Indica or Sativa for Muscle Spasms: What is the Suitable Cannabis Strain for Muscle Spasms

What is the Suitable Cannabis Strain for Muscle Spasms

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Marijuana used dates back to the prehistoric times when our ancestors cultivated the plant for medicine, fiber for clothing and construction materials.

Physicians in ancient times used medicines with marijuana. They made medicines for pain, gastric problems, and other ailments. The marijuana that they used during these early years were uncontrolled and crude to what we use today.

According to experts, most people use marijuana for the self-treatment of pain. In this article, we will be discussing how cannabis can control pain especially muscle pain and muscle spasms. 

What causes pain?

Cannabis is commonly used to relieve several medical conditions especially chronic pain. Researchers have proven that the cannabinoid compounds THC and CBD can relieve pain. Several studies have also revealed that cannabis is safer than traditional medications made for the relief of pain. 

What about muscle pain?

The potent cannabinoid compounds in cannabis can relieve pain, especially muscular pain. Countless cannabinoid receptors in the body are found in the brain, spinal cord, gastrointestinal system, and the muscles. These receptors are the sites where cannabinoid compounds THC and CBD attach. When this happens, pain in the muscles, as well as spasms and muscle strains, are blocked.  

Take note that pain is stopped only temporarily. Cannabis won’t treat pain or make the pain go away. The underlying cause of the pain should be addressed so that you’ll get better, permanent pain relief. 

Chronic pain

Any kind of pain which is felt for a long time is considered chronic pain. Chronic pain varies in severity; it could be mild and nagging or it may be terrible burning pain that may keep you awake at night.

Anyone suffering from chronic pain may describe his ordeal differently compared to other people with the same predicament. Since pain is subjective, different people may describe chronic pain differently as well. It may be classified as throbbing, aching, stinging, hammering, burning, dull and so many more.  

People who have chronic pain are patients who had a previous injury or who have a known medical condition. People diagnosed with cancer, HIV or AIDS or infection may also suffer from chronic pain. Patients after surgery may experience post-operative chronic pain.    

Some people experience chronic pain with arthritis, head injuries, back injuries, migraines and so many more. And due to chronic pain being nagging and terrible it’s natural to seek relief for it.

Chronic pain could also be mild in nature. Mild pain may be treated with simple medication usually opiate-based. This type of medication may provide good relief but may likely contain addictive side effects. These reasons have led physicians to recommend cannabis for pain relief. 

Cannabis is a Natural Analgesic 

The main reason why marijuana is effective as natural pain medication is that the body has natural receptors for cannabis. The endocannabinoid system regulates pain in the body. Endocannabinoid receptors are in the brain and spinal cord. These are the locations where natural cannabinoid compounds in marijuana bind and block pain. 

The exact use of the endocannabinoid system is not yet completely understood but this is one evidence that the human body was made to respond to marijuana. Because of the ECS, it may also be safer to use cannabis. Cannabinoids are recognized by the body and hence these better to use especially for conditions like chronic pain.      

Why Marijuana is For Pain

Cannabis is a natural analgesic 

The body responds well to cannabis. It is a natural analgesic that won’t lead to terrible side effects. Some researches confirm the positive effects of cannabis for pain. In 28 randomized tests for the good effects of cannabis, respondents have experienced significant improvements in pain. 

Researchers have reported that cannabis may be useful for chronic pain, spasticity, and neuropathic pain. All of these are enough to prove that cannabis is a potent analgesic that can relieve most types of pain such as muscle pain and chronic pain.  

Use THC and CBD for pain

Natural cannabinoids contained in marijuana provides relief for a variety of medical conditions. CBD is the therapeutic component in cannabis which can control pain but has no psychoactive effects. People who want pain relief but can’t tolerate the psychoactive effects of THC are welcome to use CBD-rich strains.

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis but offers relief for a variety of pain such as headaches, muscle pains, and migraines. These compounds are perfect for pain and the best thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about terrible psychoactive effects because there are CBD cannabis strains that can help you out.             

