Indica or Sativa for IBS: The Right Strain for Faster IBS Relief

The Right Strain for Faster IBS Relief

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Cannabis is seen as a cure-all, natural treatment for a variety of medical conditions. It can stop the pain, ease stress and anxiety and can block the symptoms of neurologic aging. You can find patients looking for relief in medical marijuana. This is why more and more countries and states are starting to change their opinion on medical cannabis use. But do you use indica or sativa for IBS?

One of the most common uses of cannabis is IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. Find out why marijuana is used for this condition and what particular cannabis strains are best for quick IBS relief in this informative post. 

IBS explained

Irritable bowel syndrome is not just one illness or disease is a collection of symptoms that bring about very uncomfortable conditions which can be felt in the abdominal area. This condition results in the inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Mostly, IBS symptoms intensify over many years. IBS is hard to diagnose because its symptoms may be similar to the symptoms of other digestive tract conditions. And when a diagnosis is concerned, there is no specific lab test which can conclude that you have IBS. Usually, the diagnosis of IBS includes ruling out of different conditions including parasitic infections, bacterial growth in the gastrointestinal tract and lactose intolerance which have symptoms similar to IBS.

Symptoms of IBSS

IBS symptoms are characterized by pain located in the abdominal region. The pain may be on and off and may be described as “strange” pains and stomach cramps. A patient may also experience nausea, diarrhea, and constipation, bloating, food intolerances, weight loss or weight gain, irregular bowel movements and many more. Also, regular gut conditions may lead to other disturbing conditions like anxiety, depression, migraines, sleeping problems, and fatigue.

Causes of IBS

The main cause of IBS is still unknown but experts believe that IBS is a “gut-brain axis” condition. Although very distant from each other, the brain and the gut are much more connected than we may think. Consider that stress or anxiety can trigger gastrointestinal symptoms in some people. 

In IBS patients, stress response leads to changes in the function of the sympathetic nervous system and the HPA axis. This is a term that describes the connection and feedbacks between the parts of the brain namely the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and adrenal glands.

These areas of the brain control a number of processes, including reactions to stress, digestion, immune system functions, sexuality, and more. Still, other possible causes of IBS may be gastroenteritis infections, vitamin D deficiency, and the presence of some bacteria and fungi in the gut. Consider that the risk of developing IBS may increase after infection for 10%.

Why use cannabis for the treatment of IBS

Due to the discovery of how the endocannabinoid system works, specialists have considered the human biochemistry from a different angle. The ECS is important in the balance of all other systems of our body and this includes the gastrointestinal tract. This is why activating the endocannabinoid system can help with the reduction of IBS issues.

Endocannabinoid receptors are in every part of the body: the brain, spinal cord and also in the digestive system. The reason for this is that the body produces endocannabinoid or internal cannabinoid-like compounds which bind to the cellular endocannabinoid receptors.

If the body does not produce the ideal amounts of endocannabinoids, the body enters a state of imbalance. To augment this condition compounds coming from cannabis may bind to these receptors just like natural endocannabinoids would. 

Early studies on the endocannabinoid system

One of the most famous researchers who support the use of cannabis is Dr. Ethan B. Russo. He was the first to discover a connection between the deficiency of endocannabinoid compounds and the symptoms of IBS. Doctor Russo states that people with IBS create insufficient amounts of endocannabinoids which leads to a domino-fall-like effect on the other processes in the body, one of these is the gastrointestinal system. 

This is the reason why cannabis is seen as a treatment for IBS. The natural cannabinoids from the plant may be used to replace the natural endocannabinoids that the body lacks. When the endocannabinoid is triggered, the cells the GI tract change improve their function and this results in a better, healthier and more balanced digestive tract. 

Very recently, a number of studies have been made in the potential use of cannabis in the treatment of IBS. First is the study of IBS as an inflammatory condition and the positive use of CBD because of its anti-inflammatory effects. 

Another study focused on how cannabis can deal with pain. Cannabis has natural analgesic and anxiolytic properties. Both these impressive qualities are needed to treat mild to excruciating pain associated with IBS. 

Another study made in 2004 focused on cannabinoids as a treatment for the management of bowel diseases symptoms which includes conditions like IBS. Because cannabis has natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, this can also reduce pain levels. The study has revealed that there are possible benefits of cannabis in stimulating endocannabinoid receptors.

