5 Shortest Sativa Strains for Small-Space Growing

5 Shortest Sativa Strains for Small-Space Growing

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Whether you have a green thumb or not, most folks like the idea of a garden for your shortest Sativa strain cultivation. Maybe it conjures up images of country homes with white picket fences across all countries. Or maybe growing your cannabis plant strains sounds appealing. Whatever your reason, a garden can add beauty to any space and be a relaxing, therapeutic outlet in today’s hectic world.

But if you’re a city-dweller, you might have one problem to overcome: a lack of space. If that’s your situation, small-space growing might be the answer. You can have the garden you’ve always wanted even if you don’t have a yard. This article shall focus on the possibility and benefits of growing your shortest Sativa strain on a bucket for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

All you’ll need, other than some supplies we’ll get into shortly, is a small courtyard, balcony or even a small rooftop area. 

Benefits of Small-Space Growing to Your shortest Sativa strain

Now that you know what it is, let’s look at some reasons why small-space growing isn’t just a way to grow in limited space, it has some unique advantages over traditional gardening for your shortest Sativa strain.

Flexibility and Variety

It allows you the ability to grow the shortest Sativa strain that may not be able to be successfully grown in the soil of your native area. It’s easy to fill a container with any type of soil and care for it properly. This allows you to grow a wide range of plant types, right next to each other. You can also easily make changes to your “crop” to suit the season or your tastes.

No Need to Weed

Due to the nature of container gardening, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to deal with unwanted weeds on your blueberry feminized seeds cultivation. Should one find its way into one of your shortest Sativa strain pots, pulling it is easy?

No Heavy Duty Equipment Required

You’ll be doing most of your work with your hands, and maybe a trowel if you want. This can be a real money-saver compared to amassing the collection of tools needed for a traditional shortest Sativa strain seed garden.

Growth Control

Fast-growing shortest Sativa strain plants can quickly get out of control in a traditional cannabis garden but do quite well in containers where their growth can be easily tamed.

Change Your Mind Anytime

Not happy with the way your shortest Sativa strain garden looks or ready for some different colors? No problem, simply change one or all of your containers anytime you’d like to achieve an entirely new look.

Mobility and Accessibility

Growing in small-spaces allows easier access to a garden for children, the elderly and those with limited mobility. Lightweight containers can also be moved more easily to change the look, add more pots or to expose your shortest Sativa strain plants to more sunlight.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to convenience and cost advantages, small-space gardening can improve the quality of indoor air, reduce your carbon footprint and, if you grow your own shortest Sativa strain plants, give you safer food choices.

Starting a Small-Space Garden through Containers

Hopefully, by now, you can see some of the advantages of starting a shortest Sativa strain garden. Container gardening is easy if you keep the basic needs of growing healthy plants in mind. All green plants need the four basics: sunlight, water, air, and soil. The first three aid the process of photosynthesis (how plants make their food), while the soil provides a place for the plant to anchor and receives nutrients. Here’s our step-by-step process for starting a container garden.

Things You’ll Need for Container Gardening

  •       A plan for the location and type of garden to grow
  •       A clutter-free workspace
  •       Your containers (pots, cans, boxes, etc.)
  •       Soil
  •       Seeds (blueberry feminized seeds)

Top Five Sativa Strains that Grows Short

Stardust Auto (40-60cm)

As bred by Star Marijuana Strains and low dryer cannabis plants, Stardust Auto marijuana seeds are said to contain top shelf of the most quality of weeds. These seeds are easy to grow yet it can bring 300 grams of yield per cannabis plants. People who live where the soil may not be ideal for planting, those who don’t want to dig up their yard or those who have limited time can all take advantage of the benefits it offers as one the shortest Sativa strain.

Container gardens can consist of edible and non-edible plants. The containers used are enclosed, small and usually portable. Examples include boxes, baskets, large metal cans, wooden barrels, and hanging baskets. Container gardening is ideal for those who want a blueberry feminized seed garden but have limited space.

Russian Fuel Auto (40-80cm)

The yield of Russian Fuel Auto can bring the grower or breed up to 7 ounces of THC content from dry weight. These are feminized seeds that grow from 40 up to 80 cm. The growing time takes 60 to 70 days as one of the shortest Sativa strain. If space is constantly in a shadow (say, from a building), that’s not going to work. Plants need some sunlight, so consider alternate locations or if you don’t have one, go with a window box.

You don’t need an area that is constantly exposed to sunlight, and your containers can be moved fairly easily, but make sure your plants will get some light. When choosing the location of your container garden, be sure enough sunlight will reach the area.  If constant bending and squatting are not for you, using plant stands might be a good option. Building your own from recycled materials is another way to make this an eco-friendly endeavor.

Grapefruit Auto (60-90cm)

The buds of Grapefruit Auto shall appear in just six weeks which is ready to be a harvest for the next two weeks. This has 18% amount of THC content that deliver high euphoric content just like cookies that also leaves a minty and feel good aftertaste. It comes good for both outdoor and indoor growing and breeding. On normal conditions, the plant can reach as high 140 cm and can yield 100-150 grams on an average basis.

Ensure that there is a water source nearby as well. Using a watering can is fine, but if you live upstairs and your garden is on the ground floor courtyard, that trip will get old pretty quickly. Lastly, what will you be planting? Be sure to do a little research about soil conditions, light requirements and so forth that your chosen plants will require, and be ready to provide that to ensure a healthy seed garden.

Sour Diesel Haze (50-80cm)

The Auto white Widow Seeds has a very strong rate when we talk about germination as it produces a high yield of cannabis plants THC that seems to have white crystals on it. It has this flavor of the classic widow. This auto flower marijuana seeds take from 80 to 85 days to grow as it grows from 50 up to 80 centimeters or 20 to 30 inches in height. The yield for every plant is 35 up to 125 grams with 15 up to 20% THC content.

What you intend to grow will dictate the size of the containers you need. There are no rules here, so different sizes are fine. You can even plant multiple blueberry feminized seeds plants in one container if you desire. If you’re using tall, narrow containers, you might want to add a small layer of pebbles or rocks to the bottom to keep them from tipping over. Just remember, you’ll want to be able to move your containers from time-to-time, so don’t make them too heavy,

Power Plant (65-100cm)

These are easy to grow since Power Plant will just take 49 up to 63 days for its growing time before you can harvest a good yield with 70 to 80 grams per plant. The height of the plant can reach from 65 up to 100 centimeters or from 31 up to 39 inches in height. The buds have the aroma and the flavor of a sweet lemon so this is why it called as such. The appearance is frosty with the gnarly outlook since this an auto-flowering feminized seeds.

You can use almost anything, within reason, as a container for your plants. They need to be sturdy enough to hold soil and to stand up to a damp environment. You’ll need to create a method of drainage, so poking holes in the bottom of the containers will be necessary. Plastic, clay, aluminum and stainless steel are all good choices of material.

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Best of all, it is easy to start and keep a garden flourishing for your shortest Sativa strain. So whether you live in a big city with limited outdoor space, are not able to tend a large outdoor garden or have children you’d like to expose to gardening on a scale they can handle, container gardening is a way for you to make your gardening dreams come true. Why not get started today?

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