Can You Breed Fast Version Strains with Regular Marijuana?

Breed Fast Version with Regular

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Cannabis cultivation is easily taking the lead in the local market and dispensaries. More people are becoming interested in trying to breed, plant, and smoke some new strains that serve them well in all aspects. However, the need for speed in cultivation is, thus, highly required, too.

Gone are the days when only the regulars are considered the best for personal and commercial cultivation. It has been a breeze for growers and breeders to discover new recipes for cannabis, especially through the help of different forms of technology nowadays. 

What is Fast Version Marijuana

Fast version weed strain type, on the contrary, is one of the innovations that the emergence of technology has brought to the cannabis world. Many things have changed in this new type that is useful to all cannabis enthusiasts and the entire weed world.

Fast version seeds are sought-after for its ability to do a speedy growth that can help with faster turnaround, too, as well as in keeping the project discreet and unknown by the local government in areas where there is still restrictions with cannabis. 

Other more specific advantages of using fast version strains compared with regular photoperiod strains are as follows:

  • Faster harvest without losing the quality of the buds produced.
  • Less chance of rotting or infestations as this crops can already be harvested before the rainy season arrives. This advantage works for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.
  • Lower cultivation cost due to the shorter period spent in growing as well as in, the lesser needs to be provided by the growers while the crops mature.
  • More harvest and more yield to be achieved in just the same period. A more growing cycle can be started through this fast-flowering bud variety.

What are Regular Marijuana

The original favorite of cannabis enthusiasts, with the traditional waiting time and efforts, exerted just for some precious crops to grow lovely and healthy, those are the regular seeds. Although this kind of bud was born in the olden times, its effects, flavors, and aroma remain as classic bestsellers.

Regular cannabis strains offer the natural traits and process things are done. In one seed, growers need to wait after germination to determine which ones are females and males. Obviously, what growers and breeders would like to get are all females that carry the desired flavorful buds and aroma to collect. The males, on the other hand, are to be disregarded after collecting their pollens for pollination or crossbreeding in the future.

Unlike with feminized strains, regular photoperiod buds need more light within a specific period so it can continue in growing and producing buds. Such a tedious job for cultivation is greatly hated by breeders, and so they spend money and effort in growing only either feminized or fast-growing weed strains.

Fast Version Strains with Regular Marijuana Strains

The controversial question now that many are curious about is whether those two most sought-after types of weed can be bred together in one progeny or not. Science, together with the knowledge, is known and mastered by marijuana; breeders around the world are the ones who know the answer for sure.

Genetically, a fast version strain of whatever lineages are naturally made up of the DNAs that come from one regular female bud clone and a good quality autoflowering type of strain. If both parents selected by breeders are of high-class origins, then there is a great chance that the progeny to be made is also desirable and pleasant.

So, if a fast version strain is made up of autoflowering and regular bud’s genetics, then perhaps it is scientifically fine as well to say that this kind of union between a regular strain and fast version strain is allowable.  

How to Perform the Breeding Process

Do It Yourself Process

Many cultivators are already taking a chance at producing their very own, desirable bud strains through the available varieties that they have in their gardens or grow rooms. 

Since it is as simple as choosing the best male and female plants to breed and then doing the basic process of breeding all over again, most of those daring growers succeed in getting the kind of offspring they like to have in the end. Also, since you are just aiming for personal satisfaction and indulgence, doing such a crossbreeding process on a small scale is advised, too. 

With some experience in cannabis cultivation, along with some patience, hard work, and careful observance of the steps followed in crossbreeding, nothing bad shall result from this creation. Who knows, maybe one day, you will end up creating one of the most breathtaking marijuana varieties in the cannabis world.

Play by the Rules

If aiming for a particular bud strain to create such as a fast version strain, it is very crucial that one follow the right process of doing things. Although developing this rare but famous type of weed is easy and follows only the same basic steps in cultivating buds, doing what is exactly told in the instructions guarantees success.

So, to help with creating one of your own specific marijuana variety here is a quick guide on the simple steps to follow:

Step 1

Select and prepare the male and female plants to be used as parents of the soon-to-be fast-growing cannabis strain. This is a crucial stage in the process as whatever parents; you will determine the potential traits and attributes of the resulting bud. Thus, it may be necessary to keep in mind some important pointers to remember when picking the best fitting pair of parents.

Some people would be focusing on the flavors and scent of a bud to be considered as a parent to one new strain. Those people may be after the recreational use of weeds; thus, wants satisfaction starting from the taste buds up to the very core of your body as well.

However, more than the taste buds, stoners are in search of a weed variety that shall serve them well through the effects that it delivers. Both recreational and medicinal are the powerful impacts that any weed strain can give to smokers. In fact, many of them contain very high THC and CBD levels, giving you more choices to choose from.

So, that means THC and CBD properties are what you should be looking for next. For beginners who just like to have a mellow, chill out high, those with low THC are recommended. Whereas for stoners wanting to achieve some heavenly, psychoactive sedation, your go-to shall be buds that burst with so much THC. CBD, on the other hand, would be a treasure to smokers who are also patients suffering from different illnesses because such property is non-psychoactive but therapeutic.

Step 2

Separate males from the females and make sure no contamination shall happen. This is often done after the germination period when the gender of the crops have already been identified—keeping the crops clean and pure, safe from anything that you yourself did not perform like putting pollens from the males to the females or other stuff like that. This way, you can be sure of their genders up to the very end of the breeding process.

Step 3

Perform the pollination by first collecting the pollen from the males. However, at this point also, breeders should have learned to read the signs when the male and female crops are ready for it. Use a Ziploc bag to gather all pollens and safely transfer them also to the mother strain afterward. To preserve pollens that will not yet be used, keep them inside the bag and refrigerate them until the time that you will need them.

Once the female crops seem ready for impregnation, gently place the Ziploc bag around the mother strain and shake it once or twice to transfer the pollens safely, too. Let the bag stay like that for at least two hours before removing it gently. After a few weeks from the pollination, those seeds from the females should be ready for planting and testing, too.

Step 4

Plant the seeds collected in a clean and safe place from infestations of pests, molds, and mildews. Otherwise, be ready to fight away those adversities for your beloved crops to stay healthy. Observe everything important about the crops’ growth behavior, especially its flowering period. Have something to take note of all these things for future use.


Despite being born from two different generations and periods in time, these two types of marijuana strain are, of course, very much able to unite as one. Fast version strains and regular marijuana strains deserve to be valued as much as any cannabis smoker would like to feel each time they smoke a bud. Want to enjoy both of them in one now? Go and make your own strain through your favorite bud strain today!

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