Negative side effects

Traditional medications made for pain have several side effects. These medications don’t even treat pain. These just mask the pain for only a short time. Take the most common medicine for pain, aspirin. This is one of the earliest forms of pain medications classified as NSAID or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 

Aspirin can reduce pain but may cause terrible side effects. This medication can lead to severe bleeding when used for a long time. Also, prolonged aspirin use can cause gastrointestinal problems, stomach ulcers, and intestinal bleeding. This can also lead to kidney damage when the use is unregulated. 

Aspirin is for patients who are at risk for stroke or those that may suffer from a heart attack because it can dissolve blood clots and thin blood. However, it can also cause bleeding and can increase the possibility of a stroke with bleeding in the brain. 

Acetaminophen is another analgesic available as an over-the-counter drug. Acetaminophen is present in preparations for colds and sinusitis. Acetaminophen will not cause bleeding and stomach ulcers like aspirin can but taking too much can lead to liver damage. 

Another analgesic effective in the relief of pain is ibuprofen. But just like NSAIDs, it can cause stomach upset and kidney damage. Ibuprofen is fast-acting but you should only take it for a short time. Ibuprofen works fast and is mostly preferred by people with muscle pains. It can also leave the body quicker and reduce your chances of suffering from any side effects.

You may also find prescription painkillers for chronic pain. These are classified as opioids. These block pain signals from the muscles from the central nervous system and replace these with pleasurable feelings.

Prescription painkillers are used in people who have had surgery, severe injury and chronic pain due to cancer. Just some of the most common opioids are codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, and fentanyl. These are very powerful analgesics and have been included in illegal drugs which can cause deaths. These may also cause dependence.    

Cannabis cause dependence

Marijuana is a natural medication and these may be easily absorbed by the endocannabinoid receptors, therefore there will be minimal side effects. The side effects which you may encounter when you use cannabis are from cannabis consumption. These vary according to the type of strain you are using. 

Consider using Harlequin to relieve pain. This is a high CBD that has rich natural analgesic effects. But this strain may also lead to side effects like dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, headaches, and dizziness. These side effects may be reduced by lowering your dose. 

These negative effects are not at life-threatening and can be easily relieved and prevented. Using this strain won’t cause dependence so there’s no need to worry. You can use cannabis for chronic pain and stop anytime if you want.

You’ll enjoy the high

By using high CBD strains you will be able to defeat pain without dealing with psychoactive effects. But if you enjoy cannabis for its cerebral and euphoric high then you will enjoy taking high CBD or high THC contents.

THC is for enjoying a relaxing day, free from all worries. There’s nothing to stop you from focusing on your work when you use THC rich cannabis strains. 

Better therapeutic effects                                         

Marijuana strains are ideal for pain and are also effective for medical conditions such as inflammation, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, stress, anxiety and depression. You don’t need to take other medications. You will less likely suffer from other side effects and untoward drug interactions from happening when you use cannabis.

As an example, the potent pain-reliever Cannatonic may also be used to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and inflammation. You can also use Harlequin to relieve other conditions, not just pain. You’ll save money and effort when you use cannabis strains meant for pain.  

Some types of pain that cannabis can relieve

Muscle pain and strain

Whether its recreational marijuana or medicinal cannabis, this comes with natural pain-relieving properties. You can use this to relieve very strong muscle pains and strains. Marijuana can ease muscle pain and strain brought about by sports injuries as well. 

However, some strains are better at relieving muscle pain. So if you want to use cannabis for muscle pain, consult your doctor. Don’t overlook safety when using marijuana for muscle pain.


Marijuana can stop headaches especially chronic headaches. This can completely affect your concentration as well as your performance at work and in school. The type of strain you use can stop headaches fast or in a gradual manner. There’s no need to worry about side effects and you can use cannabis as you need to so you can relieve headaches. Be sure to consult your doctor for the right strain and the best dose for your condition. 


Migraines can be triggered by many things. From foods like wine, alcohol, chocolates, caffeinated drinks and MSG, your symptoms can appear quickly. Often very severe that you won’t be able to do anything until the pain is relieved. 

