Banana Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Banana Kush is a strain that has multiple flavors in one. It is the best for ultimate relaxation and a good night’s sleep. This strain has inherited the Skunk’s earthy taste and smell and it’s very juicy fruity smell from Ghost OG. This is also a feminized strain and thus you don’t have to deal with male plants anymore.e

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Banana Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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More About Banana Kush (fem)

A Tropical Sativa With High THC

If you adore strains that offer lots of flavors, you should give the Banana Kush a chance. But more than a delicious taste, the Banana Kush promises the user the ultimate relaxation and a deep slumber that will bring the user sweet dreams. This strain debuted in the cannabis community as a cross between the Skunk Haze and the Ghost OG. The Banana Kush inherited the Skunk Haze’s earthy scent, taste, and happy effects, while it got the citrus fruit essence of the Ghost OG.

In terms of cultivation, the Banana Kush can thrive anywhere, and you can reap a great harvest, especially if you go for feminized seeds. They can offer a great production – 550 grams per plant. But there’s more. You do not have to wait too long for each harvest as the flowering stage is reached within 7 to 9 weeks.

2 reviews for Banana Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Emannuel L.

    Not a difficult plant to cultivate and it just literally thrives anywhere I put it at home. Also, got some abundant harvest! Best used at night before I go to bed. I just get the most gorgeous, relaxing sleep ever! Thanks Sonoma seeds for this tropics-inspired strain.

  2. Onfroi Vernadeau

    Amazing to work with this strain for a first grow but just challenging enough for me to learn a bit. She grows fast grows vigorously in the vegetation stage. I would totally recommend to grow this strain.

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