Still, another in-depth study in 2012 showed more potential results. In a three-month period, 13 patients with chronic IBS symptoms were given cannabis as a treatment. After the treatment of three months expired, all patients had an improvement in their quality of life, with positive effects on overall health, social functioning, pain, and depression.

There was another study that had positive results and it focused the effects of CBD to IBS. Experts found this study very promising especially to people who are suffering from chronic IBS symptoms. They can get relief from IBS symptoms without experiencing the psychotropic effects of THC.

Further cannabis research is expected regarding this topic. It will take more studies and clinical trials to completely understand how cannabis helps with the relief of IBS symptoms.

The best strain for IBS

There are several studies regarding the effects of cannabis and IBS and these studies used different kinds of strains including THC and high-CBD strains and sativa and indica strains. They have found that THC and CBD and Indica and sativa strains have the power to relieve symptoms.

Using cannabis strains with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD is the best way to deal with IBS symptoms and other conditions. These strains will treat symptoms and at the same time will reduce any unwanted psychoactive effects.

Consider that the effects of cannabis are subjective therefore you will need to establish two things. First, you need to experiment with different strains to find the best one that will reduce your symptoms. Check out online tools and sites that can help you find the best medical strains that are currently sold in your country or state.

When it comes to an in-depth dosage guide consult a cannabis-friendly doctor about the right strain and dosage. 

Indica or sativa for IBS?

There are two most prominent cannabis strains in the market: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Although these strains are from the Cannabis plants, these are different in appearance, effects, and growth.

When the two strains are differentiated, sativas are known for their stimulating effects and most strains come with higher THC compared to indicas. Sativas grow tall and long with large leaves while the effects are mostly recreational. Sativas also come with therapeutic effects but nonetheless it’s recreational effects remain more prominent. 

Indica strains are mostly calming strains and this is because these strains have low THC and high CBD. Indica plants are small, dense and round strains and have smaller leaves and tight buds. Indicas are more preferred for their therapeutic properties 

Hybrid strains are a combination of indica and sativas. These strains have combined sativa and indica effects, appearance, smell, aroma and flavor. You may use these strains for the relief of a variety of medical conditions because of the combined effects of the indica and sativa components.

Medical=indica, recreational = sativa

A cannabis strain with higher therapeutic effects and very little to absent psychoactive effects are classified as medicinal. These are mostly indica strains with more CBD or cannabidiol, a compound that gives cannabis its medicinal capabilities. 

CBD strains can help with a number of physical and mental conditions including anxiety and depression. It can also help you fall asleep so you can put an end to sleeplessness and insomnia. CBD can also be effective in many types of pain including chronic pain, headaches, migraines and back pain. 

On the other hand, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid compound present in higher amounts in recreational strains. THC comes with psychoactive effects which cause the recreational high. THC also comes with therapeutic effects. This compound can help with pain, nausea, vomiting, stress, poor appetite and mental or physical fatigue. THC has more prominent psychoactive content making it a good recreational compound. 

When you point out the usage of sativa and indica strains, patients, young people, elderly, and patients with mental and physical conditions are advised to use medicinal strains rather than recreational strains. Patients will be able to get relief for their condition minus any psychoactive high. Meanwhile, seasoned smokers prefer recreational strains even for the relief of medical conditions. 

The following are the best strains for the relief of IBS symptoms


One strain that can effectively relieve pain is ACDC. This is a prominent strain with high CBD content that’s the favorite of patients suffering from chronic pain and pain due to IBS. This is a sativa-dominant strain and a phenotype of Cannatonic. This means that it is a medicinal strain with very little to absent psychoactive effects. 

ACDC has a THC: CBD ratio of 1:20 with THC at around19%. You can use ACDC to reduce conditions like stress and depression with its natural mood-enhancing effects. This strain is an effective strain for all kinds of pain including headaches, muscle pains, migraines, digestive pain, back pain and more. 

IBS is seen as an inflammatory disease and ACDC can be helpful for the relief of inflammation. You can also count on ACDC for the relief of physical and mental fatigue. And similar to other medicinal strains, ACDC is not free from side effects such as the dry mouth and dry eyes, headaches, anxiety, slight paranoia, and restlessness. These side effects may be reduced by consuming this strain in moderate amounts. 

