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Alien OG is a California native, a wonderful member of the OG family. It is one of the most flavorful strains with pine, earthy and pungent smells. It also comes with a balanced high ideal for people suffering from depression, arthritis, insomnia and digestive problems. This strain is easy to grow, thrives very well indoors and will give you good yields.

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More About Alien OG (fem)

A Very High THC Strain With Numerous Benefits

Another strain hailing from California, the Alien OG is an effective addition to the OG strain family. Known for its pine, pungent, and earthy smell and a balanced high, these traits of the Alien OG is inherited from the Tahoe OG. But, that’s not all, it’s another parent, the Alien Kush, also brings a trippy and mind-bending effect, which makes this strain ideal for social situations, profound conversations, and music appreciation.

The surprising thing about this strain is its intense THC levels that can reach as high as 28 percent. Moreover, it provides the user with the ultimate body relaxation, ideal for people who are suffering from eating disorders, depression, insomnia, and arthritis.

The California-grown Alien OG thrives well indoors – producing flowers within 8 to 9 weeks, and offering up to 450 grams of yield. When grown outdoors, it provides a similar result at 500 grams of yield.

4 reviews for Alien OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Hubert N.

    This is where I get my energy from! It makes me more creative, and I enjoy listening to music while strolling with my dogs in the park after I’ve smoked this weed. Her flavor is heavenly; it has a soft, citrusy aroma with hints of earth and fresh pine. The buds give off a salty, hashy aroma when consumed. Its branches are stable, so it doesn’t require any additional support once the colas have reached full maturity. It thrives in medium stature but produces strong yields of 480g per plant after only 9 weeks when grown indoors using a SOG setup… Because of its bushy frame, this strain is best suited to seasoned growers. Manicuring is needed to maintain sufficient airflow in the growing space. This also helps plants to focus their attention on their buds instead of their lush foliage. All in all, it’s pretty great!!

  2. M. Bigelow

    I instantly modified a hydroponic garden within my apartment after purchasing this one. It is not hard to develop as it only requires minor nutritional supplements to survive. In the end, I prefer a strain with a high THC material. This plant is one of the most perfect strains on the market! She’s my effective therapy for nerve pain and stressful events. When my brother and I try to smoke this strain in our pot, it brings us a punchy lemon sweet taste! When it leaves my mouth, the smoke it produces will last for many minutes. Every weekend when we get together with our cousins, we use this gal to get high! Give it a shot! It’s fantastic!

  3. Dillon Wagner

    This is a real tough strain! It didn’t give me hard time to grow them indoors. Grew to be a sturdy and compact plant that is very resilient. Got me some reddish-orange dense buds with bright green leaves. It is very flavorful with great blends of pine and a pungent scent. Experienced an intense rapid high that calms me during anxiety attacks. Helps greatly with my insomnia as well. I highly recommend this for you to try!

  4. PorterD

    I’ve already learned to love this strain. Great strain I’ve ever grown it has pungent, and earthy smell, and is definitely a OG plant. best smoke I’ve had in dealing with my arthritis and gets you newbie high. I will definitely run this again!

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