Top 5 List of Pure Landrace Indica Strains

Top 5 List of Pure Landrace Indica Strains

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CBD (cannabidiol) oil is an extract from the hemp plant. Agronomists and other scientists have developed ways to breed hemp plants that produce CBD but little to no THC. It is also possible to isolate CBD cannabinoids from the hemp plant. Jorge Cervantes, one of the expert marijuana horticulturist, has stated that pure landrace indica strains provide healing and therapeutic properties, but it is non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating for cancer

5 Pure landrace Indica strains Available this 2019

The following products were reviewed based on these parameters: Formula & Benefit Claims, and Overall Value. We invested a lot of time researching different products to provide you with an unbiased 5 pure landrace indica strains list. Our time spent was intended to make sure that we could conveniently bring you reliable, easily accessible information.

  • Swazi Gold Indica Strains

Swazi Gold provides a unique line of indica strains formulated in the hemp-growing, sunshine-rich state of Colorado. This maker grows all the hemp it uses outdoors in natural sunlight, and these plants nourished and nurtured organically without GMOs, herbicides, or pesticide from our list of pure landrace indica strains.

Formula & Benefit Claims

This tincture from Swazi Gold comes in 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg sizing options. You also have the choice of a full-spectrum formula or an isolated formula that excludes any THC. If available to you, we recommend the full-spectrum tincture because of the phenomenon known as the “entourage effect.” This claims that CBD, as a cannabinoid, works better when it is paired with the other cannabinoids also naturally present in the flower.

What makes this product stand out is its exclusive Swazi Gold formula. It is a combination of the purest possible Swazi Gold extract and MCT-rich coconut oil acting as a carrier oil. The carrier ensures that Swazi Gold will be readily absorbed by the body, and coconut oil is arguably the best choice. MCT’s are abundant in lauric acid, which is highly antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral. With this product, you can give your body the power-packed dose of health benefits you may be seeking from a top-quality Swazi Gold oil for sleep

Overall Value

As Swazi Gold offers a high-quality, it is organically produced product grown in natural sunshine. This company has been in the business for years now, and they price each tincture size very reasonably. There are two ingredients only, Swazi Gold extract and MCT oil, so you can rest assured that this Swazi Gold oil for sleep is safe as well as great for your overall well-being.

  • Chitrali Indica Strains

Chitrali Indica presents this product as a 100-percent bio-organic alternative for health and healing with CBD. They use organic hemp to produce hemp oil, which is mixed together with their Chitrali extracts as a carrier. Their cultivation methods on carefully curated, exceptionally fertile U.S. farmlands do not involve any GMOs or other potentially harmful chemical products.

Formula & Benefit Claims

For the CBD extraction process, Chitrali uses a gentle, cold-pressed extraction method based on carbon dioxide, and third-party testing provides extra quality assurance. The resulting Chitrali extract is blended with carrier oil derived from 99%-pure whole hemp. All other cannabinoids within the extraction process are filtered out, so you get the purest experience and greatest benefits possible from the product.

Many people looking for a great CBD oil for sleep are also looking to avoid the use of any THC. You may want to try Chitrali but fear that traces of THC will have a negative effect or show up on a drug test for employment. Fortunately, Sky CBD has removed all THC from their isolate formula using the extraction methods mentioned above. There is zero percent THC in this product, according to its maker.

Chitrali Isolate is offered in a 1-oz. bottle or a 30ml package, and there are five strength levels available. You can also choose from three flavors: natural, orange, and peppermint from our list of pure landrace indica strains.

Overall Value

Although Chitrali is one of the more expensive options on this list of products potentially qualifying as the best CBD oil for sleep, it is nevertheless a great option. The quality control, organic manufacturing, and THC extraction removal process make it a go-to solution. If you are looking for the sleep-inducing effects of CBD, this might be the perfect option to try first.

  • Highland Thai Indica Strain

Highland Thai markets its Medoil tincture as one of the most promising CBD oils for great sleep results. Based in Laguna Hills, California, and founded in 2017, this company has already earned a spot as one of the most trustworthy name brands in the industry from our list of pure landrace indica strains.