Critical Mass

Critical Mass is popular for its natural analgesic effects. It can stop pain especially headaches, muscle pains and pain related to IBS symptoms. It can relieve inflammation and this may also help stop the pain in the long run. You can also stop inflammatory pain in arthritis, migraines and chronic pain with Critical Mass.

Critical Mass is a combination of an Afghani and a Skunk #1, two very potent strains with impressive therapeutic effects. This strain with grow big, dense and juicy buds; so heavy that growers use supports to hold the buds’ weight. And because of the size and weight of Critical Mass buds, these may be affected by mold and mildew. This may be avoided by cultivating this strain indoors in low humidity and to water only when the soil is dry and high.

Critical Mass will give you a relaxed feeling which will make you happy and euphoric. This strain also can cause hunger. It can also give you total relaxation so you may need to surrender to deep and relaxing sleep.  


Harlequin is a very potent sativa-dominant strain for its high CBD levels. This was made by combining the potent genes of a Columbian Gold, Nepali indica, Thai and Swiss landrace strains.

Harlequin is used for the relief of pain including IBS pain. It has a higher CBD ratio CBD: THC 5:2. You can also use this for stress and depression and also for physical and mental fatigue. Harlequin causes relaxation but despite this, you will maintain focused, uplifted and energetic. And beware of some side effects like severe dry mouth and dry eyes, dizziness, headaches, and anxiety.  


Because of Harle-Tsu’s high CBD levels, it may be used as a relief for a number of medical conditions including pain due to IBS. This strain was made by combining a Sour Tsunami with a Harlequin resulting in 20x more CBD than its THC content. 

If you’re growing this strain, you’ll be glad to know that Harle-Tsu seeds have a 75% chance to display high CBD features. Harle-Tsu has a relaxing feeling as if you’re floating on air. There is an uplifting experience when you take this strain for therapeutic purposes. You’ll get a sense of creativity and focused energy that users are craving for. 

You can consume Harle-Tsu for pain and inflammation. It has strong anti-inflammatory effects can help reduce pain in arthritis, migraines, muscle strain, and muscle pains as well as IBS pain. It is also a strain to relieve stress, depression, mental and physical fatigue.  

Harle-Tsu also comes with side effects including dry mouth and dry eyes. These are due to this strain’s THC levels. This will also lead to headaches, dizziness, and slight paranoia especially in people new to this strain. 

Valentine X

Valentine X is popular for seizures and pain. Named after St. Valentine, the patron saint of people with epilepsy, it has 50% indica and 50% sativa content making it the perfect medicinal strain. This strain comes with a THC and CBD ratio of 25:1, therefore, you can expect this strain to be a good treatment for seizures, inflammation, pain, and cancer.

Valentine X is the foremost natural treatment for stress. You don’t need to take synthetic medications to take care of your anxiety. You can use this for different kinds of pain including headaches, gastric pain, muscle pain, and chronic pain.

If you need help for mental and physical fatigue, this can stop fatigue and give you renewed energy. Side effects are dry eyes, dry mouth, sleepiness, and headaches but all these shall pass and soon you’ll be sleepy, happy and pain-free.

Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is another therapeutic strain named after Lawrence Ringo who was a cannabis activist and a CBD supporter. This strain is a CBD-dominant strain made by combining a Harle-Tsu and ACDC. 

Ringo’s Gift offers cerebral stimulation and relaxation. You will love its sweet, earthy and flowery flavors which will make you come back for more. 

Ringo’s Gift comes with a CBD of 15.8% and 0.6% THC. This high CBD is one of the reasons it is a part of the menu of popular coffee shops in the Netherlands as well as in Barcelona dispensaries. With Ringo’s Gift, you’ll get a combination cerebral activity and full-bodied relaxation but still perfect without the usual couchlock effects.

This hybrid is known to treat inflammation including IBS symptoms. You can end pain like stomach cramps, headaches, migraines, arthritis, chronic pain, and muscle pains and strains. You can use Ringo’s Gift to stop stress and depression because it is uplifting and relaxing. If you have had problems with sleeping, this strain can also help you out. It can stop insomnia and sleeplessness and get that good night’s sleep with Ringo’s Gift.  

Stephen Hawking Kush

Stephen Hawking Kush is considered one of the best strains for pain including IBS pain. It was named after popular physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking. This was made by combining a Harle—Tsu and a Sin City Kush, very potent strains have created a hybrid with a number of phenotypes. 

