Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Blue Dream was one a medicinal strain only but soon, it was clear that it also has recreational effects. This West Coast strain is very useful for the relief of all kind of pain including muscle pain, headaches, migraines, and anxiety. You’ll love its awesome mental high that will last for hours.

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More About Blue Dream (fem)

The Ultimate California Dream

The top strain from the West Coast, the Blue Dream, has moved into worldwide fame. Originally, this strain was bred to provide a medicinal strain for the California cannabis community. This is mainly because it can help against pain and depression. But moving from its medicinal uses, the Blue Dream also transformed to be a great recreational strain.

Made from crossing the Haze and the Blueberry, the Blue Dream received strong genetics from an Indica superstar and a Sativa hotshot. With a hit of this great strain, you will be able to enjoy a high-energy mental high with ultimate creative effects. But, the Indica content also balances everything out to relax the user after that energy boost.

When cultivated, the Blue Dream seeds can mature as high as 150 cm. The buds emit a sweet vanilla fragrance, and it also tastes like a blueberry mixed some herbal tea with vanilla.

2 reviews for Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Robert F.

    I’d been exploring marijuana to help alleviate my anxieties and pains, but I hadn’t discovered the proper ganja strain for me. Blue Dream mj, on the other hand, was actually a dream. It’s light enough that I didnt feel euphoric, something I prefer to the fuzzy-headed high. It helped me get rid of my headaches and gave me more energy. I planted it inside, and regardless of the fact that it grew rather tall, I really had no other problems; all I had to do was keep the temperature consistent (I’ve read this girl doesn’t like temperature changes), and after approximately 9 weeks of flowering, I was able to collect a pretty damn great yield. Its earthy sour flavors appeal to me. It’s something I recommend everybody buy. Thanks a lot.

  2. Javier McClendon

    Arrived quickly! I am very happy with their services, fast and discreet delivery. I received my five seeds order right in my doorstep. Growing it was so simple and fast. I can see an amazing potent plant. It has a medium size and buds are amazing. I can say this is from quality genetics. Bravo!

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