plant to establish its roots and enrich its leaves.

For a seed to germinate, it waits until three factors are present: adequate water, nutritious soil, and temperature. When the seed feels as though it has entered into an environment of sufficient resources, it will begin its process of germination.

Provide your seed with warmth, reasonable moisture, and excellent soil to grow out of, and that will be the first step to giving your plant what it needs to grow.

The Conclusion

One overall good piece of advice is to prepare the conditions for your plant a bit before you seek to guide it into life. Make sure you understand the basics of the plant; what measure of sunlight is it going to need? Does it need a lot of water or is it like a cannabis plant that can go a month without any? And what kind of soil is being used? Can it provide the nutrients that your plant specifically will look for?

We have gone over all the basics and thoroughly answered our question: “how tall does indica grow?” So hopefully now you are feeling a lot more confident and are ready to get out there with your new pot or fresh plot of dirt and start growing! The world can use any bit of extra green life that it can get, and now you should be able to give it the greenest!

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