Outdoor Sativa Flowering Time: What Outdoor Growers Need to Know

Outdoor Sativa Flowering Time What Outdoor Growers Need to Know

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Yielding the cannabis seeds can be quite challenging at first. Hence, there is a need to do a bunch of research on the best practices on how to do it in the right way. Outdoor Sativa flowering time has emerged due to its popular benefits among its users. On its vegetative stage, which is known as marijuana’s first stage, you will see that it grows like a weed. Moreover, this stage is where the new leaves and stems of a cannabis plant develop.

However, the flowering stage of cannabis isn’t that easy to manage when you are really into it. This stage is very sensitive to various problems as it matures. If you are aiming for maximum yield, you should know and understand that there is no room for mistakes. To avoid this, dealing with what to work on each stage. On this article, you will realize through our outdoor Sativa flowering time that you should know.

Five Stages of Outdoor Sativa Flowering Time

This walkthrough shall explain what you have to know and expect weekly from the outdoor Sativa flowering time. This information once carefully followed shall ensure a good harvest with the best quality of buds and yields that you can get. Picking a high yield strain of auto-flowering pot seeds means that you need to consider all planting factors for your yield. A bland, featureless yard with cannabis seeds can be enhanced by a beautiful flower bed if a large garden is too complex to maintain, a flower bed may be a better option.

Flower beds come in varying sizes and types, so you’re free to create a bed that is manageable and suits your preferences. Flower from auto-flowering pot seeds can be small, discrete features near your house, they can be large wraparounds for your porch, or they can even be minuscule displays on the balcony of an apartment.

Even before spring has arrived, planning a flower bed for your auto-flowering pot seeds may be something you’ll want to start doing. The process of both planning a flower bed and creating one can be considerably involved and require days or even weeks of preparation. There are numerous factors to consider when it comes to planning a flower bed.

Stage 1: Transition to Flowering (Week 1 to 3) – 12/12 Lighting

If you wish to grow your cannabis plant indoors, the outdoor Sativa flowering time stage shall begin when the grow lights have been changed to 12 hours of light with 12 hours of darkness each day (12/12). The 12 hours of darkness must be uninterrupted. This is a vague signal to your plant that is now the time to flower. These days will be thought of as winter as the days are shorter during this time. On outdoors, the days are getting shorter as it causes the cannabis plant to bud during late summer. These outdoor buds grow on various schedules as it is dependent on the local climate.

Remember that auto-flowering cannabis does not need special lights as the vegetative stage is good for three to four weeks. Thus, when you start counting these weeks once you switched to the 12/12 schedule, the plant shall grow crazily higher when it comes to height. It can double its size when you switch to this. This is known as the ‘flowering stretch’ as this period is where your cannabis plant grows stretchy. Make sure to gently bend the stems which are stretching downwards and away from the plant itself. Known as ‘low-stress training’, this maintains a flat canopy as its height will be the same for all.

Stage 2: Budlets Form (Week 3 to 4)

During this stage, the stretching action that your cannabis plant displays eventually slows down while it grows upward. Gradually, the real buds will be more visible other than hairs or the budlets on this outdoor Sativa flowering time stage. You can also notice that the pistils of the flower are becoming white. Take note that your cannabis plant will get picky on the nutrients and the environment where it grows. Closely keeping an eye will avoid major problems on the auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

The tip here is to be aware of symptoms that your plant is showing just like the discoloration and the rapid loss of leaves. It is indeed normal for your plant to shed a few leaves cause there will be the parts that don’t get light. But the overall health of your plant must be lushly green in week three to four as the budlets form.

Also, notice that the nutrient burn that is happening on your cannabis plants. This occurs when you give your plants too much of high level of nutrients. Your plant burns when this happens where it will never recover. Most of the time, this happens accidentally but the burning will go up until it reaches the fingers of the leaves. If you experience this, no need to worry since your plant can still bear good bud even if this happens.

Stage 3: Fattening of the Buds (Weeks 4 to 6)

As soon as your budlets go fatter, soon enough your buds will get more substance. You will start to notice that the white pistils are sticking straight in all directions daily. Also, the stretch that is happening on the plant shall no longer proceed so you will be needing to pay attention to getting your plant trained. You can do this by holding your buds up as if they are getting much heavier. If your cannabis plant has been used to into the light, you may want to try considering super cropping as a solution where you are forcing the stems to bend at a 90-degree angle.

On this stage, you will start to notice that new leaves are no longer growing on your cannabis plant. Thus, considering the remaining living leaves must be considered as your plant’s armor as insurance against nutrient deficiency. You may also want to consider strategic defoliation as this is helpful to expose the sites of budding in your cannabis plants. The armor leaves must be maintained to avoid future leaf problems.

Stage 4: Ripening of Buds & Darkening of Pistils (Weeks 6 to 8)

Again, there will be no more new stems or leaves that will grow on your plant. This will not waste your previous efforts for auto-flowering cannabis seeds but it will just go to show that the profit yield is about to come. Now, the gears of your cannabis plants are about to advance from the vegetative stage to its harvesting stage. You have to allocate the efforts for your plant should now be focused on the maximum yield you can get. The incorrect PH of your roots will be displayed so you should not slack off in taking care of your plants.

Your quick diagnosis of sick plants prevents more serious problems sooner or later. If there is a new bud that emerges from an old bud that has been developed, it tells you that there is damage to your cannabis plant that is caused by heat or extreme lights. You need to control the light levels and temperature (fox tailing). Furthermore, the THC potency will evaporate if you see discoloration or burning in your buds.

Stage 5: Culmination of Flowering Stage & Harvesting Stage (Week 8 and beyond)

You’re about to harvest the good yield from the outdoor Sativa flowering time! To ensure that your harvest goes smooth, you must always attend to the needs of your plant in every single detail. Before you reach week 8, only a few of the strains can be harvested. Before this, you must do a final flush as it involved the right amount of water to be given to your plants before the harvesting stage.

Once you are in the eight weeks of flowering, the buds are now quickly fattening. You can start to notice that the pistols and trichomes are now maturing as new pistils develop on the buds that grow along with them. On this stage, you are just making sure that you maintain a good yield until the harvesting time. The strains will be ready at different times. Its full glory will finally show-off in just around eight to ten weeks. It is also where the overpowering smell of your cannabis plant is now streaming out.

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The Lex Blazer Youtube Channel has offered to culture tips of Cannabis plants on outdoor Sativa flowering time. He said that the best tips for getting a maximum yield are dependent on how you are patient until you harvest it. The day of harvest is always the best as your hard work has been paid off! Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds is great to grow whether you are new to this or if you are a veteran. 

These latest and one of the most potent auto-flowering strains grow efficiently. As cannabis grows from a simple seedling, it will be a moving experience as you see it with your own eyes. Remember that cannabis is an annual plant so it will eventually take a lifecycle that shall take place on a year. These stages an intensified and careful attention to quantities of light, water, nutrients, as well as the process of pruning, trimming, and harvesting.

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