Stress also causes migraines. One way to deal with stress and prevent migraines is to use medical cannabis. Some marijuana strains can relieve migraine pains and prevent migraines as well. 

Also, cannabis has a relaxing effect which may also contribute to the prevention of migraines and in reducing stress and anxiety.


There are cannabis strains with natural anti-inflammatory effects. Which means cannabis may relieve inflammation which often causes swelling, pain and increased heat along the affected area. 

Arthritis is the term for the inflammation of the joints such as the knees, wrist, and toes. In arthritis, there is pain, swelling, and redness. Cannabis can ease pain and swelling because of its anti-inflammatory effects. If you have arthritis, use oral cannabis products or topical cannabis products such as creams and sprays. These will give you instant relief from arthritis pain.

Post-operative pain

Surgery can also lead to chronic pain which may be too complicated to relieve. Depending on the kind of surgical procedure, the pain can last for months and may not be resolved by regular analgesics. Cannabis can manage chronic post-operative pain so that you can live a pain-free life. Also, cannabis comes with nutrients that can improve overall health and enhance tissue health for complete post-operative recovery and wound healing. 

Marijuana as the best pain reliever

Although wellness and healing are their main focus, there is a huge difference between Western medicine and traditional medicine. In Western medicine, it is about finding a specific cure to deal with a particular condition. 

They single out a particular compound, a molecule which can solve a certain disease. But when you use natural remedies such as marijuana, it’s completely different. There is something called an entourage effect. The entourage effect is when compounds in a plant such as a cannabis plant, work together to give a huge benefit rather than each compound working alone. This is what happens with cannabinoid compounds in marijuana. 

Two of the most important cannabinoids in cannabis are THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or cannabidiol. Despite being different from each other, these compounds work together for the treatment of several conditions, including pain and muscle pains.  When these compounds are used together you can ease pain faster and more effectively than just dealing with pain individually. 

If you are found in a state where cannabis is permitted or legally used, then there may be some products advertised as “isolates” or “whole-plant extracts.” But experts of Western medicine will classify these products as only products that contain THC or CBD. 

But these two compounds are often misunderstood. These compounds are abundant in cannabis and are well-researched. Also, studies have shown that CBD and THC have natural analgesic properties. 

CBD and THC area abundant in marijuana, but there are not the only chemicals that patients can use to deal with pain and other conditions. Consider that every marijuana plant, several compounds work together for the therapeutic effect of cannabis. These are phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and other components which also come with therapeutic qualities. 

Experts reveal that these compounds may affect a person’s neurochemistry and thus may need to work together to provide enhanced pain relief. Every component in cannabis works in harmony for the holistic pain relief of pain. 

How THC and CBD work

Two compounds THC and CBD work together and balance each other out. Studies have shown that CBD counteracts the sedating and psychoactive effects of a high THC strain. CBD may help manage anxiety, increased heartbeat, and paranoia related to THC use. 

Research also revealed that CBD can enhance the half-life of THC and can enhance the natural analgesic effects of a cannabis strain. Consider that a strain with higher THC may be tolerated by patients who have muscle pain, neuropathic pain, multiple sclerosis, intractable cancer pain, and rheumatoid arthritis. When CBD and THC work together, there is improved efficiency in the treatment of different conditions related to pain.                                                                                                                                      

Because of this, what is the ideal ratio of CBD and THC in a strain for the treatment of pain? Take note that every strain may have different levels of THC, CBD, and terpene. In store-brought cannabis products, you can check the amount of THC and CBD from the packaging. 

Also, seasoned consumers say that it is a matter of trying things out or a trial and error process. Everyone has a pain threshold, therefore, it’s possible that a strain will provide instant pain relief for one user but may not be as effective for other people. 

What makes THC perfect for pain?

THC is one of the most potent cannabinoid compounds in weed and one of its characteristics is that it is useful for the treatment of pain. Research proves that it can relieve central pain and neuropathic pain. THC-rich strains may be used in pain due to cancer, fibromyalgia, and AIDS. Doctors mostly use THC after regular treatments were found ineffective for the patient’s pain.