Stephen Hawking Kush is a very potent strain with high CBD. You won’t forget its delicious cherry, berry and fruity aroma. It has a minty note adding to its fantastic relaxing effects. This can also cause a sleepy, euphoric and focused effect which are effects that you will surely find refreshing. 

And when it comes to the medicinal effects of Stephen Hawking Kush, you’ll be happy with its potent pain reliever. This helps relieve insomnia due to its overpowering relaxing effects. It is your strain for mental and physical fatigue.  


Cannatonic is a hybrid strain which can do wonders for patients with IBS. This strain was made by combining a female MK Ultra and a male G13 Haze strain. This is a therapeutic strain with low THC that’s slightly above 6% and high CBD at 17%. 

The high CBD content lets you use this for medical conditions including different kinds of pain including IBS-related pain, muscle spasms, migraines, and headaches. This strain can also be used for anxiety and stress and will also deal with depression, insomnia, and sleeplessness. 

Cannatonic must be used with caution. It has high CBD content but also has side effects such as dry mouth, dry eyes, and headaches. You may also suffer from slight anxiety and paranoia especially if you are new to taking Cannatonic.   

Sweet and Sour Widow

Sweet and Sour Widow is an indica-dominant strain with a 1:1 CBD: THC ratio. It comes with a balanced cannabinoid content with a light onion-like smell. The psychoactive effects of this strain are quite mild. Therefore it’s perfect for novice users. Patients with mental and physical fatigue can find relief from this strain. 

Sweet and Sour Widow was made by combining a White Widow and a mystery sativa strain which has enhanced CBD effects. This comes with a relaxing effect making you uplifted and happy throughout the day. If you suffer from physical or mental fatigue then this strain will make you focused, energetic and ready for anything.

And aside from fatigue, it’s a strain for depression and stress. It can stop pain such as digestive tract pain, headaches, muscle pains, muscle strain, and even chronic pains. You can also use this to boost appetite common in people who are undergoing chemotherapy. And if sleeplessness and insomnia is your problem, Sweet and Sour Widow can help you sleep right away.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream may be sativa-dominant but it comes with potent pain-relieving properties. It has originated from California which has gained popularity among all the West Coast strains due to its very potent recreational and therapeutic effects. 

Blue Dream comes with full-body relaxation and sweet and gentle cerebral energy. If you are new to cannabis or you’re a professional smoker, you will surely like the balanced effects of Blue Dream. 

This strain boasts of a calm euphoric effect. And due to the growing popularity of this strain, growers and breeders have created a number of phenotypes with some more indica in effect and appearance meanwhile sativa genes are not so prevalent. 

A fine quality of Blue Dream is that it has a sweet, berry aroma from its parent Blueberry. The aroma and smell also contribute to its therapeutic nature as well. It can help you cope with stress and depression using its natural mood-elevating effects. You can count on Blue Dream for its effects on pain as it can deal with headaches, digestive pain, muscle pains, and chronic pain. For fatigue and difficulty in functioning, this strain can give you renewed energy you so you can deal with different tasks and projects all day.

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC is a good strain to combat pain. It is a combination of an OG Kush and a Durban Poison and this combination has made a strain with a very strong reputation. And from its hometown California, it’s popularity has spread all over the world. 

GSC is a hybrid strain comes with a memorable scent and aroma. It has a sweet, earthy aroma coupled with its overpowering euphoria. This is not for therefore it’s not for people who are new to smoking cannabis. It offers full-body relaxation ideal for pain, nausea, inflammation and poor appetite. 

This strain comes with several phenotypes, each with a fantastic effect and impressive appearance. Just a few of this strain’s phenotypes include Thin Mint and Platinum GSC. This strain has fantastic green calyxes in purple leaves. 

Gorilla Glue Strain

Gorilla Glue or Original Glue (GG4) is a very strong hybrid that gives users impressive euphoria and complete relaxation. This strain will give you satisfying effects. GG4 comes with noticeable features like its large, dense buds covered with delicious, thick resin. These are pungent, sour and very potent.

Gorilla Glue is the product of a Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb. And due to its powerful genetics, it has won several High Times Cannabis Cup awards. GG4 is one of the top strains in the Michigan and Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cups in 2014. It is also the winner in the Cannabis High Times World Cup in Jamaica in 2015.  

