Top 5 Strongest Indica Strain in the World and Where to Find Them

Top 5 Strongest Indica Strain in the World and Where to Find Them

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More and more, cannabis hybrids are being developed to yield higher potency, a specific trait, taste or effect. This has resulted in an increase in the number of cannabis strains in the last couple of years. With all the strains available at the dispensary, how do you choose the one that you want? Many different sources provide a summary of the strongest indica strains in the world as well as hundreds of other strains with information about the original growers, taste, cultivation, aroma and of course, the potency of the buds, to help you make your choice.

What is Cannabis Indica?

  • Cannabis Indica is one of the three popular cannabis species. It is a small but wide plant. It matures faster as well.
  • Because indicas are short, they are the favorite species of growers for planting indoors. In the health and recreation marijuana societies, Indica is the variety of cannabis known to provide a holistic, calm state and a very serene high.
  • Cannabis strains are oftentimes described or determined first by whether they are an indica or sativa, or a cross of the two. Recognizing whether therapeutic marijuana is an indica-dominant or sativa-dominant is a crucial key to finding the right treatment for your health condition. 
  • Each variety of cannabis has its distinctive attributes. For example, the ruderalis has a very low amount of THC and is used mainly for hybridizing other species.
  • Cannabis Indica is a small, efficient but wide and faster-bearing plant while sativa is a towering, lanky and poor bearing plant that is known for its cerebral effects.
  • This plant originated from Pakistan and Afghanistan and are more ideal for growing indoors because of their smaller growth. Also, Indicas are less than 6 feet tall.
  • The effects of indica on consumers is another thing that separates it from sativa and hybrids. The high that consumers can experience from cannabis indica creates numbness in the body which may relate to feeling doped.

In addition to this, Cannabis Indica is stronger and tougher – surviving with shorter summers and colder climates much better than its cousin, Cannabis Sativa. This toughness is essentially thanks to the dry and subtropical environments landrace Cannabis indica strains are discovered budding in, particularly in rocky regions where temperatures can rise and fall.

Characteristics of Indica

  • Cannabis Indica has a higher amount of THC than CBD, while sativa has smaller amounts. The huge variability happens in each of the species.
  • The Cannabis Indica that originated from the parts of Northern Pakistan mainly from the Hindu Kush highland and Afghanistan were first transported to the USA in the 1970s.
  • In China, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Thailand, and Western and Southern Africa, Cannabis indica with higher levels tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and propyl cannabinoids were discovered. It has been reported the THCV levels increase up to 53.7 percent of overall cannabinoids.
  • The label indica means a topographical region in which the cannabis was cultivated. Whether Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are split varieties is still under discussion. But, research into chemotaxonomic variations supports a two-varieties assumption.

Top 5 Strongest Indica Strains

There are plenty of cannabis strains in the world, and with their legalization for both medicinal and recreational purposes, the hunt for top quality and strongest indica strain in the world is on. 

While pure or cross cannabis species all contain CBD and THC, they differ in terms of effectiveness, resulting in contrasting effects. How a consumer responds to a certain type of indica also depends on their body chemistry. The physical responses to taking or smoking also differ. 

Nonetheless, there are specific types of cannabis strains that are more potent than the rest. So, what is the strongest strain of indica? 

1. Chemdawg

This indica strain contains 32.13 percent of THC. This is a mix of the Thai sativa and Nepalese, even though the real ingredients aren’t confirmed yet. However, this is not for novices. It has been discovered that the effects promote the artistic process, and it is famous among the creative community.

Chemdawg is a classic cannabis strain whose extraordinary strength keeps a vice grip on the consumers. Mature with the aroma of pungent fuel, Chemdawg provides an exceptional taste profile along with its stimulating elation, engaging ingenuity and alleviates stress relief.

2. Ghost OG

Ghost OG is a strain that is produced for its high level of ecstasy and this is concealed in a white cloak of mineral resin. It is said to be a hybrid of OG Kush, the potency of Ghost OG is strengthened by a masterpiece of terpenes that power this strain’s strong THC engine. Find a cozy seat and get ready to be swept into a dominant, blissful state which is best for recreation and relaxation.

3. Girl Scout Cookies

The GSC also is known as Girl Scout Cookies has made its way as one of the strongest indica strains in the world and it is not difficult to realize why. The genes in this mix are powerful, with a 20% THC content. Consumers can experience a pounding surge of elation both in the mind and body along with hours of warm relaxation.

4. The White

It is called The White because of the snowfall of crystal resin covering around the buds. It is considered as one of the strongest indica strains in the world and a blessing for growers that are searching for ways to improve the power of their strain genes. The THC levels of The White is about 20-28%, it provides bewildering blizzard of dreamy hallucination that mandates relaxation. It helps improve appetite, loosen up muscles, and offers support from pain, making it a favorite cannabis Indica strains.

5. Bruce Banner

Named after Hulk’s alter ego, Bruce Banner is a substantial cross with a shocking THC content. In 2014, it was listed as one of the strongest indica strains in the world by the High Times succeeding its success in Denver Cannabis Cup in 2013. It has established itself in good standing in the cannabis market. It is a mix of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush genes. Many enjoy the bewildering punch of frenzy that commands the body in extreme serenity.

Discover More Effective Cannabis Indica Strains

Still, if you aren’t satisfied with the potency and high levels of THC in your stash jar, the following are a few more topnotch varieties for you to check out at your next nursery visit.


If you are searching for a warm buzz, the kind of strain that will calm you and put you in the state of relaxation and serenity, then the strongest indica strain in the world may be right up your way. If you need help with a sleeping disorder, then a potent Indica strain can help put you in bed and have a good night of sleep. Or maybe, you have anxiety? If so, Cannabis indica can help calm you and thaw your anxiety so that you are better able to socialize.

The 5 strongest indica strains in the world are candidates to become your bed-lock cannabis champion. All the competitors load a wow punch that will knock you off and send you to dreamland. The only question is, what is the strongest strain of indica and which one will reign in 2019?

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