Top 8 Best Indica Strain for Weight Loss: Secrets Unveiled

Top 8 Best Indica Strain for Weight Loss Secrets Unveiled

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When you get stoned, the next thing you will probably do is reach for some munchies in your refrigerator. Research suggests that smoking marijuana does impact the function of the body that triggers hunger in the brain. However, there are other studies which suggest that smoking weed doesn’t cause weight gain, instead, there are indica strains for weight loss.

When using marijuana, brain receptors produce hormones that make us feel hungry. This encourages us to eat everything that we see. However, even if there is evidence that supports this stoner stereotype, this doesn’t mean that it is completely correct. 

People who regularly smoke and get high on weed have fewer chances of being obese than those who don’t. This is according to a study issued in the International Journal of Epidemiology. 

The study has over 30,000 respondents and all gained weight in the duration of the study that took three years to finish. However, participants who used weed gained the smallest amount of body fat. This was discovered when the researchers compared the Body Mass Index of the respondents in the National Epidemiologic Survey of Alcohol and Related Conditions study. With the result, researchers were able to come up with a theory that marijuana use can potentially perform cellular changes that affect weight loss.

Aside from this, other studies suggest marijuana users may have less weight compared to people who don’t use it. For instance, the 2011 study that was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, suggested that even though recreational use of marijuana is associated with increased appetite, people who use it have a lower chance of being obese compared to those who don’t smoke marijuana at all. 

Another study states that marijuana users have slimmer waistlines compared to non-users. They also have lower levels of cholesterol in the body. Furthermore, these results are proven to be legitimate, even if the participants have different gender and age.

Experts conclude that this is because of the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content of marijuana, the chemical substance that causes people to get stoned. It is also responsible for several psychoactive effects. 

To determine the relationship between THC and weight loss, a study was conducted by the researchers at the University of Calgary. They used overweight mice and mice with normal weight, which were given equal doses of THC regularly. The results showed zero changes among the mice with normal weight; however, it had some major impact on overweight mice. The latter had lost weight due to the THC that was regularly given to them. The researchers suggest that this weight loss is due to the THC that alters the gut’s microbiome and helps regulate weight loss and support proper digestion.

Indica Strain for Weight Loss

Smoking marijuana and losing weight sounds like a bad combo. Using weed has been known to increase appetite. Despite this, it is also the main reason marijuana became a medically-approved substance. Patients undergoing chemotherapy usually suffer from suppressed appetite but with a little help from this weed, they were able to eat a lot after the treatment.

Eating too much is the main culprit of excessive weight gain. So why on earth would someone suggest marijuana as a weight loss medication? Well, there are latest studies that reveal the capacity of the plant as an effective weight loss drug and it is backed up with promising evidence.

Top 8 Best Indica Indica Strains for Weight Loss

  • Cannatonic

Cannatonic is a sativa and indica hybrid strain that comes with delicious citrus and pine aroma. It has a clean effect which doesn’t include psychoactive properties or increased appetite. It will only give you that ideal soothing feeling and anti-inflammatory feature, which is a great combination. Cannatonic won’t help you lose weight right away; however, it is a good alternative for party beverages that contain an extreme amount of calories.

  • Green Crack

The parents of Green Crack are still undefined but one thing is for sure, this is an Afghani strain with tightly packed bud structure. This only tells that it is a sativa dominant hybrid that is easy to cultivate, short flowering, strong, powerful, robust, and productive. This variant of sativa offers instant mental sharpness that is helpful during activities that require increased focus. Green Crack is associated with the fruity smell of mangoes.

It is the perfect marijuana strain to treat yourself if you want to get away from stress or you simply want to function the entire day. However, a little reminder, watch your dosage when using this strain. You shouldn’t consume 75% of Green Crack since it will reverse its effects, you’ll end up in bed all day, eating your way out.

  • Blue Dream Hybrid

Blue Dream is popularly known as a hybrid between Haze Sativa and Blueberry Indica. It is sought after for its aroma, taste, and exceptional effects. But the most prominent feature of this strain is its ability to suppress the appetite. It also offers instant motivation and mental sharpness to the user, thus leading to increased energy levels. It is a highly-recommended hybrid for those who are looking for something that will boost their energy while keeping their mind away from food. 

  • Platinum Kush

Platinum Kush is a hybrid between Master Kush and Afghan which produced a robust and powerful indica strain. Based on its name, it has white and reflective sticky trichomes which possess a high amount of THC, as well as 1% of CBD and other types of cannabinoids. This resilient indica strain eliminates anxiety and stress after 30 minutes of smoking. It also works great as an appetite suppressant, which is essential to losing a significant amount of weight.

  • Harlequin

Strains that contain high levels of cannabidiol or CBD are amazing appetite suppressants which counteract the effect of THC in the body. Harlequin is one of those sativa-dominant strains with a 5:2 CBD-to-THC ratio. This means that it comes with a lot of medical benefits compared to psychoactive properties.

Harlequin has invigorating and energizing effects which are beneficial for those who like to work out or do physical activities that in turn result in weight loss. But extra caution should also be practiced when taking this strain because consuming too much will counter its properties and sedate you. Start with low dosages and work your way up when your body is already acquainted with its effects.

  • Cherry Pie

Based on its name, this one offers a flavorful marijuana experience. This yummy strain restricts appetite and alleviates pain in the body. It is an indica dominant hybrid that possesses 16% to 24% of THC and little amount of CBD. Cherry Pie might sound like food, but it is an effective weight loss agent. Apart from that, it is also popular among those who are dealing with migraines, PTSD and anxiety. 

  • Black Beauty

Black Beauty is currently being studied to determine its full potential to improve symptoms of diabetes and support weight loss. It has a floral and tropical pineapple smell for those looking for a fruity aroma. It contains 4% of THCV and 7% of THC, which leads to a high feeling and invigorating effects all at once. 

This strain offers fast-paced marijuana experience that you will truly love. Aside from that, it is the right strain for those who want to eliminate their unwanted weight because it can suppress the user’s appetite. It also gives an energy boost that is ideal for exercising. This might be the all-in-one weight loss medication that you are looking for.

  • Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is popular for being the sativa dominant strain with a fruity lemon scent. It has a balanced amount of THC and higher amount of THCV which ideally wards off food cravings. It’s highly-suggested to take before exercise sessions. The prominent side-effect of this strain is you tend to feel thirsty.

Note that if you wanted to lose weight using healthy options, you should look for strains with an increased level of THCV. Aside from this, make it a habit to visit your doctor for professional advice on how to lose weight according to your body needs. This will help you safely eliminate the excess weight in your body using a trusted and effective method. 


You have to know that marijuana is not a prescribed treatment for those who want to lose weight although there is some indica strain for weight loss. And even if it is, you still need to incorporate healthy eating habits, proper diet, and appropriate work out to be successful in your weight loss journey. Remember that smoking weed alone won’t remove those flabby fats or help you lose unwanted weight. It is associated with breathing disorders, mania-like symptoms, and psychosis among those who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

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