Gorilla Glue has a 27 to 30% THC making it effective for the relief of pain such as IBS strain, chronic pain, muscle pain and strain, headaches, arthritis and so many more. You may also use this for the relief of nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. 

Sunset Sherbet 

Sunset Sherbet is another cannabis strain with good analgesic effects. It is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is very potent as a recreational and medicinal strain. It has a moderate THC amount of 19%. 

Sunset Sherbet has a delicious honey aroma and fruity taste which develops into a pleasant earthy aftertaste that will cling to your mouth.

The most noticeable feature is its lovely nugs shaped like a Christmas tree. It has bright green and orange leaves and stems plus enormous flowers, therefore, this strain needs a spacious environment to grow. 

Sunset Sherbet was made by mixing the genes of a Girl Scout Cookies and a Pink Panties. This can cause euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. You can use this to stimulate creativity which is expected of an indica dominant strain. 

And its many therapeutic effects will delight you. Sunset Sherbet is a strain for anxiety, depression, and ADHD. It has very powerful effects that will enhance your mood. You can use this to deal with sleep problems such as insomnia and sleeplessness. If you have worries about physical and mental fatigue, Sunset Sherbet can help you deal with these conditions without the need to take synthetic medications.


Pennywise is a popular indica strain with a high CBD content making this effective for the relief of IBS. This was created by crossing a Jack the Ripper and a Harlequin. These are very strong strains and is used for its therapeutic and recreational effects. 

Pennywise has four phenotypes. Each of these different phenotypes has a different size and shape of the buds. The lovely buds smell is a combination of coffee, pepper, bubblegum and lemon aromas and tastes. 

This strain comes with high CBD and has been classified as a potent relaxing strain. It has a THC and CDB ratio of 1:1 which means the psychoactive effects are mild. Jack Ripper’s effects have rubbed off on this strain giving users focus, relaxation, happiness, and euphoric effects. In the end, you will get total relaxation and sleepiness. 

Taking Pennywise as a therapeutic strain means relief from all kinds of medical conditions including stress and depression. It has potent mood-elevating effects that will relieve negative mental conditions. 

It is effective for IBS pain as well as pain like headaches, muscle pains, muscle strain, arthritis, and chronic pains. If you are a patient who is undergoing chemotherapy then this strain can help you a lot. 

Pennywise can deal with lack of appetite, nausea, and vomiting, It is your natural relief with minimal side effects including severe dry eyes, dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, and anxiety. Do not overdose, use only a moderate amount of this strain to prevent becoming too dizzy or too sedated.   

Wedding Cake

A sweet strain to try is the Wedding Cake. This is a recreational and medicinal strain made by combining a GSC and a Cherie Pie. Wedding Cake is a wonderful sweet treat with pepper and sweet earthy aroma and taste. Recreational users love its dank flavor and extreme THC that measures around 25% or even higher. 

Wedding Cake offers a relaxed, euphoric and happy effect which are preludes to its very potent effect. You will also feel creative and uplifted which is an ideal daytime strain when you need to relax and concentrate on your work. 

And a word of advice for people who want to use Wedding Cake, don’t overlook its therapeutic effects. This strain is perfect for IBS symptoms. It can stop pain including gastrointestinal pains, headaches, muscle pains, back pains, and chronic pain. This strain is safe and non-addicting so you can use this time and again. 

You can also rely on this strain to cope with symptoms of stress and depression. It has very powerful natural mood-elevating effects. There’s no need to use medications for stress or depression which usually have dangerous side effects. 

Finally, you can use Wedding Cake to stop insomnia and sleeplessness. It comes with relaxing effects which will surely lull you to sleep. 


Gelato is a therapeutic hybrid strain created by a Sunset Sherbet and a Thin Mint GSC. And based on its lineage, you can immediately tell that this has very potent effects. The high THC content makes it one of the best strains for the relief of pain, inflammation and other medical conditions. 

Gelato grows large, dense, dark buds with fiery orange pistils. A warm crystal coat covers the buds which is the best source of delicious resin. You will experience intense euphoria as you consume this strain which is why it’s better for professional users. 