THC is a CB1 receptor agonist; this cannabinoid will connect receptors but will not completely do so. This results in the variable effects when THC works with other CB1 agonists or antagonists. 

THC can work with the serotonergic, glutamatergic and dopaminergic systems and these may result in better relief of pain naturally. This is why THC has been seen as an anti-inflammatory compound that will work best for pain. 

CBD is best for pain

Studies have found out that CBD has pain-relieving properties, especially when used on its own. But aside from this, it is also effective with THC. When CBD is used solely, it is effective as an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory natural treatment. 

Still another study focused on CBD was with animals. This particular study found out that this therapeutic compound may cause a reduction of neuropathic pain and the relief of chronic inflammation. 

When CBD is compared to THC, CBD does not bind to the receptors along with the endocannabinoid system but directly modulates the effects of endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoid receptors are found in the body together with CB1 receptor antagonists.

How this therapeutic compound relieves pain is done by reducing inflammation. It stops inflammatory mediators and manages pain along with the spinal level. Due to these effects, you can count on CBD to work against neuropathic and inflammatory pain. 

Evidence of CBD and THC pain relief

Studies about the benefits of THC and CBD in pain relief and the entourage effect are available. You can read about this online. Along with these studies are surveys and reports that state the effectiveness of these cannabinoid compounds. 

A survey of people suffering from non-cancer related, chronic pain in Canada revealed that 35% of respondents used marijuana for the relief of pain. Another study proved that out of 3,000 respondents who used medical cannabis 97% stated that they were able to reduce opioid use through the use of medical cannabis. Some patients also said that they found similar relief when they used their prescribed pain medications

Which is better, THC or CBD strains?

If you need to use medical cannabis for pain relief, consider how much CBD and THC content in a strain. You also need to find the best relief for pain and inflammation in a strain with high amounts of CBD and THC or higher CBD and lower THC ratio. 

You must use this kind of strain because CBD can reduce side effects of THC and give you good anti-inflammatory pain relief.

Meanwhile, there are also times when a high THC strain is better and not a strain with high CBD content. If you are suffering from inflammation and you need pain relief so you can work on your daily activities minus psychoactive effects, then a CBD –potent strain is better. This type of strain can give you pain and inflammation relief without making you too high. 

There are also times when you need relief from severe pain. You need a strain which will take your mind off the pain but still have good relief from pain. This is the effect you can expect from a strain with high THC levels.   

Cannabis strains for pain relief

And aside from the amount of THC and CBD that a strain has is the type of marijuana you want to consume. There are three types of cannabis strains: indica, sativa or hybrid strain (a combination of an indica and sativa strain). 

This may not be supported by research, medical marijuana users reveal that they have experienced efficient pain –relief effects with indica strains. In one study, respondents say that indicas and not sativa strains are perfect for pain relief of different kinds of pain including muscle pains. Indicas were also thought to be effective for the treatment of sleep problems and sedation. 

There are also reports regarding weed strains that are effective against pain. Some of these are for pain which has high CBD levels or indicas with high CBD. 

And aside from their CBD and THC content, components in weed-like terpenes and flavonoids are also responsible for pain relief. Among the best strains for pain include ACDC which is as a hybrid with high CBD, Purple Kush which is an indica-dominant hybrid with high THC content and Harlequin which is a mostly sativa strain with balanced CBD and THC levels. 

Good medical cannabis is CBD oil. This is a natural oil effective for muscle pains, muscle strain, back pain, nerve pain, and arthritis pain. Other preparations for pain are cannabis sativa creams, tinctures, capsules, and edibles. Your doctor can help you find the ideal cannabis sativa or indica strain.  Check kratom capsules price here.


ACDC is a very popular cannabis strain for pain with high amounts of CBD that makes it effective for pain and other medical conditions. ACDC is a hybrid; created by the combination of two potent parents. Because of its lineage, it comes with impressive relaxing effects so you can focus on things that you need to get done. ACDC will make you feel euphoric and very naturally happy. You can overcome pain minus the dangerous effects of synthetic medication. 

Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is a very potent indica strain that can help you conquer pain such as headaches, muscle pains and strains and chronic pain. This is a heavy THC strain that will give you a mind-warping euphoria. You can block out pain without any dangerous side effect. 

Blackberry Kush has a sweet, ripe and delicious berry flavor that will help you relax and can initiate sleep. This effect will set in as early as you take the first inhale and exhale. 

You can count on Blackberry Kush to deal with pain including muscle pains, headaches, back pains, and chronic pain. But don’t forget that there are also side effects of high THC levels like dry mouth, dry eyes and anxiety so take this moderately.


Sativa strains can relieve chronic, terrible pain as well as stressful muscle pain. One of the most popular sativa is Harlequin. This strain can relieve even the worse pain and it can do this because of its powerful CBD content. It can remove pain even with a clear and very focused mind. 

Because of its high CBD content, it has very low THC levels which may be non-existent. This makes Harlequin a perfect strain for those who can’t use or tolerate THC. Harlequin is the best choice for people who want to deal with pain during the daytime, whether you’re at work or home.

Blue Widow

Blue Widow is a powerful hybrid strain for the relief of pain. It is potent that it can beat chronic pain, muscle pains, and post-surgery pain. Blue Widow is a product of combining a Blueberry and a White Widow. Aside from its potent analgesic properties, it has a terpenes content making it effective for anxiety and stress. 

You can use this to deal with insomnia and to finally get the good night’s sleep you deserve because of its potent relaxing effects. It can also stop depression so you can focus on important things rather than negativity. If you have muscle pain, muscle strains, arthritis, and inflammation, Blue Widow may be the strain to help you out.

Purple Arrow

Purple Arrow is one of the toughest when it comes to pain. This strain has strong pain relief and potent euphoria that most recreational and medicinal consumers are searching for. Purple Arrow comes with powerful effects which will bring out a relaxed and laid back attitude. Purple Arrow will make you feel happy that you are giggling uncontrollably. Purple Arrow comes with natural therapeutic effects so you can get rid of pain and conditions like stress, depression, inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia. You can finally get rid of pain without making you too sedated to do anything.

Blueberry Headband

Blueberry Headband is a hybrid with unique cerebral effects. You will experience a strong effect that goes straight to the head, like a headband. This is where the strain got its name. It has a delicious sweet and berry flavor that you will surely remember for a long time. Not all potent cannabis strains come with this luscious taste and flavor.

Blueberry Headband has focused relief for headaches and all types of pain. You don’t have to deal with pain daily and there’s no need to take medications which may also cause terrible effects. It is a strain that will make you feel happy, relaxed and uplifted. 

You will enjoy its euphoric effects that will make you talkative to overcome the fear of social interactions. If you have chronic muscle pains, strains, headaches, and migraines then Blueberry Headband could help you with your condition.

Redwood Kush

Redwood Kush is a very strong indica strain that comes with a high level of THC. This makes it a good strain for pain. You will get a heady euphoric high that will give you potent and uplifting effects. You will love its creative effects to let you deal with different projects and tasks.

Redwood Kush got its name from its overpowering woody aroma. This complements its high THC content to help you stop muscle pain and cramps. Muscle pains and general pain relief is just a strain away with Redwood Kush. 


Dynamite has an explosive effect on different kinds of pain. It will stop pain especially headaches, muscle strain, and muscle pains. The strain comes with the usual indica effects. You will experience cerebral euphoria with happiness and an uplifting effect. 

But the thing with this strain is that the initial effects will come out too strong but will always end with an unbelievable need to sleep and the munchies. You will find it hard to resist hunger and sleepiness with Dynamite. And most of all, there is no need to use synthetic medications for sleep and pain when you consume Dynamite.

Cataract Kush

For better pain relief without potent psychoactive effects then try Cataract Kush. This is a hybrid strain made by combining an LA Confidential and an OG Kush. Cataract Kush has powerful effects so novice users should take precaution. This will take the pain away, even muscle pains, muscle strains, and chronic pain leaving you pain-free all day. 

