Cannabis CBD VS Hemp CBD: A Comparison


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A comparison between the “Cannabis CBD” and “Hemp CBD” would not easily drive your thoughts in a conclusion of what is the real difference between these two if you have little knowledge of the terminologies. The hint of ignorance will raise confusion that hardly draws the best concluding statements of “Cannabis CBD vs Hemp CBD.” For example, you know that cannabis, marijuana, and hemp are just synonymous or interchangeable words, yes this is partly true, but not knowing the real definition would haste you to ponder on what is actually the distinction between these two.

Cannabis CBD vs Hemp CBD

Let’s start with the word “Cannabis” and “Hemp.” If you relate it to simple English words, “Cannabis” is the “set” and “Hemp” is the “element.” The “set” is the general name or simply says that cannabis is the “plant itself,” while the hemp is the elements found on the set (cannabis), which can be the roots, seeds, stalks, and stems. Another about it, cannabis can be in a type of Ruderalis, Indica, or Sativa, while the hemp is the species found in the cannabis. 

The second question may come in after finding out the difference between “cannabis” and “hemp.” Thus, you would now question what that “CBD” word means after the cannabis and hemp. In regards to Science, CBD or also known as the Cannabidiol is a compound that you can found in the cannabis or a kind of cannabinoids that when you use, it won’t intoxicate you. The resins in cannabis will naturally result in the CBD contents. There are two major elements which can be found in the cannabis, the CBD and the THC, but we would skip on the THC part as we are focusing on the CBD. 

The Cannabidiol or CBD will give you the best remedy on various symptoms you are feeling in. Henceforth, CBD is a therapeutic capsule that can make your situation better. When you combine this with the Cannabis and Hemp, it will not result in the same manner. Listed below are some of the things that will enlighten you to know what are the real differences between or simply put it as Cannabis CBD vs Hemp CBD.

Highness, Chemical Composition, and Legality 

The Cannabis CBD has higher than 0.3 percentage of the THC levels, which will result in you feeling high as the moment you use this. However, the Hemp CBD has lower than 0.3 percentage of the THC levels, which won’t result in you feeling high. The compounds between these two are “diverse” and “limited.” Cannabis CBD has more diverse, or it has various chemical components, and Hemp CBD takes only the limited chemical components. When we start to talk about their legality, the Cannabis CBD is hard to find, as only selected states to sell it. Legally, you can only buy it in licensed stores. In an online store or any places in the state, you can easily buy Hemp CBD, as this is federally legal. 

Medical and Industrial Benefits 

Not just doctors, but also people are turning into use cannabis as this can cure some ailments. Solely, the cannabidiol alleviate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), insomnia, depression, appetite loss, and anxiety. However, these remedies can’t always be savored from the Hemp CBD, as only the Cannabis CBD has this power to give unto you. It does not only tackle the medical benefits as the Cannabis CBD can also be just used out for pure enjoyment of for leisure. Talking about the industrial materials that will transform into clothes, foods, textiles, etc., then you need to use the Hemp CBD as one of the ingredients to make your desired things tangible. You can never use the Cannabis CBD to craft denim or hempcrete out of using it. 

Growing Conditions or Styles

If you ought to grow some cannabis but wanted to do the bare minimum yet the better result is to be achieved, then here are some things which you need to consider in which of these two can be grown. But, you should not forget the idea that only limited things can work out best with your bare help. Just a friendly reminder at all!

The Cannabis CBD seeds will test your care and patience as this plant is so oozy. In a place where you have the right hand to control the lighting, temperature, and humidity is not just the best place but the real place this should be developed. Your lighting styles must be appropriate, as this only rears good with the best lamp or light. You need to consider if you’re going to use a simple lamp or place it under the sun. Henceforth, this really requires a great amount of exposure to light, so you really need to use the best material and setting. Additionally, it does not only want those helpful elements as this needs a wide room as the appearance of this cannabis is so bushy that every inch is in a large size covered in foliage.

The Hemp CBD will save your time too much as this is not finicky on the growing site and elements. If cannabis needs the best lighting, temperature, and humidity, well, this plant only wants the outdoor climate. Note that the climate can be on whatever season as this has the ability to withstand whatever circumstances the climate may throw. A strong plant the Hemp CBD really is! The growing area can only be wide in the height as this does not grow bushy; rather, this stands tall and has the height like a bamboo. 

Resinous CBD

The more resinous the plant is, the more it will heighten the terpene and cannabinoid profile. The resins are that sticky and waxy substance which you can get from cannabis. Cannabis CBD has more resins, and you can found in the flowers and sometimes in the leaves. Well, the Hemp CBD also has its resins to be found in the flowers and leaves, but its quantity is not as high as the Cannabis CBD has. 


In conclusion, Cannabis CBD plays higher than 0.3% in the THC while the Hemp CBD on the lower part of the percentage. Legality on both Cannabis CBD and Hemp CBD differs as wide legality is given to Hemp CBD than the Cannabis CBD, as this has been restricted in some parts. Cannabis CBD for medical benefits and Hemp CBD for industrial benefits. Both resinous, but the Cannabis CBD stands out more. Cannabis CBD, finicky in the growing place while CBD Hemp is not. With all the considerations, now you can easily identify which is far better, Cannabis CBD vs Hemp CBD, now the choice is yours to make in which of it you will grow, buy, or use that appeases to your likings.

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