Gelato is relaxing and has uplifting and creative characteristics. There is a fantastic creative effect ideal for riding the high. And despite its heavy THC levels, you can count on Gelato to stop stress and depression. This is also for pain as it can deal with IBS pain, headaches, muscle pains and strains, chronic pain and many more. 

And due to its relaxing effects, this may be used to put an end to insomnia and sleeplessness. Gelato should be used in moderation and is not for beginner users. 


Because of Trainwreck’s potent sativa effects, it is very efficient in dealing with pain. You can already tell that this strain can give you potent effects because of its name. Trainwreck was made by combining the powerful genes of two landraces namely Mexican sativa and a Thai sativa.

You will be surprised by the delicious scent and aroma of Trainwreck. It smells like lemon, sweet, spicy and pine while the taste will remain in your cheeks and tongue. The effects start fast and consumers describe this as a surge of euphoria, creativity, and awakening. You can count on this strain for pain especially gastro-intestinal strain as well as PTSD, ADHD, anxiety and more. 

Take note that Trainwreck is very potent and thus require moderation when used. Someone new to cannabis may find this very potent therefore may experience different side effects. It can lead to a couchlock effect for some of it can cause extreme stimulation leading to paranoia, headaches, and migraines. 

White Widow

White Widow is locally and internationally popular strain with balanced content and effects. This hybrid strain was first seen in Holland until it has become the favorite among breeders. White Widow has inherited its strong effects from its parent’s Brazilian landrace strain and a South Indian indica. You can find White Widow in most coffee shops in the Netherlands because of its very powerful recreational and medicinal effects and its fantastic aroma and taste. 

White Widow brings euphoria and an impossible burst of energy. You can use this to enhance self-confidence and creativity. These are the reasons why it is a strain preferred for parties and social events.

This hybrid can fight stress and depression without the need to rely on drugs that will only do more harm than good. This strain will let you deal with all kinds of pain including digestive system pain common in IBS. It is also the strain for insomnia and sleeplessness. 

Keep in mind that just like all other strains in our list, you should consume Gelato moderately. Its potent effects can be too hard to deal with especially when you are new to taking cannabis. And side effects like dry mouth and dry eyes, restlessness, dizziness and slight paranoia. 

OG Kush Strain

OG Kush is a medicinal strain that has potent analgesic effects. It originated from a Northern California strain and a Hindu Kush strain. It comes with an impressive terpene profile and a complex smell and taste that’s similar to spice, fuel, and skunk.

OG Kush is very popular from the West Coast and is used to make numerous strains. Some of OG Kush’s babies are GSC and Headband strain while some of the phenotypes of OG Kush include Ghost OG, SFV OG, and Tahoe OG. 

OG Kush has a relaxed and euphoric effect. You will become uplifted, happy and hungry. And for a recreational strain, it has a relaxing high but people use this for its therapeutic effects. 

You can use OG Kush to deal with stress and depression. It has natural mood-elevating effects to deal with all your worries, anxiety and stress. You may also use this for pain because of its potent analgesic effects. It is for pain and can block IBS pain, headaches, muscle pains, arthritis, and chronic pains.

You may also use this hybrid strain to deal with insomnia and treat physical and mental fatigue. All these wonderful effects make this a wonderful daytime strain.


AK-47 is an intense strain but has a relaxed and mellow effect. This hybrid will give you a longer-lasting cerebral high which will keep you alert all day. You will find this perfect for social activities and events that ask you to perform and socialize with new people. 

AK-47 is the product of powerful landraces including a Columbian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani strains. These are the reasons why this is popular among users and growers. You will surely love AK-47’s fantastic earthy, sweet, floral and sour flavors. 

AK47 is popular also for its medicinal qualities. It is effective for pain with special mention of IBS pain. It can also be used for headaches, muscle pains, back pains, migraines, and chronic pains. You can also count on AK47 for the relief of stress and depression.  

This hybrid is also well-known in the beauty pageant of cannabis strains. It is the winners of several Cannabis Cup in prominent marijuana loving countries. It comes with high THC content can make you feel happy, euphoric, relaxed, uplifted and creative. But beware of side effects. 

AK47’s high THC can lead to headaches, dry mouth, dry eyes, restlessness, and slight paranoia. If you’re new to taking cannabis, try another strain. If this is your first time to use this strain, use this in moderation to control side effects.  