Cataract Kush will make you feel euphoric and happy. This is as if all your worries have been blown away. Together with its natural effects, Cataract Kush causes sleepiness, laziness, and hunger. So if you need a better and more effective strain for pain relief, Cataract Kush could be the one you’ve been looking for.

Mazar I Sharif

Mazar I Sharif is one of the earliest strains on the planet. This is an indica strain that originated from Afghanistan. This is so tough on the pain that you can see it from its form. The plant is covered with a heavy layer of crystal-like trichomes which tells you that you are in for a strong effect. 

Mazar I Sharif comes with a high CBD content, therefore, it is commonly used as a therapeutic strain than a recreational strain. If you are taking this strain for the first time, you’ll be surprised because after its potent effects wear off, you will experience the need to sleep and eat.

Because of this, be prepared with Mazar I Sharif’s effects by stocking up on snacks and drinks before you indulge. And of course, take this moderately so you won’t have to deal with its very strong side effects. 

A few tips when using cannabis for pain relief

Use cannabis moderately

Always remember that not all cannabis strains contain the same cannabinoid compound and therefore these vary in intensity and effects on pain. The amount you used to consume an ACDC  may not be the same amount you need to take Harlequin.

You need to be very careful when taking any strain for pain. Be very careful regarding dosing and as much as possible, use only a moderate amount before you start a full dose. And if you are new to consuming a strain or you are new to its effects, divide the dose in half instead of taking a full dose to avoid side effects.

Consult your doctor 

If you want to try cannabis for pain relief, consult your doctor. Talk about the condition of your muscle pain as well as any pain treatment you used. If you are new to cannabis for pain, it would be better to tell your doctor about your inexperience. Your doctor may recommend a strain that is not too potent for beginners or he may recommend a high CBD strain.

Your physician will provide you with the ideal strain that’s ideal for your type of pain as well as the right dose that’s ideal for your condition. And if you are taking any medication for pain and you want to use cannabis, never discontinue your prescribed medication. Only your doctor can tell you if you need to change your current medication. 

Treat medical conditions first

Most muscle pains and other types of pains are due to a specific kind of medical condition. For instance, muscle pain or back pain may because of a slipped disc or spinal alignment problem. Therefore, you must consider dealing with these problems first before proceeding with cannabis for muscle pain. 

As much as possible, talk to your doctor about this before consuming cannabis for pain. Take note that if you overlook the actual cause of your pain, you might only make the condition worse and you need to deal with pain all over again.

Monitor the effects and side effects

Take note that each type of cannabis strain has specific side effects. You must consider possible side effects especially if you are new to consuming any strain. It is also possible that some side effects may not be experienced by some users. If you consume cannabis regularly or you are a heavy user, take a larger dose.

The most common side effects of cannabis for pain include dry eyes and mouth, headaches, restlessness, and slight paranoia. These side effects are mostly due to the strain’s high THC levels.

You can get relief from these effects by reducing your dose and through regular consumption of the strain for recreation or therapeutic use. And if you really can’t deal with the steep effects, discontinue the strain. 

Choose the strain that’s right for you

When you visit a dispensary, you’ll be surprised as to the variety of strains to choose from. There are so many types of cannabis strains for pain. There will surely be a strain for pain that’s right for your condition. It is likely that if you were prescribed with a strain for your muscle pain, your doctor will prescribe the ideal medical strain and the right dose.

Follow closely your prescription 

Eventually, you will be able to manage pain and live a pain-free life with medical cannabis. Find out how marijuana can make a difference in your life by consulting your doctor. Never change or overlook any part of your prescription. 

Consult a marijuana-friendly doctor for a prescription. You will be given the best strain that will help you with your pain. Also, remember that even if a strain is effective for pain relief in some people, it may not be the same for you. Because of this, it’s always best to consult a doctor for the right strain. 

Where to get medical strains for pain?

Most countries and states where cannabis is legal, you need a prescription to buy medical cannabis for muscle pains. Medical strains are available at local and online dispensaries. And if you are looking for cannabis seeds for sale, buy these from local and online seed banks. 

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