The Top 10 Feminized Strains For Spring: A Complete Guide


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With its renewal of life and gentle weather, spring is a prime season for cultivating cannabis, particularly feminized strains. These strains are specially bred to produce only female plants responsible for the coveted buds. Here’s an in-depth look at the top 10 feminized strains that provide unique advantages when grown during spring, delving into the specific characteristics that make them perfect for this season.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a versatile and robust strain that thrives during spring’s mild temperatures. Its adaptability and resistance to common garden pests make it an excellent choice for this season. The balanced Sativa and Indica effects offer a calming euphoria that mirrors the tranquil ambiance of spring. Blue Dream’s lush blueberry flavor and high yields make it a spring favorite for new and experienced growers.

White Widow

Known for its iconic white trichome-covered buds, White Widow is a strain that benefits from spring’s balanced daylight hours. It grows well in mild temperatures, and its resistance to mold aligns perfectly with the typically moist environment of spring. White Widow offers a relaxing yet energetic buzz that reflects the rejuvenating vibe of the season.

Sour Diesel

The refreshing citrus aroma of Sour Diesel is a bright introduction to spring. This strain is robust and enjoys the increased sunlight of the season, translating it into vigorous growth. Sour Diesel’s uplifting and creative effects pair well with spring’s lively energy, making it an optimal choice for cultivation during this season.

Purple Kush

With its stunning purple hues and deeply relaxing effects, Purple Kush is a strain that loves the cool nights and warm days of spring. It’s a resilient grower, able to withstand unexpected weather changes in spring. Its rich earthy flavor and calming effects make it a comforting choice as nature wakes from winter’s slumber.


AK-47 is a well-rounded strain that grows vigorously in spring’s gentle weather conditions. Its genetic makeup enables it to resist common diseases that might prevail during this season. Offering a complex blend of earthy flavors and a long-lasting cerebral high, the AK-47’s balance of relaxation and alertness is a wonderful companion for the vibrant growth of spring.

Northern Lights

The feminized version of Northern Lights continues to be popular due to its ease of growth and impressive yields. Its natural resistance to pests and molds that are common in spring, combined with its soothing effects and sweet-spicy aroma, make it an appealing option for both cultivation and consumption during this season.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze flourishes in spring, thanks to its love for the moderate temperatures and gradually increasing daylight hours. It grows tall and strong, reflecting the energizing and uplifting effects that it offers. The unique combination of citrus and earthy flavors provides an experience that echoes the refreshing and invigorating spirit of spring.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are a strain that adapts well to the varying weather conditions of spring. Its sweet and earthy flavor profile and ability to produce dense, resinous buds make it a popular choice. The balanced effects of relaxation and euphoria align with the gentle transition that spring offers as we move from winter’s chill.

Green Crack

Green Crack is known for its energetic and focused effects, mirroring the renewing energy of spring. It grows vigorously in spring’s mild temperatures, thriving with the increased sunlight. Its fruity and tangy flavors are a delightful addition to the garden, and its lively effects make it an inspiring choice for this season.

Gorilla Glue

A powerful and sticky strain, Gorilla Glue thrives in spring’s warmth and balanced humidity. It grows robustly during this season, producing dense buds covered in resin. Its intense relaxation effects and complex flavors of chocolate and coffee make it an attractive choice as nature reawakens.


These top 10 feminized strains represent a diverse and remarkable range of spring cultivating options. From flavors to effects, they offer unique characteristics that align beautifully with this season of growth and renewal. If you want to embark on a spring cultivation journey with these strains, Sonoma Seeds is your go-to destination. Providing high-quality seeds of these strains and more, Sonoma Seeds is committed to assisting you in cultivating a fruitful and satisfying garden. Trust Sonoma Seeds for your spring planting, and immerse yourself in the joy of growing these incredible strains.

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