Some important precautions when taking cannabis for IBS

Here are some important things to remember when consuming medical cannabis. Always consult a cannabis-friendly doctor about your IBS or suspected IBS condition. Never use medical sativa or indica strains to be able to relieve symptoms of IBS. 

Your doctor will likely give you tests to rule out other conditions which may be similar to IBS so be ready for this. Also, your doctor will take your medical history including treatments and medications that you have taken so far. 

If you are thinking of using cannabis for IBS, tell this to your doctor. If he does not recommend cannabis, he may recommend you to a cannabis friendly-doctor. Always follow your doctor’s prescription to the T. 

Your doctor may prescribe indica or sativa strains depending on his assessment of your condition. Keep in mind that this is what your doctor thinks that will benefit your IBS symptoms. If taking the strain in the prescribed dose leads to side effects, consult your doctor. Reduce your dose until you find a tolerable dose that you can use daily.

For any allergies, discontinue the strain and immediately report this to your doctor. Remember, never change your dose or discontinue your medication without consulting your doctor. This can cause terrible effects which may only make your present condition worse. 

Choose the best mode of consumption of cannabis for IBS. You might want to smoke medical cannabis or use a mild edible instead. Remember, this is completely up to you. Consider that taking oral cannabis can worsen your IBS symptoms especially pain, bloating and gastric irritation. And if you can’t tolerate smoking, you may settle with using oils or tinctures instead. 

As much as possible, consume recreational weed only in your home, in a friend’s home or a safe and familiar environment. Never consume cannabis in a party or any social event especially a new strain. If side effects happen, you might not be able to control the effects of the new strain. You might end up dealing with overwhelming anxiety and stress. 

Couch-effects are common for sativa strains and high THC strains so use these cautiously. In case you feel a couch-locked effect, relax. Worrying can only make the symptoms worse. Experts who use cannabis and have experienced side effects recommend that you ride the effects. You may engage in creative tasks, exercise, clean your home, do gardening, ride a bike, communicate with people and other worthwhile activities. This is your chance to get things done!

Meanwhile, recreational cannabis varies in effects as well as side effects so be sure to make recommendations and talk to people who have consumed the strain before. Consider preparing snacks and drinks because some recreational cannabis strains cause the munchies. 

Just like other psychoactive drugs, consider taking cannabis only when there’s little or no work to be done the next day so you can sleep before you return to work. 

Additional ways to deal with IBS

When you are diagnosed with IBS, you need to control your symptoms and avoid attacks as much as possible. Increase physical activity to enhance gastrointestinal contractions. Increased activity can also help deal with constipation. 

Don’t forget to eat or consume your meals at regular intervals. When you eat the same time every day, you will be able to regulate your bowel movements better. A food journal is another good thing to start. This will help identify any trigger foods and to better avoid them.  

Increase fiber intake and drink more water. You cannot afford to suffer from constipation because this can worsen IBS symptoms. 

And aside from using cannabis, you may try other pain-relief techniques like warm compresses, exercise, massage therapy, and aromatherapy. Taking synthetic drugs should be your last resort.  

Remember the following when buying cannabis strains 

Always purchase only from reputable dispensaries online or offline. If you have questions regarding the strain you are buying or to get recommendations, consult a budtender. If you are thinking of growing your marijuana at home, consider buying high-quality seeds for your garden. 

Consuming cannabis is one thing, growing is another. If you can grow in your home, do so inside to protect your crops and to improve your plant’s chances of survival. Remember, you are growing medical cannabis seeds so you need to be meticulously clean and sterile. 

Growing requires the best seeds and at the same time the best soil, right temperature and humidity levels inside your growing area. You must also think about nutrition, supplements, lighting, and watering your plants. 

Consider the characteristic traits of your plants including the right growing environment for your plants to grow. It would be best to read growing guides and bibles and take tips from experts who have grown these strains.        

Important things to consider before consuming, growing and carrying cannabis:

Always take note of the special rules regarding cannabis use, possession and growing in your area. Use recreational strains inside your home or in designated areas in your community or state. Some states allow smoking cannabis in hotels, restaurants and community centers so you better check the rules.

Even if recreational cannabis is legal in your area you should still be aware of the rules. There are rules regarding possession, use and growing in most areas with legal cannabis. If you’re not aware of this, check out local websites for information about cannabis laws. 

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