Formula & Benefit Claims

Highland Thai tincture is produced using hemp plants cultivated in the U.S., in the state of Kentucky, where agricultural and oversight regulations are much stricter than in some overseas nations and other states. This maker creates a wonderful isolate with a concentrated, 99.5-percent Highland Thai extract and an MCT coconut oil as its carrier. There is no THC within this tincture, thanks to their lab-tested extraction methods and filtration processes. 

The final product is transparent, tasteless, and odorless, making it easy to mix into a drink or your food if you choose. Highland Thai is a great CBD oil for sleep in part because this tincture comes in a uniquely high powered dose of 3000mg per 1-oz bottle.

Overall Value

Highland Thai is a serious contender for leading the industry. Although their products are not certified organic, they do claim non-GMO, pesticide-free cultivation and processing. They rank in the mid-range for pricing, and Highland Thai’s tasteless/odorless formula leaves you reaping all the benefits of CBD oil for sleep without any unpleasant reaction when you take it.

  • Kerala Indica Strain

Nature’s Kerala Indica Strain oversees every step of the manufacturing process to ensure a top-quality end product. Their tincture is a blend of hemp oil, pure CBD extract, grape seed oil, and Kerala oil. Each oil beyond the extract works as a carrier oil, which helps get the extract into the body’s system at a more rapid pace.

Formula & Benefit Claims

Kerala oil comes in a 1-oz. bottle with a dropper that provides up to 60 servings. There are 5 available strengths to choose from: 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and a powerful 4000mg formula from our list of pure landrace indica strains.

This Kerala product is an excellent CBD oil for sleep because of the multiple high-strength options. Whether you need maximum strength in your tincture or you a complete beginner with CBD oil, you can order a product configuration right for you at this juncture. Further, Kerala uses an extraction and filtration system that removes any traces of THC, and this product is available in two flavors: watermelon and peppermint.

Overall Value

The potency levels of Kerala help this product stand out. 4000mg is a strong dose, and 300mg is a great beginners’ level. This CBD oil falls on the more expensive side of the scale with respect to the competitive CBD oils for sleep on this list, however.

  • Lebanese Indica Strain

Lebanese indica offers a high-quality CBD oil grown on ethical farms in the sunshine-blessed state of Colorado. This full-spectrum CBD oil from our list of pure landrace indica strains is fantastic for sleep support thanks to its premium-quality formula and lab testing protocols for each batch. Each bottle is labeled so that you can monitor and understand these test results. 

Formula & Benefit Claims

Inside each bottle is a carrier oil blend (to better ensure the body’s intake) made up of the CBD extract, hemp oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and a bit of cold-pressed orange oil for flavor.

Grown in the USA with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, Lebanese full-spectrum CBD oil comes in 3 strengths: 250mg (for beginners and those looking for modest, gentle benefits); 500mg (for moderate consumers); and 1000mg (for those looking for a stronger experience). 

People say some CBD oils can save them with a headache, but many reviews of this Lebanese product indicate that there is no headache concern at all here. Small traces of THC are likely to be present in Lebanese CBD oil, however.

Overall Value

Lebanese CBD oil is one of the most expensive options within our review, but it is of remarkable quality. You can feel the amount of care and concern that squeeze into each 1oz bottle, and we love the decision to provide batch-level lab results. The company offers an introductory discount and a monthly subscription option for more savings.

The Verdict on Pure Landrace Indica Strains Seeds

After reviewing all the pure landrace indica strains here, the best solution we discovered is the full-spectrum hemp CBD oil. While a bit on the expensive side, these products receive nearly universal positive reviews. These oils are full-spectrum hemp products, so we get all of the hemp plant’s natural gifts, and carrier oils are organic, cold-pressed oils with a touch of natural orange oil for a nice flavor. 

In our view, all of these five pure landrace indica strains offers excellent options for both the novice and the experienced user of pure landrace indica strains for sleep inducement and promotion.

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